Saturday 20 Sep 1834   (p. 3, col. 7)
Lately, at Gretna, Mr. Samuel HOPE, to Miss Jane HUNTER, dress-maker, both of this city.
At Greystoke, on the 10th inst., by the Rev. Mr. GASGARTH, W. A. BUSHBY, Esq., of Greystoke, to Jane, fourth daughter of Geo. WILKINSON, Esq.
At Penrith, on the 18th, Mr. Joseph HALL, shoemaker, to Miss Frances EDMONDSON.
At Crosscannonby, on the 14th inst., Mr. John BROWN, Furnace Mill, to Jane, eldest daughter of Mrs. Sarah BROWN, innkeeper, Maryport.
At Cockermouth, on the 15th inst., Mr. Thomas SMITHSON, to Miss IRVING, dress-maker.
On Monday last, at Harrington, Mr. John WILSON, mate of the brig Lightfoot, of Whitehaven, to Dorothy, third daughter of Mr. Thomas HARRISON, of the former town.
On Tuesday week, at Whitehaven, Henry Gibson THOMPSON, Esq., of Dumfries, to Ann, daughter of Mr. HAMMOND, merchant, New Lowther Street, Whitehaven.

Saturday 20 Sep 1834   (p. 3, col. 7)
Here, since our last, Mrs. Mary DIXON, Union Street, aged 51 years; Mrs. Elisabeth WILSON, Matthews' Yard, aged 46; Jane LAWRENCE, of Ritson's Lane, aged 13 years; Catherine, daughter of Mr. Jonathan MATTHEWS, of East Tower Street, aged 13 months.
On Sunday, the 14th inst., in Whitechapel, Liverpool, Mary, wife of Mr. J. FITSIMONS, and many years resident in Young's Lane, Blackfriars' Street, Carlisle.
On Friday week, at Manchester, Elizabeth, wife of Arthur ELLIOT, aged 44 years, and daughter of the late Mr. Robert MATTHEWS, of Caldewgate, pawnbroker, in this city, much regretted by a numerous circle of friends and acquaintance.
At Rockliff, on Tuesday last, Mr. Isaac WHITE, aged 26 years.
At Todhills, in the parish of Rockliff, Mrs. Mary DAVIDSON, aged 96 years.
At Longtown, on the 15th inst., Hannah, wife of Mr. John LOCKHART, much lamented and deservedly respected.
At Brampton, on the 16th inst., Mr. Robert FLEMING, aged 67.
At Manchester, on the 13th inst., Mr. John BELL, saddler, son of the late Mr. Wm. BELL, of Brampton, aged 47 years, much and deservedly respected.
At the Abbey Lanercost, on the 14th inst., Mr. Edward HOLMES, aged 88 years.
At Penrith, on the 12th, Miss Mary ARCHER, aged 23 years.
On the 16th inst., at the house of her son-in-law, Mr. Jos. CLARKSON, Shaw, near Oldham, Lancashire, Mrs. Jane Hannah OLIVER, relict of the late Mr. Jos. OLIVER, of Parkhead, in this county, in her 68th year.
At Maryport, on the 15th, Mrs. Marianne FEARON, aged 42 years.
At Maryport, on the 12th inst., awfully sudden, Mr. Richard SPEAR, attorney, aged 33; on the 13th, Mr. Wm. WILLIAMSON, aged 71.
At Cockermouth, on the 12th inst., at the Crown and Mitre Inn, Mr. Joseph HARRISON, aged 72.
At Briery Cottage, near Keswick, on Monday week, aged 70, Mr. J. WHITEFIELD, formerly of Keswick.
On the 2nd inst., of a long and severe illness, which he bore with patience and resignation, Mr. George EWART, of Stongarthside, Nichol Forest, aged 60.
At Workington, on the 12th inst., Elizabeth, wife of Mr. James MOLLEY, aged 70.
On the 9th August, in Upper Canada, of cholera, Jane, the beloved wife of Mr. Thomas HETHERINGTON, merchant, aged 25, and daughter of Mrs. RITSON, of Workington.
On his passage from Jamaica, to Liverpool, Captain John LEE, of the brig Mary, of Workington, in the prime of life.