Saturday 15 Nov 1834   (p. 3, col. 5-6)
On Sunday the 2d inst., the wife of Thos. WILSON, servant in Lainshaw, was safely delivered of three fine male children, who, with the mother, are alive, and doing well. What renders the circumstance more remarkable is the fact that the prolific mother has had no children these ten years past.
On Friday and Saturday last, the wife of David RENWICK, farmer, at Walston, Braehead, near Biggar, of 3 children, one of whom is since dead; the other two, with the mother, are doing well. Not quite a year ago, Mrs. RENWICK gave birth to a child, being in all four children within 12 months.
At St. Mary's church, on Thursday last, Mr. John AIKIN, boot and shoemaker, Castle-street, to Miss Mary NORMAN; since our last, Mr. Wilfred CRUM, to Miss Jane HARVYSON; Mr. James ETCHELL, to Miss Eliza RODFORD; Mr. James WINTHROP, of Brampton, to Miss Jane ROBINSON, of this city; Mr. John FORSTER, to Miss Susanna LITTLE; Mr. John ANDREW, to Miss Mary MAXWELL; Mr. Wm. FOSTER, to Miss Antoinette M'MILLEN; Mr. John SUTTON, of Walton, to Miss Mary LAWSON, of this city; Mr. John THOMLINSON, of Orton, to Miss Jane ROBINSON, of this city; Mr. William WHITAKER, to Miss Elizabeth HAUGHEN; Mr. S. DILLON, master tailor of the 15th regiment, to Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. William HEIGHTON, Barrack Sergeant.
At St. Cuthbert's church, in this city, on the 8th, Mr. Robert STUDHOLME, of Bowness, to Miss Sarah GASH, of this city; 9th, Mr. James M'GOWAN, to Miss Rose BARNES; 12th, Mr. Samuel NIXON, to Mrs. Margaret ASHTON.
At Wigton, on Saturday week, Mr. Hugh MORTON, to Miss Ann ROBB.
At Sowerby, on the 8th instant, by the Rev. Mr. JACKSON, Mr. Francis JEFFERSON, of Highhead Castle, to Miss Ann WILSON, of Aikton.
At Penrith on the 8th, Mr. John FENTON, to Miss Mary BROWN; on the 10th, Mr. John TARN, to Miss Jane WARWICK.
At Cockermouth, on the 9th inst., Mr. John PLASKETT, husbandman, to Miss Margaret TWENTYMAN; on the 10th, Mr. Thomas WINTERBOTTOM, hatter, to Miss Hannah WOOD; same day, Mr. Joseph ATKINSON, woollen weaver, to Miss Ann ANDERSON.
At Bombay, on the 16th May last, Henry COLLINS, Esq., to Maria, eldest daughter of Mr. JEFFERSON, wine and spirit merchant, Cockermouth.
On the 8th inst., at Gosforth, Mr. John SHERWIN, to Miss Ann STEEL.
At Workington, on the 6th inst., Mr. Robt. JACKSON, husbandman, to Miss Ann NICHOLSON.
At Whitehaven, since our last, Mr. John FISHER, to Miss Catherine MAGARRY.

Saturday 15 Nov 1834   (p. 3, col. 5-6)
On Wednesday last, at the George and Dragon Inn, Rickergate, Mr. Robert DAVIDSON, aged 67— much and deservedly respected.
On Wednesday last, in St. Cuthbert's Lane, Mrs. Dorothy ARMSTRONG, aged 31; since our last, Mrs. Barbara JOHNSTON, Donald's Court, aged 34; Mr. David JOHNSTON, John Street, aged 78; Mrs. Margt. EWART, Half-way Houses, aged 49; Mrs. Hannah HILTON, late of Burnthwaite, aged 84; Mr. William SKELTON, English Brow, aged 57.
At Canal Cottage, on Sunday last, Mr. Thomas HAYTON, sen., aged 76 years—much and deeply regretted.
On the 18th ult., at the house of his brother-in-law, at the Metal Bridge Inn, Mr. Joseph JEFFERSON, forformerly [sic] of Kirkoswald, deservedly respected.
At Wigton, on Friday week, Mr. Robert WILSON, aged 28 years.
At Skelton, on the 5th inst., Ann, wife of Mr. Wm. COWPER, officer of the Excise, aged 27 years.
At the New Bridge, near Penrith, on Friday, the 7th inst., deeply regretted by a numerous circle of relations and friends, who will long deplore their loss, Alice, the beloved wife of Mr. Thomas WALKER, aged 24 years.
At Newton, near Penrith, on the 9th, Mrs. SOWERBY, aged 69 years.
At Penrith, on the 8th, Mr. A. GRAHAM, aged 18; on the 11th, Mary, daughter of Mr. Thos. CARTMELL, Sandgate Head, aged 20.
At Priors' Lynn, Cannobie, Scotland, on the 10th, inst., Mrs. Isabella MOWETT, aged 73, much and deservedly lamented.
At Armboth, near Keswick, on Thursday week, Mr. John JACKSON, at the patriarchal age of 93.
At Sandhill, near Mirehouse, in Bassenthwaite, very suddenly, aged 33 years, Mary, wife of Mr. Jos. FAWCETT, of that place.
At Cockermouth, on the 8th instant, Mr. Peter FLETCHER, aged 54; on the 7th, Mrs. Ann JOHNSTON, aged 47 years.
A few days since, at Wasdale Head, Margaret, wife of Mr. Hartley BRAITHWAITE, aged 46 years.
At Spout-house, in Gosforth, on Wednesday week, Mr. Benjamin JACKSON, yeoman, aged 83.
A few days since, at Calder Abbey, near Calder-bridge, Mr. John FREARS, aged 89.
At Workington, on Sunday last, Mr. Jas. THOMPSON, aged 61; on Monday, Ann, wife of Mr. Wm. CARR, aged 32.
At Harrington, on the 7th inst., Mrs. Margaret RAVEN, aged 77 years.
At Whitehaven, since our last, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Edward MARTIN, mariner, aged 47.
On the 8th inst., at Egremont, rather suddenly, Ann, wife of Mr. Thomas PATRICKSON, cooper, aged 75 years.
DEATH OF EARL SPENCER.—We regret to hear of the death of the venerable Earl SPENCER, which took place on Monday last, the 10th inst., at a quarter before three o'clock P.M., at his country seat, Althorp Park, Northamptonshire. His Lordship had not, for a considerable period, taken an active part in politics, though deeply immersed in them during the revolutionary war. Having been First Lord of the Admiralty at the period of the most brilliant success of our navy, his name will be ever connected with our national glory. We believe that this was the most important office the Noble Earl held, and his services in that station will be long remembered by the profession. By his death Lord Althorp goes to tbe Upper House, which must cause a considerable change in the Ministerial arrangements. In every other point we presume no difficulty will be experienced in making them, but there will be a great difficulty in supplying his Lordship's place in the House of Commons. That a person of more commanding eloquence and greater readiness in debate may be found, we will concede, but it will be impossible to find any man who can, to the same degree, and most deservedly, obtain the confidence of that assembly.—Earl SPENCER was born on the 1st of September, 1758, and was, consequently, rather more than 76 years of age. His Lordship married the daughter of the first Earl of Lucan; and that lady, who died in 1831, was long distinguished in the ranks of beauty and fashion. His Lordship had several sons, one of whom, Sir R. SPENCER, a captain of the navy, died about two years ago. Two others of his sons have been known to the public, one as a gallant officer, the other on account of the change in his religion. His Lordship was a Trustee of the British Museum, a Governor of the Charter House, and an Elder Brother of the Trinity House, a Knight of the Garter, &c.