Saturday 05 Jul 1834   (p. 3, col. 7)
On Monday the 23rd inst., at Warcop Hall, in the county of Westmorland, the lady of the Rev. W. M. S. PRESTON, of a son.
At Gretna, on Thursday last, Mr. Wm. ROANSON, to Miss Mary MOOR, both of Cardewlees.
At Penrith, on the 28th ult. Mr. John REDPATH, to Miss Jane SHIELDS.
At Gallaberry, near Annan, on the 23d ult., Wm. POOL, Esq., of Toppinghall, to Miss BELL.
On the the 6th ult., in Philadelphia, at Christ Church, by the Right Rev. Bishop WHITE, Pierce BUTTLER, Esq. to Miss Frances Ann, daughter of Mr. Charles KEMBLE, of England.
At Ewns Manse, on the 27th ult., by the Rev. Mr. SHAW, Mr. George EASTON, Glendiven, to Miss Mary HETHERINGTON, daughter of Mr. Thomas HETHERINGTON, Flerier Collin.
Here, since our last, Mr. Joseph STODDART, of Brewery-row, aged 70; Mr. Wm. BEACH, of the 15th foot, aged 18; Mr. Thomas HETHERINGTON, of Rickergate, aged 49.
At Brampton, on Friday last, Jane, widow of the late Mr. HALLIBURTON, surgeon of that place, aged 63.
At Guards, on the 25th ult., aged 59 years, Sarah, wife of Herbert WILKIN, Esq. In her a numerous family have lost an affectionate parent—and the poor, one always ready to alleviate their wants.
At Penrith, on the 29th ult. Mrs. Sarah KENDAL, of Eamont Bridge, aged 68.
At Nichol Forest, on Monday last, Mr. James DAVIDSON, aged 80 years, much and deservedly respected.
At Netherhall, near Maryport, on Tuesday last, Humphrey, only son and heir of Humphrey SENHOUSE, Esq. of that place, aged 26 years—a young gentleman of considerable abilities, and of a most amiable disposition.
At Annan, on the 30th ult., Mr. James JARDINE, aged about 50 years, much respected; same day, Mr. John SCOTT, mason, Annan, aged about 22 years.
At the Poultry, London, on the 30th ult., Mary, wife of Mr. Robert BECK, perfumer, aged 24, formerly of Carlisle, much and deservedly respected by a numerous circle of friends.
On the 29th ult., at West Square, Lambeth, London, Mrs. TOPPIN, aged 70.

Saturday 05 Jul 1834   (p. 4, col. 6-7)
At Crosthwaite Church, Keswick, since our last, Mr. John JOBSON, to Miss Sarah ROBINSON, both of Borrowdale, near Keswick; Mr. Thomas MOUNSEY, to Miss Jane EDGAR, both of Underskiddaw.
At Workington, on the 29th inst., Mr. Jonathan ELLWOOD, miner, to Miss Jane MARSHALL, both of that place.
At Orton, on the 24th ult., Mr. Samuel SIMPSON, of Mill Holme, near Kendal, to Miss MILNER, of Coatflat Hall, near Orton.
At Hexham, on the 12th ult., Mr. Philip JEFFERSON, surgeon, to Jane, eldest daughter of the late M. W. CARR, Esq.
At Hexham, on the 21st ult. Mr. John DIXON, to Miss Thomasin DIXON, both of the Steel, Hexhamshire.
At St. Mary's, Edge-hill, on Wednesday week, Thomas DAWSON, Esq. of Lincoln Inn, and Grasmere, Westmorland, to Martha, daughter of the late Wm. ASPINALL, Esq. of Liverpool.
At Lanchester, on the 25th, the Rev. Thos. WHITE, of Messington, Lincolnshire, eldest son of Thomas WHITE, Esq. of Woodlands, near the former place, to Miss Ann Elizabeth MOLESWORTH, of Eusemere, Cumberland; and soon after, John Surtees WHITE, Esq., of Durham, solicitor, third son of Mr. WHITE, of Woodlands, to Sarah, daughter of John BOWLBY, Esq., many years registrar to the Dean and Chapter of Durham.
At Glengaber, on the 23rd ult., by the Rev. Robt. HIDDLESTON, of Brampton, near Carlisle, John HIDDLESTON, Esq. of Kilroy, to Janet, eldest daughter of Mr. Peter DICKON, in Mark, near Newton Stewart.
At Workington, on the 27th ult., Miss Jane BOWMAN, in her 70th year; on the 28th, Mr. John ROBINSON, aged 47.
At Harrington, on Friday week, after a severe illness, Julia, daughter of Mr. Walter SMITH, aged 31; Saturday, Mrs. Jane MILWARD, aged 55, wife of Mr. Henry MILWOOD, ship carpenter of the place.
On Sunday morning, in Whitehaven, aged 83, Mrs. Ann NORMAN; since our last, Mr. Matthew GOLIGHTLY, aged 57; Mrs. Ann BARNS, aged 81; Miss Ann M'KIE, aged 21; Mrs. Mary NICHOLSON, aged 58; Mrs. Christian CASEMENT, advanced in years.
At Galemire, near Whitehaven, John LEWIS, aged 9 years.
At Egrmont, on Monday, Mr. John FARADAY, landlord of the Dumfries Inn, No. 9, Salthouse Dock, Liverpool, aged 33 years.
At Beck Cote, on Wednesday week, near Calder Bridge, Mr. Daniel TYSON, of that place, aged 36.