Saturday 25 Oct 1834   (p. 3, col. 6)
At St. Mary's Church on the 18th, Mr. John IVISON, to Miss Martha BROWN.
In London, on Monday last, Mr. Augustus JACKSON, wine-merchant, to Margaret, youngest daughter of Mr. John ARMSTRONG, of this city.
On Thursday, at Brampton, Mr. Joseph MARK, cooper, to Mrs. Dinah FORRESTER, of the Commercial Inn, Brampton.
At Penrith, on the 23rd, Mr. Charles RUCASTLE, druggist, to Miss Mary WALKER.
At Whitehaven, since our last, Mr. Thos. RUSSELL, driver of the mail between Whitehaven and Ravenglass, to Miss Sarah LEWTHWAITE, of Schoolhouse-lane.
At Cockermouth, on the 18th, Mr. James ELLIOT, whitesmith, to Miss Ann GREAVES; 20th, Mr. John DRENON, labourer, to Miss Margaret STEEL.
In Castle-street, on the 19th inst. Elizabeth ATKIN, eldest daughter of the late Mr. John CLARKE, Borrenshill, Sebergham, aged 62 years.
Here, since our last, Mrs. Mary BROWN, aged 34.
At Akehead. near Wigton, on Thursday last, Frances, wife of Mr. Abraham BARKER, aged 73.
At Bolton-wood-lane, on Sunday last, Mr. Samuel BROWN, aged 89.
On Saturday sennight, at Hill, near Homerook, aged 79, Mrs. Mary HARTLEY, formerly of Langley, in Corney, much respected through life.
At Penrith, on the 17th, Mr. Joseph HURST, aged 71; 22nd, Mr. John BEATTIE, aged 40.
Lately, at Hall Waberthwaite, Mary, wife of Mr. John TAYLOR, aged 28.
At Fieldside, near Keswick, on Friday, week, Elizabeth HEELEY, in the prime of life.
At Brow-Top, near Keswick, on Friday last, Wilson SEWELL, Esq., in his 64th year.
At Workington, on Friday week, after a protracted illness, Mrs. CROSTHWAITE, relict of Allison CROSTHWAITE, Esq., aged 49.
At Harrington, on the 15th, very suddenly, Mr. W. IRVEN, mariner, aged 56; same place, very suddenly, Mr. Joseph DIXON, aged 76.
On the 12th, at Holywood, near Belfast, after a long and severe illness, Mary, wife of Mr. W. AUSTIN, spirit-dealer and grocer, and daughter of the late Mr. John ROBERTS, of Egremont, aged 50 years.
At Whitehaven, since our last, Mr. Geo. BARBER, mason, aged 49 years; Mr. John Jos. KIRBY, aged 34 years, son of the late Mr. KIRBY, master in the royal navy; Mrs. Ann HEARON, widow, aged 84.