EXTRAORDINARY BIRTH.— In Mountmelick, a few days since, a mendicant, called "Mary the Fairy," in height 30 inches, gave birth to a male child.
On Wednesday last, the wife of a poor labouring man of the name of HAYSMORE, residing near the Turnpike, on the New Road, Chatham, of 3 children (two girls and a boy), who, with their mother, are likely to do well.
At St. Cuthbert's, in this city, on Tuesday last, Mr James FORSTER, printer, to Miss Harriett Mc.HARD.
At St. Mary's, in this city, on Monday last, Mr. Francis MILLER, to Miss Eleanor ASHBRIDGE; on Tuesday, Mr. William BELL, of the parish of Wetheral, to Miss Agnes CLARK, of this city.
At Hesket, on Thursday week, Mr. Wm. BATEMAN, of Ivegill, to Ann, only daughter of Isaac DODD, Esq., of the same place.
At Clifton, near Penrith, on Saturday last, Mr. Charles Valence STALKER, cooper, Hawksdale, to Miss MARTIN, of Clifton.
At Penrith, on Monday last, Mr. Wm. BLACKLOCK, to Miss Ann STODDART; on Tuesday, Mr. Joseph GRISENTHWAITE, to Miss Mary ANDREW.
At Hayton, on Saturday last, Mr. NOBLE, of Howe, to Miss Mary BATY, of Faugh.
At Cockermouth, on Tuesday week, Mr. Thomas ROBINSON, husbandman, of Salter Beck, in the parish of Workington, to Miss Jane JOHNSTON, of the former place.
At Crosthwaite Church, Keswick, on Saturday last, Mr. Robert GRAVE, late husbandman, Whitrigg, to Miss Esther BUSTOW, grocer, Great Braithwaite, near Keswick.
At Barrackpore, Calcutta, on the 15th of January last, Captain Robert James DELAMAIN, Bengal Army, to Jane Amelia YOUNGSON, third daughter of Colonel YOUNGSON, of Bowscar, Cumberland.
At Lorton, on Saturday last, Mr. Elias MARSTONE, to Miss M. WATSON.
At Workington, since our last, Mr. Robert ARMSTRONG, husbandman, to Miss Ann HODGSON; Mr. James M'KILLIP, husbandman, to Miss Mary GEDDESS.
At Whitehaven, on Tuesday week, the Rev. John TORDIFF, curate of North Leech, Gloucestershire, to Mary Ann, second daughter of the late Mr. FISHER, pier master at that port; since our last, Mr. John WILLIAMSON, ship carpenter, to Miss H. WILKINSON.
At Bamburgh, on the 29th ult., by the Rev. R. POCKLINGTON, rector of West Brigeford, Notts, Charles John BIGGE, Esq., eldest son of Charles Wm. BIGGE, Esq., of Linden House, Northumberland, to Lewis Marianne, eldest daughter of P. J. SELBY, Esq., of Twizell House, in the same county.—Same day, by the Rev. Wm. ANTROBUS, rector of Acton, Middlesex, and St. Andrew Undershaft, London, Edmund, his youngest son, to Frances Margaret, second daughter of the above P. J. SELBY, Esq. The Tyne Mercury says—"The occasion of the marriage on the same day of Miss SELBY and Miss Frances SELBY, the former to Charles John BIGGE, Esq., and the latter to Edmund ANTROBUS, Esq., was celebrated on Wednesday last, at Twizell House, near Belford, the seat of the father of the two accomplished brides, P. J. SELBY, Esq., in a manner suitable to the joyous occasion. The brides, who presented an interesting appearance, wore lace dresses over white satin, orange chaplets, and long white veils. A triumphal arch was erected at Twizel Gate, under the tasteful management of Captain MITFORD, R. N., composed of evergreens, interspersed with flowers. The procession to Bambro' Church was splendid. No less than eight carriages were present, among which were those of Bertram MITFORD, Esq., of Mitford Castle; and Wm. CLARK, Esq., of Belford Hall. While the party were at church, the servants and villagers were handsomely entertained at breakfast. The parties returned to Twizel House to breakfast amid numerous expressions of regard from an assembled neighbourhood. Soon afterwards the happy couples set off in their carriages, the one for Dunstan Hill, near Newcastle, and the other for the Brae, near Jedburgh.

Here, on Wednesday last, Mrs. STAGG, widow, of Scotch Street, aged 60.
On Thursday last, Ann, wife of Mr. Thos. FOSTER, Botchergate, aged 38; much respected.
Yesterday week, Dinah SEALBY, Cummersdale Mill, aged 22.
On Monday last, Mr. Thos. BARNES, John Street, aged 61.
At Grinsdale, near this city, yesterday, Thomas SIBSON, Esq., after a short illness, aged 54. Few deaths have been more awfully sudden and affecting than that of Mr. SIBSON. "In the midst of life we are in death." Mr. SIBSON was descended from an ancient and respectable family, long resident in Grinsdale; and as he was possessed of an extensive circle of acquaintance, his sudden and unexpected death will be the more deeply lamented by bis friends. Mr. S. has left a wife & numerous family to mourn their loss.
At Dalston, on Sunday last, Mary, the wife of Mr. Thomas NIXON, brewer, aged 52; sincerely lamented by her friends and all who knew her.
At Penrith, yesterday week, Thomas ROWLANDS, aged 15; on Monday last, Mr. Wm. PARKIN, labourer, aged 46; Jane, wife of Mr. Isaac THRELKELD, 36.
At Cockermouth, on Wednesday week, Ann, the wife of Mr. Wm. LEWTHWAITE, aged 50; on Thursday week, Mr. John LOWTHER, tallow chandler and grocer, aged 25; on Monday last, Mr. Henry CORRIE, gardener, aged 71; all of whom were much respected.
At Maryport, on the 28th ult., Elizabeth CAREY, 29.
At Flimby, on the 24th ult., Mr. John GRAHAM, mariner, aged 27.
At Keswick, yesterday week, Mr. Wm. BOWNESS, aged 18, son of Mr. BOWNESS, innkeeper.
At Tallentire Hall, on the 28th ult., Mary, second daughter of William BROWNE, Esq.
At Workington, since our last, Mr. John EDGER, many years a constable in that town, aged 58; Mrs. Mary WILDRIDGE, aged 93; Mr. Daniel THOMPSON, innkeeper, aged 45.
At Townend, Gosforth, yesterday week, Mrs. H. ROBINSON, relict of the late Mr. Edward ROBINSON, yeoman, aged 88.
At Whitehaven, since our last, Mr. John WALLER, a member of the Society of Friends, aged 83; Mr. Joseph BROWN, aged 17, son of Mr. BROWN, of Allonby; Dorothy, eldest daughter of Capt. RAVEN, of the Autumn, of that port, aged 22; Mrs. Ann SHAW, aged 30; Mr. James HELLONS, aged 39.
At Egremont, on Monday last, Mr. Jos. BROCKBANK, aged 75; on Thursday week, Jane, the wife of Mr. John SMITH, farmer, aged 42.
In Prince's Street, Hanover Square, London, on the 30th ult., Major-General Sir John MALCOLM, late a Candidate for the representation of this City. Sir John was a man of considerable talents, as the works he has published fully evince.