At St. Mary's, in this city, on Sunday last, Mr. Thos. MORLEY, to Miss Mary HORNSBY, Castle Street; on Monday, Mr. W. YOUNGFIELD, to Miss J. ROBSON.
At Penrith, on Sunday last, Mr. John SMITH, to Miss Jane CHARTERS.
At Crosthwaite Church, Keswick, on the 7th inst., Mr. Samuel BENNETT, to Miss Dorothy CHATFIELD, both of Portinscale; on the 8th, Mr. William MATTHEWS, tailor, to Miss Margt. HARRISON, both of Keswick; on the 13th, Mr. John SCURR, saddler, to Miss Margaret BRAITHWAITE, of Portinscale, near Keswick.
At Crosscannonby, on Tuesday week, Mr. Robert DOCKWRAY, mariner, to Miss BELL, both of Maryport.
At Whitehaven, since our last, Mr. Thomas Gibson BELL, pipe maker, to Miss Mary Ann TATE.
At Liverpool, on Sunday last, Mr. Thomas PEATE, mate of the brig Irton, to Jane, youngest daughter of the late Mr. THOMPSON, of Whitehaven.
At St. Bees, on Saturday last, Mr. Henry SMITH, of Demesnes, to Miss Jane MAWSON, of High Walton; on Sunday, Mr. D. HUTCHISON, to Miss J. TAYLOR, both of New Houses.
At Kendal, on Wednesday last, by the Rev. J. HUDSON, vicar, Mr. Robert WILSON, of Rosamond Street, London, grocer, to Agnes, eldest daughter of Mr. John NICHOLSON, hosier, of the former place.
At London, on Monday last, Sir S. John Brooke PECHELL, Bart., to the Hon. Julia Maria, only surviving daughter of Lord PETRE, and niece to the Duke of Norfolk.
At Cheshunt, Herts, on the 8th inst., Henry WHITTAKER, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn, youngest son of John WHITTAKER, Esq., of Newcastle Court, Radnorshire, to Catherine, youngest daughter of the late John Bushby MAITLAND, Esq., of Eccles, Dumfries-shire.
At Toxteth-park, near Liverpool, on the 5th inst., John, the eldest son of the late Capt. WOOD, of Whitehaven, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. Robert HUGHES, of Highpark-street, Toxteth-park.
At Colton, on the 9th inst., Mr. Thos. DIXON, of Watergate, foot of Coniston Lake, to Margaret, eldest daughter of the late Jas. RAWLINSON, Esq., of Lower Nibthwaite.
At Rottingdean, near Brighton, on the 2nd inst., the Rev. Gavin SMITH, A.M., Master of the Classical and Mathematical School, to Emma, daughter of the late Edward KENNEDY, Esq., Ulverstone, Lancashire.
At Kentchurch, near Hereford, on the 11th inst., George BENTHAM, Esq., only son of the late Gen. Sir Samuel BENTHAM, K.S.G., and nephew of the late Jeremy BENTHAM, Esq., to Sarah, youngest daughter of Sir Harford Jones BRIDGES, Bart., K.C.L.L.D., late Envoy Extraordinary & Minister Plenipotentiary to the Court of Persia.
At London, on Thursday week, Thomas Charlton WHITMORE, Esq., M.P., eldest son of Thomas WHITMORE, Esq., of Apley-park, Shropshire, to Lady Louisa Ann DOUGLAS, eldest daughter of the Marquis of Queensberry.

Here, on Sunday last, Mr. William GIFFY, of Duke Street, aged 35.
At Islington, near London, on the 26th ult., after a short illness, Mr. Nicholas LOWTHER, aged 53, a native of Great Orton, in this county; deeply regretted.
At Rockliffe, on Tuesday last, Mr. Wm. BATEY, yeoman, aged 76; a man universally esteemed.
At Yewtree, near Thursby, on Thursday week, Mr. James JEFFERSON, aged 19; a young man highly repected by his companions.
At Hillstown, Kirkandrews-on-Esk, on Saturday last, Mr. Wm. Mc.VITIE, aged 79.
At Longtown, on Tuesday last, Mr. Robt. BROATCH, farmer, late of Pedderhill, at an advanced age.
At Brampton, on Monday last, in the 30th year of his age, Mr. Wm. FORSTER, grocer, youngest son of the late Thomas FORSTER, grocer, of the same place.
At Penrith, on Tuesday last, Capt. Wm. BUCHANAN, R. N., aged 73.—The Captain, on the preceding maraket day, unfortunately met with an accident from    cart, in one of the narrow streets, which terminated fatally.
At Millrigg, near Templesowerby, Mr. Jas. COPLEY, yeoman, aged 72; highly respected.
At Raby, Abbey Holme, lately, Mr. John GLAISTER, aged 82.
At Brocklebank, on Tuesday last, Mrs. Mary TWENTYMAN, at an advanced age.
At Sandwick, in Martindale, on the 11th inst., Mr. Wm. THOMPSON, aged 48, many years servant to Mr. HINDSON, of Penrith.
At Grange, near Gilcrux, on Thursday week, Mr. Joseph SIBSON, yeoman, aged 43.
At Hayton, near Allonby, on Saturday last, Mr. Henry SIBSON, brother of the above, aged 27.
At Keswick, suddenly, on the 6th inst., Mr. Hugh ROAN, a travelling hawker from Preston, Lancashire, advanced in years; on the 14th, Mr. Jon. DAWSON, porter for Mr. SIMMONDS, carrier, Wigton, aged 55.
At Portinscale, near Keswick, on the 11th inst., Miss Grace GIBSON, aged 65.
At Maryport, since our last, Mr. Wm. SEUTER, and Mr. Joseph KAY, joiner, both advanced in life.
At Workington, since our last, Mr. Henry MARREN, aged 22; Mr. Joseph HODGSON, aged 70.
On the night of the 29th of December last, on his passage from Belfast to Barbadoes on board the Quebec Packet, Capt. Harrison TATE, Mr. Watson Craig GARRY, aged 17, son of Mr. GARRY, of Harrington.
At Middle-bank, Saint Bridget's, Beckermet, last week, Mr. John JACKSON, yeoman, aged 81.
At Papcastle, on the 18th ult., Thomas RUDD, Esq., aged 83.
At Whitehaven, since our last, Mr. Wm. GRAHAM, flour dealer, aged 78; Ann, wife of Mr. Jas. EDGAR, auctioneer, 36; Mrs. PENNINGTON, wife of Mr. Thos. PENNINGTON, flour merchant, 41; Alice, the wife of Mr. Wm. PLASKET, 82.
At St. Bees, on Monday last, Mr. John SMITH, 86.
At St. Omer's, lately, J. T. FANE, Esq., late M. P. for Lyme Regis, and nephew to the Earl of Westmorland.
At Hertfordshire, on the 6th inst., after a short illness, Mr. J. PALMER, a native of this city, and head brewer in the extensive concern ot Messrs. BARCLAY, PERKINS, & Co., London. His loss will be irreparable, not only to his numerous family, but to an extensive circle of friends, by whom he was sincerely regarded and esteemed.
At his house in Park-street, Westminster, on the 11th inst., John BLACKBURNE, Esq., of Hale Hall, aged 79. He represented the county of Lancashire in Parliament 46 years.
At her residence in Grosvenor-square, London, on Tuesday last, the Dowager Julia Lady PETRE, relict of Robert Edward, ninth Lord PETRE, and youngest sister of Bernard Edward, Duke of Norfolk, aged 64.
On Tuesday morning, at his residence in Bruton-street, London, Lord FOLEY, one of the Lords in Waiting to his Majesty, and a Captain of the Band of Gentlemen at Arms. His Lordship, who was in the 53rd year of his age, died of inflammation of the lungs; he succeeded to his title on the demise of his father, in 1793, and married, in 1806, Cecilia Olivia, fifth daughter of the second Duke of Leinster; and is succeeded in his title by his eldest son Thomas, now Lord FOLEY.
The venerable and worthy, though eccentric preacher, Rowland HILL, has at last "gone the way of all flesh." He died on Thursday afternoon week at his house in Blackfriars Road, London: his age was 89. Mr. HILL's physical powers had been long declining, but his intellectual energies remained almost unimpaired to the last moment of his life: he sunk under a gradual decay of nature, and died wlthout a groan. On Monday morning (the 8th inst.) he preached for the last time to an immense audience, composed principally of the boys belonging to the Sunday School Union, whom he had been in the habit of addressing on every successive Easter Monday for some years past. On Tuesday morning, he expressed a desire to address the girls connected with the same schools, which was also his accustomed practice; but being very unwell, he was dissuaded from it by his friends; and his assistant, the Rev. Mr. WAITE, officiated in his room. During the morning of that day, he found it necessary to lie down in his bed, from which he never rose more.