Saturday 26 Apr 1834   (p. 3, col. 6-7)
At St. Cuthbert's Church, in this city on the 20th inst., Mr. John HETHERINGTON, cotton-spinner, to Miss Dinah MOFFAT; on the 22nd, Mr. John ROUTLEDGE, roper, to Miss Mary Ann BARNES.
At Wetheral, on the 17th instant, Mr. John PATTINSON, of Cumwhinton, to Miss Jane GRAHAM, of Wetheral Shields.
On Saturday last, at St. Michael's Church, Toxteth-park, Liverpool, Mr. Henry BROWN, of Dalston, in this county, to Hannah, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Alex. COTTER, of Toxteth-park.
At St. John's, Beckermont, on the 21st instant, the Rev. John DOUGLAS, incumbent of Netherwasdale, to Ellen, youngest daughter of the late W. JONES, Esq., of Liverpool.
At St. Lawrence's Church, Appleby, on the 22nd inst., by the Rev. Joseph MILNER, A.M., Vicar, John HAMMOND, Esq., of the Friary, one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the county of Westmorland, to Miss STEPHENSON, daughter of R. S. STEPHENSON, Esq., Clerk of the Peace for the same county.
Here, in Scotch-street, on Monday last, Mr. Jos. PARK, flax-dresser, aged 29 years.
Here, since our last, Mr. James RAVY, Damside, aged 29; Mrs. Isabella ROBSON, of John-street, aged 54; Mr. Thos. WARLEY, of Church-street, aged 22; Mr. R. HOLLIDAY, machine-maker, Scotch-street, aged 53 years.
At Crookdike, in the parish of Rockliff, on the 22d inst, Ann, the wife of Mr. James ROME, aged 71.
At Kirklinton Rectory, on Tuesday last, in his 89th year, the Rev. Thomas PATTINSON, beloved and regretted by a large circle of friends and the inhabitants of an extensive parish, who were under his pastoral care 58 years. During that long period he lived in uninterrupted harmony with all around him, and most conscientiously discharged the duties of his office. His amiable qualities, upright principles, and rediness [sic] to assist his parishioners in all their difficulties, will cause his memory to be long cherished as that of their best friend.
At Penrith, on the 22nd inst., Mrs. Hannah MALLISON, Joiner's Arms, Sandgate, aged 62; Mrs. Elizabeth STOREY, aged 74; on the 23rd, after a short but severe indisposition, greatly esteemed, Mr. Robert FORSTER, Royal Oak inn, aged 59.
At Cliburn, near Penrith, on the 21st inst., Isabella, wife of Mr. John IRVING, aged 36.
At Great Salkeld, near Penrith, on the 22nd inst., Mr. RICKERBY, yeoman, aged 54.
At Whitehaven, on the 17th inst., at Mr. Ralph ELLIOT's, Duke-street, where she had lived upwards of fifty years, Catherine SWAINSON, aged 77; much respected.
At Appleby, on tbe 3rd inst., John, the son of Thos. R. LIDDERDALE, Esq., aged 9 years—a youth of great promise and attainments, far above his years; on the 23rd, Mr. Robert TAYLOR, aged 80 years.
On the 11th inst., Alice, widow of the late Rev. T. AIREY, many years curate of Selside, near Kendal, aged 63.
At Llangollen, North Wales, on the 12th instant, aged 40, Samuel SALKELD, formerly of Kendal.
On Friday the 11th inst., John FULLER, Esq., better known by the title of "Jack FULLER." He was a very liberal benefactor to the London Royal Institution, having founded two professorships, and contributed to it altogether upwards of £10,000.