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Saturday 01 Nov 1834   (p. 3, col. 6-7)
On Sunday night last, Mrs. William BARTON, Crescent, of a son.
On Tuesday, Oct. 28th, at the Parsonage, Wreay, Mrs. BARNES, of a daughter.
On Monday last, at Warden, Mr. James GILKERSON, jun., of this city, to Miss Mary LAMBERT, of Ellrington, Northumberland.
In this city, on Tuesday last, Mr. Richard HIND, ironmonger, English-street, to Miss Mary OLIVER, Scotch-street.
In this city, on the 12th ult., Mr. Thomas FIDDLER, to Miss Catherine GIBSON; on the 27th, Mr. Richard YOUNG, to Miss Susanna DALTON; 27th, Mr. Henry LEWIS, of Annan, to Miss Jessie THOMPSON, of this city.
On the 29th Oct., at Westward, by the Rev. Mr. WOOD, Mr. Thomas Ion HETHERINGTON, brazier, to Hannah, third daughter of Mr. Thomas GRAHAM, of West Woodside.
On Wednesday the 29th ult., at the Friends' Meeting House, Wigton, Robert Kimberley TIPPING, of Liverpool, tea dealer, to Hannah, daughter of Thos. BEWLEY, formerly of Woodhall, in this county.
At Penrith, on 30th, Mr. William THORNBORROW, butcher, to Miss Jane HETHERINGTON.
At Moffat, in the county of Dumfries, on the 27th, ult., by the Rev. Alex. JOHNSTON, Mr. R. LORAINE, of Skelton, Cumberland, to Miss Mary Maria WRIGHT of the former place.
On Saturday week, in Kendal, Ann, wife of James GANDY, Esq., in her 74th year—formerly of this city.
Here, since our last, Mary ROBINSON, of Rigg Street, aged 25; Mr. Patrick M'CARTY, aged 45, of East Tower Street; Mrs. Mary BIRRELL, of Queen Street, aged 52; Mrs. Fanny COULTHARD, of Finkle Street, aged 56.
At Havannah, on the 22nd Aug. last, of yellow-fever, James Ellice, (eldest son of Mr. James ARTHUR, bookseller, Rickergate, Carlisle) in his 15th year, of the brig Robert Sargint, of Liverpool. He was a youth possessed of many rare and valuable qualities, was highly esteemed by all who knew him, and had he been spared, gave promise of much success in the profession he had chosen.
At Gretna Hall, on Tuesday last, very much lamented, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. John LINTON, aged 45 years—an affectionate wife, a fond parent, whose kind and amiable disposition endeared her to a large circle of friends.
At Brampton, on Monday, Miss Betty ROBINSON, advanced in life.
On Wednesday week, at Dundraw, near Wigton, Mr. John WILLS, aged 38.
At Moor-row, on Monday last, Miss Thomason NELSON, after a long and tedious illness, aged 42.
At Fieldhead Thethat, Castlesowerby, in this county, on the 8th Oct., Mrs. Elizabeth Hodgson SPENCER, aged 79 years.
At Penrith, on the 25th ult., Mrs. Sarah WHARTON, aged 30 years.
At Berrier, on the 26th ult., Mrs. CLOUGH, aged 47 years.
At Cockermouth, on the 24th ult., after a sudden but painful illness, Ann SHACKLEY—deeply and sincerely regretted by her friends.
Lately, at Appleby, Mr. John RAILTON, aged 51; many years in the regiment of Scotch Greys.
On Saturday week, after an illness of four days, at her seat at Ranby-Hall, near East Retford, Anna Maria, Dowager Duchess of Newcastle. She was for many years a pauper upon the pension fund.

Saturday 01 Nov 1834   (p. 4, col. 7)
At North Farnbridge Rectory, Essex, on the 18th inst., the Lady of the Rev. Thomas BENSON, of a still-born child.
Lately, at her father's house, at Maryport, the Lady of Mr. John NORMAN, West Bolding, Durham, of a son.
At Crosthwaite church, Keswick, on the 23d, Mr. Thomas GIBSON, Braithwaite, near Keswick, to Miss Ann HENDERSON, of How, Keswick.
October 20th, at Workington, Mr. John M'MULLEN, miner, to Miss Rachel JACKSON; Oct. 25th, Mr. T. BROWN, blacksmith, to Miss Jane MAKINSON.
On Tuesday week, at Arlecdon, by the Rev. Jos. ASKEW, M. A., the Rev. George WILKINSON, B. D., Incumbent of Arlecdon, to Maria, second daughter of William WRIGHT, Esq., of Haydon Bridge, Alderman of Newcastle.
At Edinburgh, on the 21st inst., by the Rev. Dr. David RICHIE, The Master of Rollo, to Elizabeth, only daughter of Dr. ROGERSON, of Whamphray.
Awfully sudden, on Sunday morning last, at General PEACHY's Island, on the Derwent Lake, into whose service she had only entered a few days previous, Mary, daughter of Mr. Henry STODDART, of Keswick, in the 23d year of her age.
On Sunday last, at Whitehaven, aged 38, William HAMILTON, Esq., tide-surveyor of that port, son of W. HAMILTON, Esq. of Killyleagh, county Down, lreland; since our last, Mr. J. HORNBLOW, aged 62; Miss Ann DIXON, aged 23; Mrs. Eleanor HOLEY, at an advanced age; Mr. Wm. GREENLOW, seaman, aged 48.
On the 19th inst., in Waterford, Susanna, wife of Mr. Thomas BARNES, of that city, and daughter of the late Mr. HUTCHINSON, surgeon, Whitehaven.
On Thursday last, in Liverpool, aged 45, Mr. Edward JOHNSTON, late of Whitehaven.
On the 16th instant, at Cow Brow, near Kirkby Lonsdale, Mrs. Mary REMINGTON, aged 64; and on the 19th, Mr. Robert REMINGTON, husband of the above, aged 66. They were both interred in one grave. Mrs. REMINGTON, when living, weighed 26 stone.
On the 9th ult., at Ulverston, Mrs. Agnes TYSON, widow, at the advanced age of 101 years.
On Wednesday week, at Knowley Park, aged 82, the venerable and, in some circles, highly-esteemed Earl of Derby, who for 60 years held the high office of Lord Lieutenant of the county Palatine of Lancaster.
On the 16th inst., at Bridport, Dr. ROBERTS, the proprietor of "The Poor Man's Friend."
On the 19th April, at Mahableshwar, in the East Indies, Lieut. W. Buckley HIND, of the 4th Light dragoons, eldest son of the late William HIND, Esq., of Lancaster. It appears from his companions, of whom there were several, that on making his way through a jungle, that was almost impenetrable, followed by two others, who were within a few yards of him, a wounded gyal sprang from his place of concealment, and came so suddenly upon him that it was impossible to avoid his attack; the animal's horn entered his chest, and though immediate assistance was at hand, when his companions reached the spot to which he had been tossed, it was only to witness his last breath.