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MR. ISAAC FLETCHER, M.P., in addressing his consitituents at Cockermouth on Wednesday last, mentioned a fact which should be widely known.  He stated - and there is nobody more likely to be well-informed upon the subject - that if the Government Rating Bill of last session had been passed, it would have added from 25 to 30 per cent. to the rateable value of the county of Cumberland by bringing under assessment the extensive metalliferous mines in West Cumberland which at present escape local taxation.
The local burthens of the county would have been reduced by a corresponding amount and a great boon would have been conferred upon the county.
We heartily join with MR. FLETCHER in commending this fact to the attention of the voters in this county, and reminding them that to the opponents of MR. GLADSTONE's Government, they owe the indefinite postponement of this just measure of relief.  When they pay their local taxes let them score up one-fourth of the amount to the debit of the Tories.