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A correspondent says - "Since 1872, the War Minister and his subordinates have been unceasing in their efforts to secure, for the purposes of a military tactical station, some 1,500 or 2,000 acres of the numerous large tracts of moorland in Yorkshire and on the eastern borders of Westmorland, at something like a reasonable price, but without avail.
Of the three and a half millions voted by parliament for carrying out the provisions of the Localisation Act, £300,00 was allowed by the Committee for the purchase of lands to form this tactical station;  but in estimating the probable value of moorland, the Committee appear to have entirely overlooked one very important item, which is the annual rent derived from sportsmen.
Many of these barren moors, to all appearance valueless, will realize during the season from £10 to £14 per acre for their fluctuating supply of grouse to the gun, and as the demand for sport each year far exceeds the supply, the prospective value of the moors becomes proportionately high.
Unless, therefore, Government is prepared to give a fancy price, it is to be feared that the North will still remain without its Aldershot, and must fain be content with a limited training ground for its militia and volunteers.