At St. Mary's, in this city, on Tuesday last, Mr. Wm. DUXBURY, to Miss Sarah DONALDSON.
At St. Cuthbert's, on Monday last, Mr. Robert BOOTHMAN, hatter, Glasgow, to Miss Jane GRAHAM, dress maker, Botchergate; Mr. James Mc.DONALD, to Miss Jane SMALLWOOD; on Tuesday, Mr. James HIGHMOOR, to Miss Martha PETTICREW.
At Penrith, on Tuesday last, Mr. Robert KIRKPATRICK, to Miss Mary GASS; Mr. Donkin Mc.INTIRE, to Miss Sarah JACKSON; on Wednesday, Mr. Davis DIXON, joiner, to Miss Elizabeth RAILTON.
At Workington, since our last, Mr. Henry WARD, to Miss Jane ADAMSON; Mr. Thos. WILSON, to Miss Mary KEW; Mr. John HUNTER, to Mrs. Mary CLELLAN.
At Moresby, on Saturday last, Capt. Robt. COLLIER, of the brigg Fame, of Whitehaven, to Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Wm. BRAYTON, of Huntinghow, near Whitehaven.
At Whitehaven, since our last, Mr. Jos. GRAHAM, Joiner, to Miss WOOD; on Sunday last, Mr. John M'MAHON, to Miss Mary MARLEY; Mr. Thos. ROYLE, tanner, to Miss Elizabeth HANNAH.
At Egremont, on Sunday last, Mr. Wm. FOSTER, to Miss Sarah JOHNSTON; Mr. John SOUTHWARD, to Miss Jane BROCKBANK.
Here, on Thursday last, in Caldewgate, Mr. Thos. ABRAHAM, aged 49.
On Tuesday last, Mary BROWN, St. Mary's Workhouse, aged 98.
On Wednesday last, Mary KNOTT, Botchergate, 30.
At Howgill, on Thursday last, after a few hours illness, the two only sons of Mr. William HAUGH, of that place.
At Keswick, yesterday week, in child-bed, Mrs. JOHNSTON, wife of Mr. JOHNSTON, minister of the Independent chapel in that town, aged 36.
At Salford, near Manchester, on the 13th ult., advanced in years, Mr. Nathan NIXON, a native of this county. He was long a faithful servant with --- DONALD, Esq., Warwick Hall. He afterwards resided at Cardurnock, and a few years ago went to his father-in-law, Mr. Thomas DUNN, officer of excise, Salford. He spent his latter years in perusing the Holy Scriptures, and died in the full persuasion and hope of a christian, regretted by a numerous circle of friends and acquaintances.
At Cockermouth, on Thursday the 20th ult., Mrs. Ann SWINBURN, aged 69; on Wednesday week, Mr. J. LEWTHWAITE, brazier, aged 19; yesterday week, Mr. Wm. SPARK, husbandman, aged 38; on Monday last, Mr. Wm. MITCHELL, bookseller, aged 22; on Tuesday, Mr. Wm. MARTIN, weaver, aged 57; on Wednesday, Mrs. Esther LANGTON, aged 64.
At Workington, on Sunday last, Barbara, youngest daughter of Mrs E. TURNBULL, of the Pine Apple inn; since our last, Mrs. Rebecca BELL, aged 63.
At Whitehaven, on Sunday last, Mr. Thos. HARRISON, ship broker, in the prime of life; on Wednesday week, Mary, the wife of Mr. R. C. SMITH; since our last, Mrs. JOHNSTON, wife of Mr. JOHNSTON, clogger, 45; Mrs. Hannah FIDLER, 80; Mrs. Ann LING, 51.