At St. Mary's Church, in this city, on the 14th inst., Mr. Charles LONGHORN, to Miss Ann OAGLE; on the 15th, Mr. John KELLY, grocer, Caldewgate, to Miss Elizabeth FARRIS, of Newtown, near this city; on the 16th, Mr. Robert HODGSON, stonemason, to Miss Jane CAPE; Mr. Peter MACDONALD, to Miss Margaret DOVER.
At Dalston, on Tuesday last, Mr. Robert CHICKEN, to Miss Elizabeth RAYSON.
On Thursday last, at Cockermouth, by the Rev. E. FAWCETT, John SLACK, Esq., to Elizabeth, second daughter of Joseph SANDERSON, Esq., banker, both of Cockermouth; immediately after the ceremony the happy couple started direct for London.
At Cockermouth on Sunday last, Mr. J. MOLES, of Bridekirk, flax-dresser, to Miss Elizabeth STEPHENSON, of Cockermouth; on Monday, Mr John DENWOOD, woollen-weaver, to Miss Sarah CHAMBERS; Mr. Hugh BRITTON, weaver, to Miss Sarah SEWELL.
At Crosthwaite Church, Keswick, on Monday last, Mr. Jas. ATKINSON, plumber and glazier, to Miss Mary FLEMING, dress maker, both of Keswick.
Lately, at Dalton-in-Furness, J. H. STEEBLE, M. A., to Eleanor, only daughter of Richard FELL, Esq., of Lindale Mount.
At Brigham, on the 14th inst., Mr. John MOORE, tailor, of Greysouthen, to Miss Mary WHITE, of the former place.
At Crosscannonby, since our last, Mr. Thomas ABBOT, to Miss Margaret BROWN.
At Workington, Mr. Rich. CLARK, to Mrs. Nancy LONGCAKE; Mr. John BLACKBURN, to Miss Elizabeth HEWITT.
At Whitehaven, on Saturday last, Mr. Geo. SIMM, joiner, to Miss Mary CANDLISH, both of that town.
At Annan, on the 15th, by the Rev. Jas. DOBIE, Mr. Richard IRVING, gardener, to Jane LACKIE, eldest daughter of Mr. David LACKIE, some time watch and clock maker, in Annan.
At Lockerby, on the 10th inst., by the Rev. Mr. LITTLE, of Tundergarth, Mr. John IRVING, cattle and bacon dealer, Gillesbie, to Mrs. Margaret SMITH, widow of the deceased Mr. James DINWOODIE, cattle dealer.
At Ulverston, on the 14th inst., Mr. Thos. BERRY, master of the sloop Friendship, London trade, to Mrs. Ann SIMPSON, haberdasher, of that town.
At Lancaster, Mr. John Rossiter COLLEY, youngest son of Benjamin COLLEY, Esq., Morton Lees, near Sheffield, to Miss Eleanor TRASSILIAN, third daughter of Leonard TRASSILIAN, Esq., of Leeds.
At Gorhambury, John BARHAM, Esq., M. P., to Lady Catherine GRIMSTON, second daughter of Earl Verulam.
At Culzean Castle, on the 10th instant, by the Rev. Stair M'QUHAE, Richard OSWALD, Esq., younger of Anchincruive, to the Right Hon. Lady Mary KENNEDY, second daughter of the most Honourable the Marquis of Ailsa.
On the 14th ult., at Great Chesterford, Mr. Thos. REEVE, aged 19, to Miss Ann NELSON, a blooming damsel of 60. The youthful bride, in order to secure her swain, had previously deposited, in the hands of a mutual friend, 400 sovereigns, to be handed over on completing the contract.

Here, on Saturday last, William, eldest sen of Mr. William BATY, hostler at the White Hart Inn, English Street, aged 11 years.
In King-street, on Saturday last, after a short illness, Sarah, fourth daughter of Mr. John PATTINSON, joiner, aged 39.
In Botchergate, on the 16th inst. Mr. George ROOK, aged 55 years.
In Botchergate, on the 14th inst. Mr. William SCOTT, aged 70.
In Lowther Street, on the 15th inst. Mrs. Mary Ann SMITH, aged 23.
In Queen Street, on the 15th inst. Mrs. Ann EDGER, aged 25.
In Church Street, on the 16th inst. Mrs. Sarah FERGUSON, aged 80.
In Rickergate, on the 17th inst. Mrs. Isabella STALKER, aged 86.
At Crossgaps, near Hesket, in this county, on the 6th ult., John HOPE, Esq., late a First Lieutenant in the Fifth Royal Veteran Battalion, aged 65 years, during 34 of which he was actively employed in the last war both in the West Indies and on the Continent, and had been above 45 years in the service.
At Westlinton, on Wednesday last, Mr. John DIXON, innkeeper, advanced in life.
At Longtown, on Friday last, Margaret, wife of Mr. Alexander IRVING, shoemaker, aged 37; on Sunday, Mrs. Jane GRAHAM, spinster, aged 73.
At Brampton, on Sunday last, Mrs. BELL, late of the Nook Denton, aged 87.
At Wigton,, on Thursday week, Mrs. Jane NEILSON, aged 34 years; on Sunday last, Mrs. Catharine HODGSON, aged 67 years.
At Woodside, near Wigton, on Tuesday last, Mr. John JEFFERSON, aged 53.
At Aspatria, on Saturday last, Mrs. PATISON, aged 41; very much respected and regretted.
At Penrith, on the 13th inst., Mr. Joseph HALL, draper, aged 49, whose sudden demise presents an awful instance of the mutability of human life. The deceased was setting a friend out of the town and having proceeded a very short distance was taken ill— took leave of his acquaintance, in returning went into the Gas House in a high state of sudation—he was immediately put to bed, and his relatives were apprised of the circumstance, and soon arrived at the place with medical advice, when all the skill the exigency of the moment could devise was rendered, though unavailing, and after a struggle of about three quarters of an hour, nature became exhausted, and the unfortunate sufferer expired to the irreparable loss of an affectionate wife and three daughters; it may be truly said that a more kind, unassuming,and well disposed individual, and one more generally respected was not in the town—as a proof of which his mortal remains were on Wednesday attended to that "bourne from whence no traveller returns", by a vast concourse of people.
At Penrith, on the 13th inst., Mrs. Eleanor WINSKILL, 75; on the 18th inst., Mr. John HUDSON, of the Bell and Bullock Inn, of that town, aged 43.
At Crosby Ravensworth, on the 16th inst., the Rev. Mr. BRISCOE, vicar, aged 79.
At Cockermouth, on Friday the 13th inst., Jane, widow of the late Daniel PENNINGTON, formerly of the Black Bull Inn, aged 82 years.
At Buenos Ayres, in September last, in the prime of life, William, third son of Mr. STEELE, of Workington.
At Great Braithwaite, near Keswick, on Tuesday last, Miss Mary ROWLING, aged 23 years.
At Keswick, on Wednesday last, Mr. Joseph PRESTON, labourer, aged 42 years, from mortification which ensued from a broken leg he received at Threlkeld bridge, on the Sunday week preceding. He has left a widow and young family to deplore the loss of a most worthy and industrious husband and parent; on Saturday, Mr. HUDSON, landlord of the Royal Oak Inn, in that town, in the 39th year of his age; much respected.

Died.   [continued]
After a short illness, on Saturday the 14th instant, Agnes, the wife of Mr. Henry TICKLE, of Maryport, aged 52 years; on the 9th, Mr. William DOLPHIN, aged 50; on the 11th, after a protracted and painful illness, borne with the same christian meekness and resignation which distinguished her long life, Mrs. THURSBY, widow, at the advanced age of 82; on the 14th, Hannah, wife of Mr. William LIDDLE, sailmaker, aged 57 years.
On Friday morning last, when off Holyhead, on his passage from Dungarvis to Maryport, Mr. John COCKTON, master of the brig Dykes, aged 34. His sudden death is much regretted by a numerous circle of friends.
On Thursday, last, after a lingering illness, borne with great patience, Mrs. COLEBANK, wife of Mr. Isaac COLEBANK, of Addy House, in Gosforth.
At Townhead, Egremont, on the 15th inst., Mrs. Ann MARTIN, relict of the late Mr. John MARTIN, aged 86 years.
At Whitehaven, on Tuesday week, Mr. George GIBSON, umbrella manufacturer, 78; Mr. Jon. WILSON, late butcher of that town, in his 84th year; Hannah, wife of Mr. Daniel GRAY, shoemaker, aged 29; on Wednesday, Mrs. Margaret HOPE, widow, aged 78; Margaret, daughter of the late Mr. SHAW of the Customs at that port, aged 21.
At Harrowthwaite, near Whitehaven, on the 14th inst., Mr. James NICHOLSON, aged 65 years; much respected.
At the Closehead of Annan, Mr. James ANDERSON, late innkeeper, Globe Inn, Annan, aged about 50.
At Arundel, on Monday last, after a long and severe illness, Mary, daughter of the late Henry HOWARD, Esq., and sister of Lord HOWARD, of Effingham.
At Goldielea, on the 9th curt., Mrs. Jean NEWALL MAXWELL, wife of Lieut.-Colonel NEWALL MAXWELL, of Goldielea, deeply lamented by her disconsolate husband, and much regretted by a numerous circle of friends.
At Como, on ihe 25th ult., aged 68, Prince ESTERHAZY. A Spanish messenger brought the news to Chandos House on Saturday. The Princess is living in Vienna. He has also left one son, Prince Paul, Ambassador to the Court of St. James's, and a widowed daughter, the Princess Moritz LEITCHENSTEIN. It is supposed that Prince Paul will quit England very shortly, to take possession of his immense Hungarian property, which, under a better administration of it than was exercised during the life of the late Prince, will unquestionably realize an income to the present possessor beyond that of any other individual in Europe.
At East Hill, Wandsworth, on Monday week, in the 59th year of his age, after a long illness, the Right Rev. John JEBB, D. D., F. R. S., Lord Bishop of Limerick, Ardfert, and Aghadoc. For nearly seven years he had suffered under the effects of a violent paralytic seizure, which compelled him to withdraw from the more active duties of his see, and to reside in this country for medical advice.