At Lyzzick Hall, on Sunday last, the wife of the Rev. John MONKHOUSE, of Bassenthwaite, of a son.
At Winlaton, in the county of Durham, on the 6th inst., Mr. James COWAN, printer, son of Mr. COWAN, stay-maker, in this city, to Mrs. PHILIPSON, of the High-bridge, Newcastle.
At Kirklinton, on Monday last, by the Rev. Thos. PATTINSON, Mr. FENWICK, of this city, butcher, to Miss IRVING, of Sikehead.
At Penrith, on Monday last, Mr. John ELLIOT, cattle dealer, of this city, to Miss Hannah, third daughter of the late Mr. John MARVELL, of Greengill, near Penrith.
At Arthuret, on Friday last, Mr. James Kennedy BOLTON, excise officer, to Miss Elizabeth IRVING, aged fourteen! late of the Swan Inn, Longtown.
At Penrith, on Sunday last, Mr. Nicholas BOWMAN, to Mrs. Mary TWENTYMAN.
At Whitehaven, on Saturday last, Mr. Jas. PEARSON, weaver, to Miss Hannah BRADLEY; on Sunday, Mr. Wm. ELLIOTT, tailor, to Miss Jane WAUGH.
Here, in Scotch Street, on Wednesday last, Miss Elizabeth WATSON, aged 42.
In Union Court, Scotch Street, on the 6th inst., Mrs. Mary HALL, aged 76 years.
In Bridge Lane, on the 6th inst., Mrs. Ann HETHERINGTON, aged 30 years.
In the Swift's Row, on the 1st inst., of apoplexy, at the house of Mr. Robt. TIFFIN, Jane, the daughter of Mr. Wm. ROBINSON, cooper, Wigton, aged 19 yrs.
At Burnfoot, Arthuret, on Thursday week, Mrs. TAYLOR, in the prime of life.
At Browhead, Kirkandrews, on Sunday last, Mr. John ARMSTRONG, aged 22 years.
At Bogburn, Kirkandrews, on Sunday last, Miss Elizabeth JOHNSTON, aged 12 years.
At Wigton, on Tuesday last, Mrs. RELPH, relict of the late T. RELPH, Esq., aged 75.
At Kirkbride, near Wigton, on the 14th ult., at the house of his aunt, Mr. Donald RELPH, tailor, aged 22 years; much respected.
At Maryport, Robert, the son of Mr. John HARRISON aged 12 years.
At Smaithwaite, near Keswick, on the 29th ult., Mr. John DOWTHWAITE, aged 73 years.
At Crosthwaite, near Keswick, on Thursday week, Mrs. Ann NICHOLSON, spinster, aged 53 years.
At Keswick, on Thursday last, awfully sudden, Jane, daughter of Mr. Abraham CROSTHWAITE, aged 15 years; on Saturday, of croup, Pearson, youngest son of Mr. Wm. BANKS, aged 6 years.
In the Palace Green, Durham, on the 31st ult., after a protracted illness, the Rev. John CARR, M. A., head-master of the Grammar School, and Professor of Mathematics at the Durham University.
In Liverpool, on the 4th inst., at her daughter's house, Mrs. WOODALL, aged 77.
At the Cape of Good Hope, on the 21st of August, Captain Robert NESMITH, of the ship Mary, of Liverpool.
At his house, Upper Stamford Street, London, on the 30th ult., Hamilton FULTON, Esq., civil engineer, aged 53. Engaged for many years in the most unhealthy parts of the United States of North America, Mr. FULTON has fallen a sacrifice after long and severe suffering to the exposure and fatigue incidental to his profession.