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Saturday 29 Nov 1834   (p. 3, col. 6)
At St. Mary's church, on the 25th inst., Mr. Thos. IRVING, spirit merchant, to Miss Jannet WILSON, both of this city; on the 25th, Mr. Geo. GRAHAM, joiner, to Miss Elizabeth CARTNER; on the 27th, Mr. David IRVING, to Miss Mary BOWMAN.
At St. Cuthbert's church, on the 26th, Mr. George KELL, solicitor, to Miss Jane Irving JOHNSTON; on the 15th, Mr. John WILSON, to Miss Isabella MURRAY; Mr. Wm. POTTS, to Miss Eunice PARK; 20th, Mr. Robert HOLLOWAY, to Miss Jane THORNBURN.
At Brampton, on Saturday, Mr. George FORSTER, carrier, to Miss Ann ATKINSON, of Brampton.
At Wigton, on Saturday week, Mr. Robt. CROZIER, of Akehead, to Miss Ann BARNES.
At Penrith, on the 23d, Mr. Wm. EALAND to Miss Ann BEATTIE; on the 26th, Mr. Thomas THOMPSON, to Miss Sarah COCKBURN.
At Greystoke, on the 8th inst, Mr. John NICHOLSON, to Jemima, third daughter of Mr. LEGGET, of Greystoke castle.
At Crosthwaite church, on the 17th, Captain John NICHOLSON, of the John Airey, of Maryport, to Jane, youngest daughter of Mr. John AIREY, black-lead pencil manufacturer, Keswick; on Saturday last, Mr. Joseph DAVIDSON, to Miss Sarah BUCKBARROW.
At Crosscanonby, on the 22nd instant, Mr. John GREENHOW, tanner, Ellengrove, to Miss Margaret RATCLIFF, of Maryport.
At Gosforth, on Tuesday last, Mr. IRVING, surgeon, to Miss Hannah SHERWEN, both of the above place.
At Whitehaven, since our last, Mr. Robert CROSBIE, to Miss Mary THOMPSON; Mr. Robert JOHNSON, to Miss Dorothy PEARSON; Mr. Edward MARSHALL, to Miss Dinah GIBSON; Mr. Francis SPEDDING, to Miss Jane JACKSON.
At Bewcastle, on the 22d ult., Mr. Wm. FORRESTER, surgeon, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Rev. John GRAHAM, rector of that parish.
At Shap, on the 22nd, by the Rev. J. ROWLANDS, Mr. E. H. HAMILTON, surgeon, youngest son of Capt. T. R. HAMILTON, of Hesket-new market, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the Rev. Thomas KILNER, late vicar of Bampton, Westmorland, one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace, and granddaughter of the Rev. Wm. KILNER, late rector of Hutton, Cumberland.

Saturday 29 Nov 1834   (p. 3, col. 6)
At the Bush Inn, English Street, on Thursday last, Mrs. Sarah HOLMES, aged 55 years.
Here, since our last, Mr. James WILDE, aged 48; Mrs. Violet SCOTT, Botchergate, aged 77; Mrs Jane STUBBS, English Street, aged 77; Mrs. Isabella BAILEY, Backhouse's Walk, aged 78.
On Thursday last, James, eldest son of Mr. John CARRUTHERS, of the Shakspeare Tavern, Spring-garden, aged 2 years and 9 months.
At Parkgill, in the parish of Rockliff, on Tuesday last, Mr. Matthew MILBURN, formerly of Castle-carrock, aged 82.
At Oulton, on Friday week, Mrs. Elizabeth HARRISON, aged 76.
At Wigton, on Saturday last, Mrs. Frances LEWIS, aged 75 years.
At the Rectory House, Kirkbride, on Monday last, Mrs. Maria HODGSON, aged 75—much respected.
At Clifton, near Penrith, on the 20th, Jane, wife of Mr. John COPLEY, yeoman, aged 26.
At Stainton, near Penrith, on the 21st, Mr. John SLEE, aged 87.
At Penrith, on the 27th, Miss Mary Ann SCOTT, of King's Arms Inn, aged 28; on the 21st, Mr. John M'INTIRE, aged 63.
At Maryport, on the 19th inst., Mrs. Mary MACARTNEY, aged 46; on the 21st, Mr. Lauglin WALTER, aged 57 years.
At Workington, on Tuesday last, Mr. [sic] Margaret BARNES, aged 87; same day, Mr. John WEAR, aged 60; On Wednesday, Mr. Thomas YOUNGHUSBAND, aged 71.
At Whitehaven, since our last, Mr. Samuel GOODWIN, aged 59 years; Mrs. Agnes MURRAY, at an advanced age; Mrs. Margaret M'KITTEN, widow, aged 83 years.
Last week, in Liverpool, Mr. Robert MILLER, master of the Elizabeth, of Wigtown, and late assistant harbour master of Whitehaven; much respected.
On the 18th inst., at Grainge, near Egremont, at the house of her brother-in-law, Mr. Jos. HODGSON, where she had been residing for a few weeks, Miss Elizabeth JOBSON, of Thornthwaite, in Borrowdale, aged 65 years.
At Annan, on the 17th instant, of consumption, Elizabeth, second daughter of Mr. John SAWYER, manager of the cotton factory there, in her 19th year.
At Edinburgh, on the 1st instant, at her house in Princess-street, aged 88, Lady Mary CLERK, relict of Sir John CLERK, bart., Pennicuik, and youngest daughter of the late Joseph Appleby DACRE, Esq., of Kirklinton Hall, Cumberland.
On the 18th inst., at Tittenhanger house, near St. Albans, London, the Right Hon. Philip Earl of Hardwicke, K.G., aged 77.
James HEATH, Esq., a member of the Royal Academy, and for more than half a century one of the most eminent engravers in Europe, died a few days ago at his house in Coram Street, aged 78 years. He had long retired from the profession, which he resigned to his son, Mr. Charles HEATH, whose almost numberless illustrated works, and other exquisite productions of the graphic art, do so much honour to the country.
On the 9th of June last, at Serampore, the venerable Dr. CAREY, whose indefatigable labours in translating the Holy Scriptures into the languages of the East, are so well known to the Biblical scholar.