Saturday 23 Aug 1834   (p. 3, col. 5-6)
At St. Cuthbert's Church, on the 16th, Mr. Edw. EMMERSON, to Mrs. Jane HIND, of Thursby.
At St. Mary's Church, on the 17th, Mr. Richard Allen DAVIDSON, to Miss Elizabeth DOWNIE.
At Manchester, on the 11th ult., Mr. David BELL, joiner, (late of this city,) to Sarah, youngest daughter of Mrs. SCOTT, of Millhouse, Cumberland.
At Kirkandrews-upon-Esk, on Tuesday last, by the Rev. George BELL, William, youngest son of the late Mr. BELL, of Nook, Irthington, to Hannah, second daughter of Mr. Robert GIBBONS, of Mossband.
At Stapleton Church, on the 31st ult., Mr. John GOODFELLOW, Florihurst, to Maria, youngest daughter of Mr. G. LITTLE, of Malsgate.
At Crosthwaite Church, Keswick, on Tuesday last, Mr. Joseph HEAVISIDE, waller, to Tamer, daughter of Mr. Thomas ATKINSON, skinner, Keswick.
At Dearham, on the 11th inst., Mr. Joseph HULL, mariner, to Miss ASHLEY, both of Maryport.
At Whitehaven, on Sunday last, Mr. William GRAHAM, mate of the brig Tom, of Whitehaven, to Miss Mary HURST, late of Maryport; same day, Capt. J. H. Cowman, of the Pandora, of Whitehaven, to Miss HERBERT, of that place.
On Sunday last, at Egremont, Mr. Lancelot SUMPTON, shoemaker, Haile, to Miss Hannah PARK, of Bigrigg; Mr. Amos MUNROE, to Miss Dinah LONG.
On Tuesday last, at Kirk Christ Lezayre, Isle of Man, by the Rev. Edward WILSON, A. M., Principal of King William's College, Thomas UNDERWOOD, Esq., M. D., to Margaret, second daughter of the Hon. Deemster John CHRISTIAN, of Miltown, in that Island, and of Unerigg Hall, in Cumberland.
On the 12th inst., at Annan, by the Rev. James MONILAWS, Mr. Jas. PARKINSON, to Miss Mary SEWELL.
On the 12th inst., at St. George's, Hanover-square, William BROUGHAM, Esq., only brother of the Lord Chancellor, to Emily Frances, only daughter of Sir Charles Wm. TAYLOR, Bart., Hollycombe, Sussex.
At Glasgow, on the 6th inst., the Rev. John BOYD, minister of the Secession Church, Hexham, to Miss CLARKE, of Glasgow.

Saturday 23 Aug 1834   (p. 3, col. 5-6)
On Monday night last, in Peascod's-lane, English-street, in this city, Mr. William CONETON, in his 62nd year, late auctioneer and appraiser, and formerly sergeant-major in the Cumberland Rangers, commanded by Lieut.-Colonel HOWARS, of Corby Castle; in which corps he was highly respected both by officers and men.
Here, since our last, Mrs. Ann NICHOLSON, of Rigg Street, aged 53 years; Mr. Jos. MARK, Blackfriars'-street, aged 71; Mr. Thomas JOHNSTON, Scotch-street, many years a schoolmaster in this city, aged 75; on the 15th, in Botchergate, Mr. John FOSTER, formerly of the House of Recovery, and Sergeant-major in the 18th Hussars; Mr. David REID, fishmonger, English-street, aged 63.
In Fisher Street, on Wednesday the 20th inst., Henry Sherson CONNELL, youngest son of James CONNELL, Esq., banker, aged 3 years.
On the 16th inst., in Rigg Street, in this city, Ann, wife of Mr. James NICHOLSON, aged 52.
On the 10th inst., at Prospect-place, Finchley, Mrs. Catherine Elizabeth MOLESWORTH, relict of the late Robert MOLESWORTH, Esq., of Carlisle and cousin german to the late Whitshed KEENE, Esq., M. P., and Father of the House of Commons.
At Brampton, on Thursday last, Mr. RAILTON aged 75 years.
At Whitesike, Arthuret, on Friday the 15th inst., Mrs. Sibald SOMERVILE, aged 90 years.
At Green Hill, near Wigton, on the 3rd inst., Mr. John REED, aged 89.
At Liverpool, on the 18th instant, of influenza, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. LONG, teacher, Wigton, in the 50th year of her age, much respected; same place, on the 13th inst., Mrs. Jane SILL, daughter of the late Joshua STOCKDALE, of Wigton, aged 58.
At Penrith, on 14th inst., Jane Ann, fifth daughter of Mr. HALLIBURTON, aged 5 years; 18th inst., Mr. William DODD, aged 48.
On the 19th inst., at Penrith, John HINDSON, Esq., in the 84th year of his age.
At the Rectory of Bewcastle, on Monday, the Rev. Mr. GRAHAM, advanced in years.
At Seaville, Abbey Holme, Mr. Salkeld STAMPER, after a lingering illness, aged 48.
At Great Braithwaite, near Keswick, on the 15th, Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Adamson FLETCHER, aged 33 years.
On Tuesday week, in Dublin, to which city he had gone to spend a few days, aged 53, of cholera, Mr. WILSON, of the firm of WILSON, WALKER, and Co., ship-builders at Whitehaven.
At Southam, near Egremont, on Sunday last, Henry, son of Mr. John GUNSON, aged 13 years.
At Field-head, near Skinburness, Holm Cultram, on the 12th inst. Mr. Thomas PENRICE, in the 76th year of his age.
At Dumfries, on Thursday last, Mr. Robt. M'KINNELL, late Convenor of the Seven Incorporated Trades, aged 59 years.
At Lockerbie, on the 15th inst., Mr. John BLACKSTOCK.
At the Galloway Arms Inn, Newtown Stewart, very suddenly, on the 31st ult., Michael KNOTT, Esq. of Water-head-house, Coniston, Westmorland.
On the 11th, at Ulverston, aged 66 years, Miss Sarah TOWNLEY, sister to William TOWNLEY, Esq., of Townhead.
On the 17th inst., in Newcastle, aged 65, Mr. John INNESS, for nearly 30 years guard on the Wellington coach, much and deservedly respected.
At Chester-le-Street, on the 11th inst., aged 23, Jane, daughter of Mr. Robert WHEATLEY, butcher.
On the 12th inst., Lieut. Col. GASCOYGNE, eldest some [sic] of General GASCOYGNE, to Miss Caroline Leigh SMITH, second daughter of J. SMITH, Esq. M. P., of Dale-park, Sussex.
At Paris, on the 1st inst., aged 74, the sister of Maximillian ROBESPIERRE. She has left some memoirs and documents respecting her brother.
At Devizes, on the 5th inst., borne with Christian resignation, Thomas HOGG, aged 23, son of the late Mr. Thomas HOGG, Stamp-Master, Dumfries.
On Saturday, in London, Mr. Nelson WEIPPERT, the celebrated professor of the pianoforte.
At Banview, Ireland, Mr. W. ROBB, one of the most extensive linen manufacturers in the North of Ireland.
Recently, at Truro, Mr. Lawrence LANDER, late of the Customs, and brother of the late African traveller.