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Saturday 13 Dec 1834   (p. 3, col. 5-6)
On the 27th ult., at Cockermouth, the Lady of W. BRAGG, Esq., of a daughter.
Sept. 10, at the Cape of Good Hope, the lady of Sir John HERSCHEL, K. G. H., of a daughter.
At St. Cuthbert's church, on the 9th inst., Mr. James AKEN, to Miss HOPE; on the 10th, Mr. Bobt. [sic] BLACK, to Miss Jane MILLER.
At Wigton, on Saturday last, Mr. Samuel ROOKE, to Miss Elizabeth TIFFIN.
At Penrith, on the 6th, Mr. Thos. SOERBY, to Miss Mary RAMSAY.
At Crosthwaite church, on the 1st inst., Mr. Geo. BLACK, fancy weaver, to Miss Priscilla COLLIN, both of Keswick.
At Cockermouth, on Saturday last, Mr. D. JOHNSTONE, fancy weaver, Keswick, to Miss Mary Ann ARMSTRONG, of that town.
On Saturday last, at Gosforth, Mr. Isaac SEWELL, to Mrs. Dinah STEELE, widow of Mr. William STEELE, and daughter of Mr. Wm. TURNER, of Gosforth Gate.
On Wednesday last, at St. Bridget's, Beckermont, by the Rev. W. A. KING, of Nuncaston, Warwickshire, Mr. John WEAVER, of Whitehaven, to Miss Mary KING, of Braystones, sister to the Rev. Gentleman by whom the marriage was solemnized.
Dec. 1, at Workington, Mr. Jonathan BIGRIGG, tailor, to Miss Ann HARDING; 7th, Mr. Henry BLACK, husbandman, to Mrs. Mary WILKINSON, widow.
At Whitehaven, since our last, Mr. Joseph WHITE, mate of the brig Fortune of Whitehaven, to Miss Isabella KIRSHAW; Mr. John BOWNESS, sailmaker, to Miss Margaret HORN.

Saturday 13 Dec 1834   (p. 3, col. 5-6)
On Monday week, at the house of her brother, Mr. R. ROUTLEDGE, Indian King, Botchergate, Carlisle, whither she had arrived only a few days previously, Mrs. Mary Ann M'BRIDE, aged 37, wife of J. M'BRIDE. shoemaker, formerly of this city.
Since our last, Mr. James RATE, weaver, Damside, aged 75—much respected by all who knew him.
Here, since our last, Mr. David JOHNSTON, Duke Street, aged 41; at Caldewgate workhouse, William CAM, aged 22 years.
Lately, after a long and tedious illness, Mary, wife of Mr. Richard MILLER, of Nealhouse, near Thursby—greatly lamented by a numerous family, and much respected by all who knew her.
At Burthwaite, on the 4th inst., Mr. Edw. BROWN, aged 85, much and deservedly respected.
At Wigton, on the 27th ult. Mr. Joseph BARTON, aged 64; on Friday week, Mr. Wm. GATE, aged 49; on Tuesday last, Henry HALL, aged 8 years.
At Oulton, near Wigton, on Sunday last, Mr. John JOLLICE, aged 40.
At Penrith, on the 8th, Mrs. Ann M'INTOSH, aged 86; on the 11th, Mrs. Mary RELPH, aged 56.
On the 20th ult., at Ireby, at an advanced age, Mr. Robert WILSON, the worthy and much esteemed landlord of the Black Lion inn, in that town.
At Bothel, on the 30th ult., Mr. Daniel HARRISON, of that place, in the 75th year of his age.
On Thursday sennight, at Bridekirk, aged 27, much regretted, Mr. Wm. M. HERVEY, surgeon, second son of the Rev. H. A. HERVEY, of Bridekirk, in this county.
On Wednesday week, at Cockermouth, Mr. Henry TINNION, millwright, aged 34; on Thursday week, Ann, wife of Mr. Henry TYSON, husbandman, aged 24 years.
At Lowfield, Setmurthy, on the 2d inst, Mary, daughter of Mr. Joseph FISHER, and niece of Mrs. HUDSON, of the Royal Oak inn, Keswick, aged 22.
At Whitehaven, since our last, Mr. John MURRAY, grocer, in the 53d year of his age—much esteemed; Mr. John ATKINSON, steward in the Earl of Lonsdale's coal works, at that place, aged 47 years—very highly respected; Mrs. Ann BROWN, widow, aged 87; Mr. William MOORE, aged 77; much respected.
At Annan, on the 5th inst., Mr. John WATSON, for some years back teacher of grammar in Annan Academy.
At Kilmarnock, on the 27th ult., Hannah, wife of Mr. Robert GARDENER, of the George Inn, of that place.
At the end of October, at Polock, in Lithuania, a man died aged 188. He had seen seven monarchs on the throne of Russia, and served Gustavus Adolphus as as soldier during the Thirty Years' War. At 93, he married his third wife, who lived fifty years with him, and bore him several children.
DEATH OF MR. THOS. PRINGLE.—This amiable man and gifted author died in London on Friday last. Mr. PRINGLE brought himself early into notice, by the publication of several poetical effusions of intrinsic merit, and was connected with various literary periodicals which acquired not a little of their celebrity from the aid of his pen. Amongst others of his works we may mention "Teviotdale, and other poems," "Ephemerides," "African Sketches," &c. He was Editor of "Friendship's Offering," one of the ablest of the Annuals, and he also distinguished himself as Secretary to the Anti Slavery Society, in which office he laboured zealously and efficiently in the cause of humanity.
We learn that the Reverend Edward IRVING, of London, died here this morning, after a short but severe illness. His death has excited great sympathy in the public mind.— Glasgow Chronicle, Monday.