Saturday 28 Feb 1835   (p. 3, col. 7)
Here, at St. Mary's church, on the 23d inst., Mr. Robert HARPER, to Miss Margaret FISH; on the 24th, Mr. Wm. GIBSON, of this city, to Miss BATY, of Kingmoor.
On the 21st inst., at St. Cuthbert's church, Mr. David MURRAY, to Miss Catherine MOFFAT; Mr. Jos. STRONG, to Miss Elizabeth BELL; Mr. Thomas HUGGON, to Miss Ann GILMOUR; on the 25th, Mr. Isaac NEWTON, to Miss Sarah TWEDDLE.
On Thursday, at Kirkbampton, Mr. John WILSON, of that place, to Miss Mary JOHNSTON, second daughter of Mr. William JOHNSTON, of Oughterby.
At Workington, on Thursday last, by the Rev. J. WORDSWORTH, M. A., the Rev. John SWINBURN, M. A. rector of Durham, to Miss Jane FAWCETT, only daughter of the late John FAWCETT, Esq., of the former place.
Same day, and place, by the Rev. J. S. PRIESTMAN, B. A., Mr. James DICKINSON, stationer, to Miss Jane GRAYSON.
On the 26th inst., at Wigan, by the Rev. Edward GLAZEBROOK, Wm. Head DOWSON, Esq. of Greystoke, Cumberland, to Jane, only daughter of C. IRVING, Esq., of Wigan, Lancashire.
At Woodside, near Carlisle, on Saturday last, after a severe illness, Miss Catherine LOSH, (niece of the late James LOSH, Esq., Recorder of Newcastle.) Her loss will be deeply felt and regretted in the neighbourhood—especially by the poor, who have never met with a kinder and more benevolent friend.
Here, on Saturday last, Mr. John WHARTON, innkeeper, Castle Street, aged 56—highly esteemed.
Since our last, Mr. Samuel FORSYTH, of Annetwell Street, aged 65; Mr. Thomas LOSH, of Caldewgate, aged 35.
At Clapham Common, Surrey, on the 14th inst., Mrs. Anne RENWICK, eldest daughter of Mr. John RENWICK, joiner, of this city.
On the 8th inst., at Gill Head, near Wreay, after a lingering illness, Mr. Peter GILL, aged 66 years— highly esteemed by a numerous circle of friends and acquaintance.
At Scarrow Hill, near Hornsby Gate, on Tuesday, Mrs. Mary ROBINSON.
On the 23d inst., at Halfoot Mills, Mr. Richard BAXTER, aged 35, much respected.
At Penrith, on the 26th ult., Jane, relict of Mr. Thomas NICHOLSON, Castlegate, aged 82.
On the 17th inst., at Ratton-row, parish of Caldbeck, aged 78, Mr. Charles MARTINDALE, much respected through life.
At Workington, since our last, Arthur BROWN, aged 14 (this is another victim to the coal-pit explosion at Isabella pit, mentioned in our paper a fortnight ago); Mrs. Esther M'GRAA, widow, aged 65; Mary, wife of Mr. John M'GEE, aged 42; Miss Frances WHEELWRIGHT, aged 37.