The demand for house coal at Sheffield is extremely slack, and the agents of several of the collieries have reduced their prices to the extent of from 1s. 6d. to 2s 6d. per ton.  The opinion entertained by many agents is that by Spring, fuel will be comparatively cheap.

KIDD v. TALLENTIRE and Others. - An act is now pending, and came on for hearing in London this week, (in which the above are the plaintiffs and defendants), having reference to the ownership of an estate near Renwick.
  MR. HOUGH, of Carlisle, is the attorney for plaintiff, and MESSRS. BLEAYMIRE and SHEPHERD for the defendants.
  The case has as yet not proceeded further than the examination and cross-examination of two of plaintiff's witnesses, and will not be again resumed for some time.

LEEDS LEATHER FAIR.  - The attendance at this market on Wednesday was unusually large, but the business transacted was on a limited scale.  There was a short supply of leather, which found buyers at late quotations. Shaved and dressing hides were a shade easier to buy, whilst for heavy sole leather, there was no change.  Heavy foreign butts and bends are from 1/2 d. to 1 d. per lb. cheaper; but English butts are quiet, though there have been some sales for forward delivery.
      Light common and shaved hides are in good demand, also heavy good common hides for harness.