At Barrock Lodge, on Sunday last, the 16th inst., the Lady of Wm. JAMES, Esq., M.P., of a son; who survived only a few hours.
On Sunday the 16th inst., the lady of the Rev. John JENKINS, incumbent of St. James’s Whitehaven, of a daughter.
At Kendal, on Friday week, the lady of Dr. J. W. BAIRD, of a son.
At St. Cuthbert’s Church, in this city, on the 17th inst., Mr. Richard TAYLOR, to Miss Ann BARKER.
Lately, in this city, Mr. Daniel MAGEE, joiner, of this city, to Miss Margaret CAPSTICK, of Scotby.
At Penrith, on the 18th inst., Mr. John ATKINSON, to Miss Ann DIXON; on the 20th, Mr. Isaac NORMAN, stonemason, to Miss Mary RAILTON.
At Bootle, on Sunday last, Mr. POSTLETHWAITE, of Gascow, near Ulverston, grazier, to Miss Sarah KENDALL.
At Calton, near Ulverston, on the 15th, Mr. James NICHOLSON, of the latter place, painter, to Ann, daughter of Mr. W. GASKELL, tanner, of Upper Nibthwaite.
At Cartmel, on Saturday, Mr. James GUNSON, shopkeeper, to Miss Elizabeth WITHERS, dressmaker; on Monday, Mr. Thomas ROBINSON, of Harehill, near Newton, to Miss Lucy WILSON, of Witherslack.
At Grayrigg, on Monday last, Mr. R. WATERWORTH, surgeon, Lancaster, to Miss RICHARDSON, of Dillicar, Westmorland.
At Crosthwaite Church, Keswick, on Monday last, Mr. George FLEMING, dyer, to Miss Mary KIRKBRIDE, both of Great Braithwaite, near Keswick; on the 15th, Mr. Thomas HODGSON, to Miss Ann WILKINSON, both of Thornthwaite, near Keswick.
At Workington, on the 15th inst., Mr. John ATKINSON, moulder, to Mrs. Frances JOHNSTON.
At Harrington, on Monday last, Mr. Alexander M’INTYRE, of Kirkcudbright, mariner, to Sarah, youngest daughter of Mr. Jonathan JENKINSON, innkeeper, at the former place.
At Whitehaven, last week, Mr. Thomas PAISLEY, to Miss Dorothy M’COMB.

Here, in John Street, on the 15th, inst., Miss Jane FOSTER, aged 23 years; she was a young woman of an amiable disposition, and much and deservedly respected.
At Blackwell, near this city, on the 17th inst., Mr. John DALSTON, late innkeeper there, aged 87 years.
At Woolwich, on the 15th inst., Mr. John DUNBAR, of the Royal Artillery, formerly of this city.
At Rutherglen, near Glasgow, on the 15th inst., Mrs. Mary ROBLEY, aged 77 years; formerly of this neighbourhood.
At Stoneknow, parish of Scaleby, on the 30th Jan., Mrs. Mary JAMES, widow of the late Mr. Nathan JAMES, much regretted.
At Brampton, on Tuesday last, the Rev. A. LAWSON, nearly 40 years curate at Brampton, aged 72.
At Breacken Hill, near Brampton, on Tuesday last, very suddenly, Jane, wife of Mr. Thos. SAWYERS, aged 45.
At Penrith, on the 17th inst., Miss Jane HASTY, aged 61; on the 18th, Mr. Thos. HODGSON, labourer, aged 82.
At Blencow, near Penrith, on the 20th inst., Mr. Ralph TODD, aged 68.
Lately, at Greenrigg, in the parish of Caldbeck, at an advanced age, Mrs. Ann SCOTT, one of the Society of Friends; at Howbeck, in Caldbeck, on the 3rd inst., aged 71, Mr. Joseph PRIESTMAN, also one of the Society of Friends.
At Cockermouth, on Wednesday last, Miss Matilda OSBURN, aged 15 years; on Saturday, Mr. Joseph MAXWELL, shoemaker, aged 25.
At Bewaldeth, in the parish of Torpenhow, on the 6th inst., much respected, Jane, wife of Mr. William PINGNEY, aged 30.
At sea, on board of the Nelson Wood on his passage from Calcutta to the Mauritius, Thomas, son of Mr. John YARKER, of Maryport, aged 18 years.
At Glasson, near Maryport, after a long and tedious illness, Margaret, wife of Mr. Peter REED, in the prime of life.
At Keswick, on Monday last, Mrs. Jane HODGSON, aged 67. Same place, on Wednesday, after a lingering illness, Mr. James BOWNESS, waller and plasterer, aged 43, leaving a family of six children.
At Workington, since our last, Mr. Henry BOWMAN, aged 73.
On Friday last, at the house of her son, Mr. John MOORE, Blue Bell Inn, Egremont, Mrs. Sarah MOORE, relict of Mr. John MOORE, formerly of Middle Town, aged 65.
At Distington, on Friday last, after a few days' illness, aged 22, Mr. John TAYLOR, jun., stone mason.
At Whitehaven, on Wednesday, of pulmonary consumption, Mr. John MUNSIE, tea dealer, lately of Newcastle, Staffordshire, aged 27 years, greatly respected by all who knew him; Mr. John GRAHAM, formerly a mariner, aged 71; Jane, daughter of Mr. Charles BIRKETT, aged 22; Mrs. Sarah THOMPSON, widow, aged 70.
In Newcastle, at his house, in Albion Street, on the 14th inst., after a long and severe illness, the Rev. H. D. GRIFFITH, perpetual curate of St. Andrew's, lecturer at St. Nicholas, and chaplain to the Trinity House.
At Liverpool, on the 14th inst., after a long and painful illness, aged 70, Mrs. Ann BIRKETT, widow of Mr. R. BIRKETT, late of Kendal.
Lately, in Lisbon, aged 46, Mr. [sic] Jezvina O'CONNOR, relict of Surgeon O'CONNOR, and late of Liverpool.
At Holt-hill, Cheshire, on the 10th inst., aged 63, Mr. Benjamin HARAM, master-mariner, one of the oldest captains belonging to Liverpool.
At Mainsforth, on the 11th inst., after a short illness, Robert SURTEES, Esq., whose high literary acquirements were only equalled by his suavity of manners and gentle manly deportment.
At his residence in Portman-square, London, on the 14th inst., the Right Hon. Lord Teignmouth, in his 83rd year.
At Bath, on Sunday last, very suddenly, Mr. John THELWALL, lecturer on elocution, and one of the individuals tried with HARDY, for high treason, in 1794.