At St. Cuthbert’s Church, in this city, on the 9th inst., Mr. Lancelot BECK, bookbinder, to Miss Margt. HANNAY.
At St. Mary’s church, in this city, on the 10th inst., Mr. John PATTINSON, to Miss Ann RUSSELL; on the 14th, Mr. John GLADSTON, of Berwick-on-Tweed, to Miss Elizabeth BROWN, of this city.
At Preston, Lancashire, on the 11th instant, Mr. Richard SMITH, woollen manufacturer, Cockermouth, to Miss MOULDING of the former place.
In Abbey Street, on the 11th inst., Mrs. Hannah CHRISTOPHERSON, aged 83.
At Newtown, near this city, on the 11th inst., Mrs. Helen THOMPSON, aged 72.
At Cummersdale, near this city, on the 10th inst., Miss Maria COLLINS, aged 23.
At Indiamago, on the coast of Java, on the 22nd of September last, Mr. William LISTER, last surviving son of Thomas LISTER, Esq., of Whitehaven and formerly of this city.
At Hayton, on the 10th inst., Mr. Joseph ROBINSON, aged 86 years.
At Great Corby, on the 12th inst., Mrs. Sarah HAMILTON, aged 36 years; much respected.
At Dalston Forge, on Monday last, awfully sudden, in the 50th year of his age, Mr. Thomas RAYSON, of Bridge Mill, near Wigton, and late of Baldwinholme; highly respected.
At Brampton, on Friday last, Mr. John ARMSTRONG, tanner, aged 87; on Sunday, Mrs. Margaret HOGG, aged 76.
At Penrith, on the 6th inst., Mr. William GRAHAM, aged 44; on the 7th, Mr. Shadrach HODGSON, aged 27; on the 12th, Mr. Matthew NELSON, aged 76.
At Newcastleton, on the 5th inst., Mr. Francis BALLANTYNE, merchant, aged 86 years; he has left three sons and two daughters, whose living issue amount to 80 persons, consisting of their children, grand children, and great grand children. He died very suddenly, and enjoyed good health until within a few days of his death.
At Maryport, on the 11th inst., Mary, wife of Mr. R. ADAIR, bookseller, aged 30 years.
At Annan, on the 10th instant, the wife of Mr. HAIRSTAIN, shoemaker, at an advanced age.
At Justinlees, near Annan, on the 9th inst., Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. James GRAHAM, farmer at the above place, aged 16.
At Longmeadow-house, on the 9th inst., the infant daughter of John FORREST, Esq., of Oaklands.
At Longmarton, near Appleby, lately, Mr. Robert ATKINSON, aged 32.
At Ravenstondale, on the 25th ult., Miss Isabella ROBINSON, aged 25; on the 28th, Miss Margt. BECK, aged 41.
At Brough, on the 27th ult., Mr. Thomas STEELE, aged 31.
At Blackburn, on the 27th inst., Mrs. NICHOL, wife of Mr. Richard NICHOL, draper, of that place.
At his seat, Serlby-hall, Nottinghamshire, on the 2nd instant, the Right Honourable William George MONCKTON ARUNDELL, Viscount Galway, aged 52. His Lordship is succeeded in his title and estates by his eldest son, the Honourable George Edward MONCKTON ARUNDELL, now Viscount Galway.

At Workington, on Saturday last, Mr. John FALCON, wine merchant, to Ann, the eldest daughter of the late Allison CROSTHWAITE, Esq. of Workington.
At Drigg, on Wednesday last, after a tedious courtship of seven years, Mr. John BENN, to Miss Ann DIXON, both of that parish. The united ages of the happy bridegroom and bride amount to one hundred and twenty years.
At Lorton, on the 1st inst., Mr. Christopher GRAHAM, jun. of Littlethwaite, near Lorton, to Miss DOBINSON, eldest daughter of Mr. Thos. DOBINSON, of the Scale Hill Inn, Brackenthwaite, near Lorton.
At St. Mary's Church, Ulverston, on Wednesday, the 5th inst., George, an Officer in his Majesty's Revenue of Excise, eldest son of Mr. George GRAHAM, Supervisor of Excise, Ulverston, to Ann, second daughter of the late George WALTON, Esq. of Bishop Auckland, in Durham.
At Lamplugh, on Saturday week, Mr. John DIXON, of Whillimoor-foot, to Miss BREWSHER, of Wood-end, in Lamplugh.
At Whitehaven, last week, Mr. William CARR cabinet maker, to Miss Frances CAPE; Mr. William ROBERTS, to Miss Sarah PARKER; and Mr. James MOORE, ship-carpenter, to Miss Ann KING.
At Kendal, on Thursday week, Mr. Henry CRAGG, captain of the merchant brig Constitution, of Whitehaven, to Elizabeth, only daughter of Mr. Christopher ROBINSON, maltster, of Kendal.
At St. Philip's Church, Liverpool, on the 24th ult., Mr. John LEES, of Hailes Street, Edinburgh, to Miss Jane SCOTT, youngest daughter of Mr. John SCOTT, of Annan.
At Douglas, Isle of Man, on Monday sennight, Captain Thomas TAIT, of the ship Isabella, of Glasgow, to Miss Mary M'Auslan, second daughter of Captain John CARLYLE.
At Hoyton, an the 7th inst., Philip, son of Mr. Joseph ROBINSON, carpenter, aged 5 years.
At Thursby, on Saturday week, Mr. Robert BELL, grocer, aged 72.
At Wylies, on Wednesday last, most deservedly regretted, Mr. David WYLIE, farmer there, in the 58th year of his age.
At Cockermouth, on Tuesday, the 4th instant, Edworth, eldest son of Mr. WILLIAMSON, surgeon, aged 15 years.
At Little Broughton, last week, Mrs. CUBBIE, formerly of Crosby, near Maryport, advanced in years.
At Mossergate, Brigham, on the 31st ult., Miss Ann FAWCETT, last surviving daughter of Mrs. Mary FAWCETT, widow of the former place, aged 37 years, one of the Society of Friends, after a long and painful illness, which she bore with great christian patience and resignation. Her loss will be long and deeply felt by a large circle of relatives and acquaintances, to whom she was justly and deservedly endeared.
At his residence, High Lorton, on Thursday last, in the 86th year of his age, the Rev. William SEWELL, perpetual curate of the adjoining chapelries of Wythop and Setmurthy, where he regularly officiated for upwards of sixty years, and until a few weeks previous to his death.
At Workington, since our last, Mrs. Mary PATTINSON, aged 33; Mrs. Rachael MOAH, widow, aged 89 years.
At Whitehaven, on Friday, week, Mr. Patrick MILLIGAN, aged 86; on Tuesday, Mr. Christopher GRAHAM, aged 38; Mrs. Jane KING, widow, aged 66 years.
On Wednesday, after a short illness, in the 49th year of his age, Mr. William EDMONDSON, of the firm of EDMONDSON and HEALD, grocers, Lancaster, sincerely lamented; Friday week, at same place, Mary Anne, relict of the late Mr. George SMITH, of that town, sadler, aged 43; Mary, wife of Mr. Richard DIXON, grocer, aged 31.
At Houghton-le-Spring, on the 5th inst., aged 82, Mr. John SMITH, colliery viewer.
At Newcastle, on the 5th instant, James Dent WEATHERLEY, Esq. late captain in the 60th rifle corps, to Miss SAWYER, sister of George Edward SAWYER, Esq. Ogle Terrace, South Shields.
At Honfleur, on the 27th ult., at the residence of Robert CASSELS, Esq. the British consul, the Right Hon. Lord Viscount Glammis. Lord Glammis was the eldest son of the Earl of Strathmore, by his lordship's first wife, Mary, daughter and heiress of Geo. CARPENTER, Esq. who died in 1811. Lord Glammis's eldest son, Thomas George, who was born in September, 1822, succeeds to the courtesy title of Viscount Glammis.