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Saturday 27 Dec 1834   (p. 3, col. 6)
At St. Cuthbert's church, on the 25th, Mr. Robert Holliday WELSH, to Miss Mary WHITE; Mr. James RUTHERFORD, to Miss Ann Mills FORSTER; Mr. Daniel CLARKE, to Miss Ann TATE; Mr. John M'MILLAN, to Miss Catherine HEWITSON; Mr. Robert SKELTON, to Miss Elizabeth RUXTON.
At St. Mary's church, on the 24th, Mr. John MITCHELL, of the Royal Artillery, to Miss Mary CARRUTHERS; on the 25th, Mr. Joseph ROUTLEDGE, to Elizabeth AIREY; Mr. David ADAMS, to Miss Mary DAVISON; Mr. John Samuel LITHGO, to Miss Ann GILBERTSON.
At Crosscannonby, on the 14th inst., Mr. John ELLIOTT, Unerigg, to Miss Isabella CARTNER, Maryport.
At Embleton, Mr. FISHER, to Miss Margaret COULTHARD.
At Embleton, on Saturday last, Henry, eldest son of Mr. Henry FISHER, of Old Scale, Wythop, to Margaret, second daughter to Mr. COULTHARD, of Lambfoot, Embleton.
At Whitehaven, on the 26th inst., Mr. James Baines GRAYSON, husbandman, to Miss Sarah BANKS.
On Monday week, at Bootle, Mr. Michael WILSON, second son of Mr. Robert WILSON, of Ann's Cottage, Corney, to Miss E. CREWDSON of the Sun inn, Bootle.
At Annan, on the 22nd curt., Mr. John THOMSON, cattle dealer, Spittleridding-hill, near Annan, to Jane, daughter of the late Mr. B. NICHOLSON, merchant, Annan.
At Burnside Cottage, on the 22d inst., by the Rev. James DONALDSON, of Cannobie, Wm. AUCHINCLOSS, Esq., M. D., Glasgow, to Jemima Patricia, daughter of the Rev. John MORGAN, late minister of Gretna.

Saturday 27 Dec 1834   (p. 3, col. 6)
Here, on Sunday evening last, aged 40, Mary, wife of Mr. ROUTLEDGE, Indian King, Botchergate; much respected.
On the 17th inst., Dorothy JONES, of Queen-street, aged 27; on the 20th, Mary PEIL, of Castle-street, aged 85.
At Penrith, on the 7th ult., Ambrose, youngest son of the late Mr. John GRAHAM, stone-mason, aged 19; a youth whose intelligence gained him the admiration, and good disposition the esteem of all who knew him.
At Wigton, on Tuesday week, Mr. Thomas RELPH, whitesmith, aged 60.
At Tarnrigg-moor, near Wigton, on Saturday week, Mr. David CLARK, aged 36.
At Penrith, on the 21st, Mrs. Elizabeth MORRISON, widow, aged 52; on the 24th, of a virulent cancer, Miss Hannah ROUTLEDGE, 44; on the 25th, Mr. Chas. JOHNSTONE, grocer, 63.
At Askham, near Penrith, Mr. Joseph CLARKE, author of the Borrowdale Letter, aged 75.
At Cockermouth, on the 22d inst., Mary Elizabeth, only daughter of Mr. John FISHER, jun., aged 10 months.
At Cockermouth, since our last, Mr. James DOUGLAS, last-maker, aged 99; Margaret, wife of Mr. Wm. SMITH, and sister of the late Rev. Fearon FALLOWS, Astronomer Royal, at the Cape of Good Hope.
At Rowbeck, near Dearham, on the 16th inst., Mr. T. MALBY, aged 79.
At Harrington Park Farm, Mr. George BARNES, sen., aged 69 years—much respected.
On Thursday week, at Whitehaven, Mr. Samuel GRUNDY, carpet manufacturer, of Kirkby Lonsdale, aged 44 years. Mr. GRUNDY's death was sudden and unexpected, for he was out on business on Tuesday morning, and on the succeeding Thursday was a a corpse. His illness was inflammation, arising from neglected cold. Perhaps no individual was better known in the North of England than Mr. GRUNDY, and certainly no one was more generally respected, as one of the most numerously and most respectably attended funerals ever seen in Whitehaven sufficiently testified. The deceased was a celebrated bass singer, and formed one of the chorus at the great musical festival in Westminster Abbey. A subscription, it will be seen by an advertisement in another page, is on foot for the erection of a marbletablet to the memory of the deceased in St. James's Church, Whitehaven.
On the 9th of August last, on board the brig Transit, Capt. DONNELLY, of Whitehaven, Mr. George CLARK, mariner, aged 36. He was repected through life by all who knew him, for his honesty and sobriety, his agreeable and pacific conduct, and his humane and charitable disposition. Though a young man, he had crossed the Atlantic no fewer than 46 times, and was on his 47th passage to the same ocean when death relieved him from the troubles of this world.