Saturday 03 May 1834   (p. 3, col. 6)
At Hayton Parsonage, on the 27th ult., Mrs. RICE, of a daughter.
At Eaton-place, on the 19th ult., the Hon. Mrs. SPALDING, of a son.
At Irwell-house, near Bury, on the 13th ult., the lady of E. G. HORNBY, Esq., M. P. for Warrington, of a daughter.
At Kirk Braddan, Isle of Man, on Sunday last, Mr. John HALLIBURTON, second son of the late Dr. HALLIBURTON, of Brampton, Cumberland, to Sophia, eldest daughter of Mrs. GREAVES, of Douglas.
At Cockermouth, on Monday week, Mr. Joseph MEALS, weaver, to Miss Mary CAPE.
At Broughton-in-Furness, on the 26th ult., Mr. Joseph CASSON, to Miss Sarah WILSON.
At Workington, since our last, Mr. Thos. TROUGHEAR, tailor, to Miss Ann THOMPSON; Mr. James GRAHAM, thread maker, to Miss Sarah RIGG.
At Whitehaven, since our last, Mr. John KITCHEN, grocer, to Miss Isabella ROBINSON, both of that town.
At Egremont, on Saturday last, Mr. James HALE, only son of the late Mr. HALE, of Sea Coat, St. Bees, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. LAWSON, surgeon, Egremont; Mr. Joseph RAY, shoemaker, Sandwith, to Miss Mary FISHER.
At Leeds, Mr. Thos. JOHNSTON, to Ann WRIGHT, of Selby; being the seventh time he has appeared before the hymeneal altar! The age of the bridegroom is 84, that of the bride 50.

Saturday 03 May 1834   (p. 3, col. 6)
Here, since our last, after an illness of 18 months, which she bore with great resignation, Ann, wife of Mr. Benjamin BELL, weaver, Botchergate, aged 48; Mr. William LECONBY, Botchergate, aged 20; Mr. Thos. BUSHBY Finkle-street, aged 19; Mrs. Elizabeth BATTEY, East-Tower-street, aged 82.
On Monday last, suddenly, Mr. John ARMSTRONG, aged 68 years; much and deservedly respected by a numerous circle of acquaintance, and whose loss will be long and deeply deplored by an afflicted and affectionate family.
At Hallburn, near Longtown, on the 23rd ult., Mary, relict of Mr. Wm. IRVING, of Chapeltown, aged 89 years.
At Charlesfield, on the 19th ult., Mr. John IRVING, aged 76 years.
At Brampton, on Friday week, Mr. Adam NOBLE, aged 95; on Wednesday last, Sarah, widow of the late Mr. Thomas CORRIE, of Brampton.
At Smith Steads, parish of Lanercost, on Monday last, Miss Ann GOODFELLOW, late dress maker, at Aspatria, aged 28 years.
At Wigton, on Wednesday week, Mr. R. POTTS, aged 70; on Tuesday last, Mrs. Ann ARMSTRONG, aged 73; Mrs. Elizabeth WILKINSON, aged 71.
At Weary Hall, near Wigton, on the 19th ultimo, Mrs. DREWRY, wife of George DREWRY, Esq. aged 40.
At High-moor, near, Wigton, on Wednesday week, Mrs. Barbara AKEHEAD, aged 96.
At High-moor-house, near Wigton, Mr. Joseph HILL, aged 55.
At Holme Houses, in the parish of Castle Sowerby, on Tuesday last, awfully sudden, Mr. John RAILTON, aged 77; universally esteemed and beloved by all his neighbours and friends.
At Raise House, near Alston, on the 23rd ult., suddenly, of apoplexy, Mr. Christopher CRAWFORD, aged 52; much regretted by his numerous acquaintances.
At Eshgill-side, Garrigill, near Alston, on the 19th ult., much respected, Mr. John MARTIN, aged 103; who, it will be remembered, presided at the reform dinner, at Garrigill Gate.
At Penrith, on the 27th ult., Mr. Jonathan NICHOLSON; on the 28th, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. John LONGRIGG, schoolmaster, and daughter of Mr. R. FORSTER, Royal Oak inn, whose death we announced last week; Hannah RELPH, aged 45; very suddenly, Mr. Silas DICKENSON, draper, son of Mr. DICKINSON, Alston, aged 16; on the 30th Mr. John HUTTON, aged 74.
At Great Salkeld, in this county, on the 23rd ult., much regretted by a numerous acquaintance, Mr. John RICKERBY, in his 48th year; a man of extensive knowledge, social manners, strict integrity, and uniform general benevolence, which endeared him to every one—a kind and affectionate husband, qualities which makes the loss irreparable, and painfully felt.
At Cockermouth, on the 18th ult., Mr. W. PEARSON, aged 57; Frances, the wife of Mr. Jonathan RITSON, joiner, aged 28; on the 19th, Mr. J. BRISCOE, shoemaker, aged 47; on the 23rd, Mr. J. RAMSAY, musician, aged 70; on the 24th, Mr. G. BURTON, husbandman, aged 21; on the 26th, Sarah, the wife of Mr. H. ROBINSON, woollen weaver, aged 80 years.
At Billholm, near Langholm, on the 26th ult., Alexander John SCOTT, Esq., of Knockhill.
At Seathwaite, on the 20th ult., Hannah, wife of Mr. George TYSON, of Hinninghurst, aged 83 years. Upwards of a century has elapsed since there has been a funeral from the above place.
At Ulpha, on the 25th ult., Mr. John CASSON, of Lowhurst, yeoman, aged 67.
At Briery Hill, near Keswick, on Friday week, Miss Patience NANSON, in her 27th year.
At Workington, since our last, Mrs. Isabella CAMPBELL, aged 72.
At Whitehaven, on the 22nd ult., Mary, relict of Captain Henry MOSSOP, in her 64th year, very much esteemed; on the 24th, after a long illness, Mr. BANCKS, bookseller, of the firm of BANCKS and Co., of St. Anne's-square, Manchester, and son of Mrs. LAMBERT, wife of Capt. LAMBERT, Whitehaven, in the prime of life; Lieutenant John ATKINSON, of the 5th Royal Veteran Battalion, aged 68 years. In his 21st year, Lieut. A. volunteered into his Majesty's service as a private in the 1st Life Guards, and attained, by the force of individual merit, the rank in which he died; since our last, Mr. Matthew WALES, aged 26 years; Sarah, daughter of Mr. Robert HILTON, aged 10; Mr. Owen DUFFY, aged 62.
At Southampton, on the 11th ult., after a short illness, Maria, the wife of the Rev. Dr. WILSON, formerly Master of St. Bees' Grammar School, and now Rector of Church Oakley, Hants, and Vicar of Holy Rood, Southampton. The deceased was the only sister of the Bishops of Winchester and Chester, and had given birth to a daughter only ten days previous to her death.
At Skelgill Plains, near Alston, much respected, Mr. Joseph BOWMAN, aged 49; formerly proprietor of Holyfield Lead Mine.
At Ingouville, near Havre de Grace, on the 6th ult., greatly respected, Major T. DALSTON, in the 66th year of his age.
At his villa, near Florence, on the 17th ult., after a few days illness, the Right Hon. Lord Wenlock.
At Versailles, the celebrated and eccentric Sir Jonah BARRINGTON, at nearly 80 years of age. He has left some very curious MSS.