At St. Mary's Church, in this city, on the 22nd ult., Mr. John INGRAM, shoemaker, to Miss Eleanor TODD.
At Wigton, on the 19th ult., Mr. George STUDHOLM, of Kirkland, to Miss RICHARDSON, of Rosewain; on the 24th, Mr. Thos. HARDON, of Kirkland, to Miss Ann BOUCH, of Woodrow.
At Penrith, on the 25th ult., Mr. Amos FLETCHER, to Miss Margaret ARMSTRONG.
At St. James's Church, London, on Thursday week, the Earl of Glengall, to Miss MELLISH, daughter of the late wealthy contractor.
At St. George's Hanover-square, London, J. L. LEE, Esq.. M. P., to Jessy, daughter of the late J. EDWARDS VAUGHAN, Esq., M. P. for Wells.

At Moorhouse, on Thursday last, after a short and pianfull [sic] illness, Robert, eldest son of Mr. Jos. WISE, blacksmith, of the above place, aged 15 years.
At Thursby, on Friday week, after a long and painful ilness, Mr. James FINLINSON, advanced in years.
At the Faugh of Hayton, Mr. James BATY, aged 45 years.
At Westlinton, on Monday last, Mrs. GRAHAM, widow, of the Graham Arms Inn, advanced in years.
At Longtown, on the 25th inst., Mr. Robert GRAHAM, many years steward of the late Sir James GRAHAM, of Netherby, much respected, aged 82 years.
At Briscohill, near Longtown, on the 21st ult., after a short illness, Janet, relict of the late Mr. Edward IRVING, aged 57 years, to the inexpressible grief of her family and friends. Exemplary not only in the exercise of every maternal duty, but also in that of christian virtues, her death has naturally occasioned a gloom in the neighbourhood.
At Red brow, Kirkandrews-on-Esk, on Monday last, Mary IRVING.
At the Midtown of Easton, on Sunday last, Mr. Robt. BAXTER, aged 52.
On Monday last, in child bed, Jane, the wife of Mr. Arthur GRAHAM, joiner, of Penrith, aged 24.
At Wigton, on Saturday last, Mrs. Mary THOMPSON, wife of Mr. THOMPSON, Black Bull inn, aged 44 years, deeply lamented by her family and friends; on Monday, Mr. William IRVING, aged 75.
At Ellenbank, on the 25th ult., at the house of her son-in-law, Capt. SANDERSON, Ruth, the much respected relict of the late Mr. LOWES, solicitor, Wigton.
At Carleton, parish of Penrith, on the 27th ult., Miss Rachel MALLISON.
At Lewburns, near Penrith, on the 23rd, Mr. Joseph BRUNSKILL, yeoman.
At Workington, on Sunday morning last, universally respected, Mr. John HAYTON, of the Brow Top, in the 66th year of his age.
At Harrington, Tuesday last, Mrs. Catherine TAGGART, aged 95.
At Distington, on Friday last, Mrs. Carolina FRIAR, widow, aged 70 years.
In Whitehaven, on Wednesday week, Mrs. ROTHERY, relict of the late Captain ROTHERY, of Whitehaven, in the 66th year of her age; on Sunday last, Mr. Thos. MURRAY, late master of a vessel out of that port, in the 79th year of his age; on Saturday, Mr. Peter SOMERVILLE, aged 30; on Sunday, Mrs. Jane FOWLER, aged 86; since our last, Mrs. Mary MOORE, widow, aged 84 years.
At Appleby, on the 21st ult., in child-bed of twins, Esther, wife of Mr. George WINSKILL, blacksmith aged 33.
At Bongate, Appleby, lately, John, son of Mr. W. NELSON, butcher, aged 29.
At Brampton Croft Ends, near Appleby, on the 17th ult., Thomas LOWIS, Esq., Mayor of Appleby, aged 73 years.
At Bury, in Lancashire, suddenly, on the 20th ult., the Rev. Thomas SELKIRK, minister of St. John’s chapel, in that town, aged 45 years, and son of Mr. Robert SILKIRK, of Beckermet, near Whitehaven.
At Calderbridge, on Monday last, after a protracted illness, which he bore with christian patience, Mr. William THOMPSON, only son of Mrs. THOMPSON, in the prime of life.
At Haile, near Calderbridge, on Friday last, at the house of her son-in-law, Mr. John SMITH, Mrs. Elizabeth GUNSON, relict of the late Mr. Henry GUNSON, and mother of Mr. Jeremiah GUNSON, of Godderthwaite, aged 76 years, much respected.
At Prior Scale, on Monday morning, in the parish of St. Bridget’s, Beckermont, Mr. John THOMSON, formerly of Julian Holm, in the parish of Gosforth, advanced in years.
On Thursday last, in the prime of life, Margaret, wife of William BATTY, Esq., of Kirkby Lonsdale, and eldest daughter of William Wilson CARUS WILSON, Esq., Casterton Hall.
At the World’s-end tavern, Pitt Street, Liverpool, on the 19th ult., Mr. John MORRIS, aged 61 years, the celebrated maker of the measuring-tape.
At Oak Lawn-house, near Eye, Suffolk, on the 11th ult., Rear-Admiral CUNNINGHAM, K.G.H., aged 78 years.
In London, on Monday last, John BENNETT, Esq., the secretary at Lloyd’s, who for a period of forty years has been connected with that establishment. This gentleman is most sincerely regretted, and the subscribers to Lloyd’s will long deplore the loss of his valuable services.