On the 24th inst., in Mark-lane, London, Mrs. John REAY, of a Son.
At St. Cuthhert's Church, in this city, on the 30th inst.. by the Rev. Jos. SMITH, James JARDINE, Esq., of Edinburgh, to Mrs. WINDOWE, of Briscohill.
At Wetheral Church, on Saturday last, Mr. Robt. CHAMBERS, to Miss Ann PENTLAND, both of Warwick.
At Cockermouth, on Wednesday, Mr. Lancaster LEATHES, surgeon, to Hannah, daughter of the late Mr. John JACKSON, of Keswick.
At Dearham, on the 18th, Mr. Daniel FLETCHER, to Miss E. OGLETHORPE, both of Dearham.
At Harrington, on Sunday, Mr. Bernard DAYLEY, to Miss Frances HODGSON.
At Hensingham, near Whitehaven, on Saturday, Mr. Joseph STEWARD, miner, of Swinside, parish of Crosthwaite, to Miss Elizabeth BATEMAN, of Padstow, near Hensingham; and Mr. W. HAILE, hatter, Egremont, to Miss Mary MARSHALL, of Hensingham.
At Whitehaven, last week, Mr. William SUTCLIFF, mariner, to Miss Mary Ann WILLIAMS; and Mr. William CARRUTHERS, mariner, to Miss Isabella EVANS; on Tuesday last, Mr. W. OLIVER, mariner, to Miss M. KIRK; Monday, Mr. John DICKINSON, shoemaker, to Miss Mary Ann CAPE.
At Chapel Royal, Castle, Dublin, on the 18th inst., Frederick WILLIS, Esq., of the 9th Royal Lancers, son of Richard WILLIS, Esq., of Halshead, in the county of Lancaster, to Elizabeth Louisa, eldest daughter of Sir W. GOSSET, K.C.B., Under Secretary of State for Ireland.
At Bath, on the 14th inst., J. A. ROEBUCK, Esq., M. P. for that city, to Henrietta, eldest daughter of the Rev. Dr. FALCONER.

Here, in Annetwell Street, on the 25th inst., Mr. Robert CLARKE, aged 32 years.
In the House of Recovery, on the 26th, Mrs. Jane BARNES, aged 46.
In Eden Terrace, on the 27th, Mr. John ARMSTRONG, aged 72.
Same day, in Castle Street, Mrs. Jane BATEMAN, aged 24.
In Water Lane, on the 28th, Mrs. Jane LATIMER, aged 76.
At Stanwix, on the 25th inst., Mr. John ARMSTRONG, late butcher and innkeeper, aged 73 years.
At Upperby, near this city, on the 27th inst., Miss Maria BATY, aged 15 years.
At Closehead, on the 27th inst., Mr. James BOUSTEAD, late of Linstock, in the parish of Stanwix, at the advanced age of 88. His kind and cheerful disposition endeared him to a numerous circle of acquaintance, by whom he will long be remembered.
At Longtown, on Wednesday week, Mr. James RVING, in the prime of life; on Friday, Mr. William M'KEAN, grocer, aged 29 years; Mr. James PAISLEY, aged 73, many years carrier between that place and this city; Mrs. Ann DIXON, aged 34 years.
At Brampton, on Sunday last, Mr. Wm. WHEATLEY, currier, aged 55.
At Mains, near Wigton, on Saturday last, Miss Deborah ROBINSON, aged 10.
At Wigton, on Friday week, Joseph Elliot ROUTLEDGE, aged 3 years; on Monday, Mrs. Mary JACKSON, aged 52; on Wednesday, Mr. Joseph WILSON, aged 80; on Wednesday last, Mr. Edward WILSON, aged 75.
At Tarnside, near Wigton, on Friday week, Mrs. Jane MATTHEWS, aged 76.
At Kirkbride, on Monday last, Mr. Walter SCOTT, innkeeper, advanced in years.
At Clifton, near Penrith, on the 25th inst., Sarah, relict of John CARLETON, Esq., universally respected by her numerous relatives and friends, aged 83.
At Longmeadowhouse, on the 27th ult. aged 40, Mrs. Julia Lidderdale, wife of John FORREST, Esq. of Oakland, a few hours after giving birth to a daughter. By the death of this lady Annan and its neighbourhood have lost the society of a highly accomplished and amiable woman, and the poor a good, though very unostentatious, friend.
At Crosscannonby, on Tuesday last, Mrs. CURRY, widow of the late Mr. John CURRY, of the above place, aged 72.
At Cockermouth, on the 22nd inst., Mrs. Margt. SCOTT, aged 65; on the 24th, after a lingering illness, Sarah, the wife of Mr. Christopher SCARROW, blacksmith, aged 62 years; Mrs. Hannah DAVIS, aged 68; Mr. Jas. OUSLEY, aged 19 years.
At Workington, since our last, Mrs. Margaret PLUMMER, aged 74; Mrs. Mary GRAHAM, 51; and Mrs. Margaret MOSLEY, aged 70 years.
At Low Mill, near Egremont, on Sunday last, Mr. John EILBECK, sail-cloth weaver, aged 69.
At St. Bees, on Thursday last, Richard JOHNSON, Esq., aged 50, much and very deservedly respected through life.
At Liverpool, last week, aged 32, Mungo PARK, nephew of Mungo PARK, the celebrated African Traveller, and son of the late Mr. PARK, of the Isle of Mull, whom Sir Walter SCOTT, in the notes to his novel of Guy Mannering, acknowledges was the original from whence he drew the character of Dandie Dinmont.
On the 22nd inst., in Mark-lane, London, Thomas, the son of John REAY, jun., Esq., aged 6 years.