Saturday 23 May 1835   (p. 3, col. 6)
In Lowther street, Carlisle, on the 9th inst. Mrs. Andrew ELLIOT, of a son.
At New York, lately, Mrs. BUTLER, (formerly Miss Fanny KEMBLE), of a son.
At Gretna, on Sunday last, Richard Brinsley SHERIDAN, Esq. to Miss Marcia Maria GRANT, both of Hampton Court, London —Mr. S. is a descendant of the great SHERIDAN, and nephew to the lady of the Right Hon. Sir James GRAHAM, Baronet.
At Dacre Church, on Monday last, David HANNAY, Esq. of Carlenwark, in the stewartry of Kirkcudbright, to Harriet, youngest daughter of the Rev. John STEPHENSON, of Blencow.
At St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, lately, Mr. George ARNOLD, of Lichfield, joiner and builder, to Miss Ann BOWSER, second daughter of the late John BOWSER, Esq. formerly of Carlisle.
At West Farleigh Church, E. T. LUCK, Esq. of Town Malling, to Harriet, only daughter of Joseph JACKSON, Esq. of the Court Lodge, at the former place, and of Blencogo and Beck, Cumberland.
At St. Bees, on Thursday, Mr. John NOBLE, of Nethertown, to Elizabeth, second daughter of Mr. A. STEELE of Middletown.
At Gosforth, on the 16th inst., Mr. John BRAGG, eldest son of the late Rev. Mr. BRAGG, to Miss Sarah THOMPSON, both of Ling Bank, Gosforth.
At Sunderland, on Monday last, by the Rev. Robt. GRAY, A.M., Rector, Mr. Robson CLARKE, chemist, of that place, to Miss Isabella, daughter of the late Mr. Christopher KILVINGTON, of Bishopwearmouth.

Saturday 23 May 1835   (p. 3, col. 6)
In St. Alban's Row, on Sunday last, Mr. Thomas HUNTINGTON, of the Old Queen's Head Inn, and formerly of the Orchard House, Gilsland, aged 52 years. Mr. H. has died respected by all who knew him.
In English Brow, Carlisle, on Monday last, Mr. John SLACK, inspector of weights and measures, and auctioneer, aged 38 years.
At the house of his mother, in Caldcoats, near this city, on Tuesday last, after a lingering illness, Mr. John ROSS, aged 31 years, late with Mr. JONES, woollen draper, of Manchester. His conduct through life was an example of industry and uprightness, well worthy of imitation; and he will be remembered by all who knew him with feelings of admiration and regret.
In Devonshire Walk, Carlisle, since our last, Mrs. Mary ISMAY, aged 71 years.
At Cumwhitton, on the 19th inst., Mrs. Frances BLACKLOCK, aged 98—much respected.
At Longtown, on Monday, Mr. Wm. LITTLE, cooper at the Old Brewery, in the prime of life. On Wednesday, Jane, daughter of Mr. George HUGGON, (of a decline) aged 28. Mary Gammel, of a decline, aged 10.
At Penrith, on the 16th, Mrs. Isabella SMITHSON, aged 80; on the 21st, Mr. Wm. MATTINSON, joiner, 22.
At Eamont-Bridge, near Penrith, on the 16th inst. Elizabeth, wife of Mr. George WRIGHT, innkeeper, 33.
At Hyde Park Barracks, near London, on the 8th inst., of a consumption, Mr. George ROBINSON, formerly of Terril, Westmorland, corporal in the Royal Horse Guards, aged 25 years—highly esteemed by his comrades and friends.
At Wigton, on the 4th inst., Anne CAMBELL, aged 14.
At Bolton-Low-Houses, on the 7th inst., Mr. E. WALKER, of Ruthwaite, aged 41.
At Tarnrigg-Moor, near Wigton, on the 3d inst., Mr. Robert NICHOLSON, aged 74.
At Liverpool, on the 12th inst., Joshua SILL, fourth son of Mr. William SILL, late of Wigton, in the 22d year of his age.
At Whitehaven, this week,—In Lowther-street, Harriet, daughter of Captain HARRADEN, of the Royal Cumberland Militia, aged 21, sincerely regretted; Mr. Bernard MURPHY, mason, 84; Isabella, wife of Mr. Thomas KNIGHT, shoemaker, 73; Mr. Thomas O'NEIL, Charles-street, 21; at the work-house, Sarah FAGAN, 71; same place, Jane M'CLEAN, 32.
At Sea View, Bransty, Mrs. Mary SCOTT, wife of Mr. SCOTT, ship-builder, in her 61st year.
At Workington, on Sunday last, aged 30, deeply lamented, Ann, relict of the late Peter HODGSON, jun., Esq., of Whitehaven.
At Howeman, near St. Bees, lately, Mr. William JACKSON, yeoman, in the 90th year of his age.
At Great Beckermet, on Saturday last, Mary, wife of Mr. John BRAGG, yeoman, aged 78.
At Harrington, on Wednesday, Mrs. M. NELSON, 68.
At Workington, on the 11th, Mr. Edward CRAGG, aged 81, formerly mercer and draper there; on the 15th, Mr. Philip DAYKIN, 75; Mrs. Ann KINNION, 66.
At Cockermouth, on Wednesday week, Mr. Wm. TAYLOR, attorney at law, aged 26, third son of Mr. TAYLOR, conveyancer; on Friday, Mrs. Mary SHAW, 31.
At Gleaston Castle, in Low Furness, on the 15th, Mr. George ROBINSON, son of the late Mr. George ROBINSON, of Well House, near Bardsea, aged 22.
At Castle Buildings, Kendal, on Sunday week, aged 89, Mrs. Ann DIXON, widow, and last surviving child of the late Alderman John SHAW, Esq.
At Hayfield, in the parish of Kirkpatrick Fleming, on Monday last, Mr. David ROME, aged 44; deservedly respected.
At Liverpool, on the 17th inst., a few hours after his arrival from Laguna, Capt. Oswald CANNON, (a native of Whitehaven) of the brig Intrepid, of Liverpool.
At the Vicarage-House, Market Drayton, Shropshire, on the 10th instant, Mary Isabella, daughter of the Rev. Jas. LEE, A.M., vicar of that place, aged 3.
DEATH OF MRS. HEMANS.—On Saturday evening last, in Dawson-street, after a long and painful illness, which she bore with that cheerfulness and pious resignation which might have been expected from her writings and her character, Mrs. HEMANS.—Dublin Evening Mail.
At her house at Clapham, on the 13th inst., in the 94th year of her age, universally esteemed and respected, Mrs. Elizabeth COOK, widow of the celebrated circumnavigator, Captain James COOK.