KIRKOSWALD. - A correspondent writes: - "The fever has left us at last, and we hope altogether.  Sixty persons have suffered from it during the last four months, but the last patient is recovering.  We hope business will again go on as usual, and that our friends will no longer be afraid to visit us."
SPRING CIRCUIT OF THE JUDGES. - MR. AMPHLETT, Q.C., having been appointed a Baron of the Exchequer, the Spring Circuits have been altered, viz. ---- Northern, MR. JUSTICE DENMAN and MR. BARON AMPHLETT;  Western,  MR. JUSTICE KEATING and MR. JUSTICE QUAIN;  South Wales, MR. JUCTICE HONEYMAN.
GOVERNMENT RATING BILL. - MR. ISAAC FLETCHER, M.P., in addressing his constituents at Cockermouth on Wednesday last, mentioned a fact which should be widely known.  He stated - and there is nobody likely to be well-informed upon the subject - that if the Government Rating Bill of last session had been passed, it would have added from 25 to 30 per cent. to the rateable value of the county of Cumberland by bringing under assessment the extensive metalliferous mines in West Cumberland which at present escape local taxation.
        The local burthens of the county would have been reduced by a corresponding amount and a great boon would have been conferred upon the county.  We heartily join with MR. FLETCHER in commending this fact to the attention of the voters in this county, and reminding them that to the opponents of MR. GLADSTONE's Government they owe the indefinite postponement of this just measure of relief.  When they pay their local taxes, let them score up one-fourth of the amount to the debit of the Tories.
PIANOFORTE RECITAL AT KESWICK - MR. FREEMAN, the organist of Crosthwaite, gave on Tuesday evening, at the Keswick Hotel, a piano forte recital, aided by his pupil, MISS SMITH, of the Luham, Penrith, and MR. WALES, on the flute.  To give greater effect to the entertainment, a grand iron pianoforte of Broadwoods' was used for the occasion.  MR. FREEMAN played, in a masterly style, two of Beethoven's most elaborate compositions, and was especially happy in his drawing out the "linked sweetness" of Mendelssohns's "Songs without words," relieving the more classical music by some sparkling dance gems.  MISS SMITH proved herself no tyro on the instrument; combining delicacy of touch with brilliancy of execution, she performing Heller's "La Truite", and Pauer's "La Cascade", with the accuracy and finish of a professional.  Notwithstanding the extremely unfavourable weather, the room was well filled by a fashionable and select audience, who manifested in a  most unequivocal manner of their appreciation of the high class entertainment prepared for their recreation.
THE ROYAL WEDDING was signalized in Penrith yesterday by the display of flags, &c., from the old Church tower and various prominent places in the town, whilst a merry peal was rung at intervals during the day.
FALL IN THE PRICE OF COAL. - The demand for house coal at Sheffield is extremely slack, and the agents of several collieries have reduced their prices to the extent of from 1s. 6d. to 2s. 6d. per ton.  The opinion entertained by many agents is that by Spring, fuel will be comparatively cheap.
KIDD v. TALLENTIRE AND OTHERS. - An act is now pending, and came on for hearing in London this week, (in which the above are the plaintiffs and defendants), having reference to the ownership of an estate near Renwick.
        MR. HOUGH, of Carlisle, is the attorney for plaintiff, and MESSRS. BLEAYMIRE and SHEPHERD for the defendants.
        The case has as yet not proceeded further than the examination and cross examination of two of plaintiff's witnesses, and will not be again resumed for some time.
LEEDS LEATHER FAIR. - The attendance at this market on Wednesday was unusually large, but the business transacted was on a limited scale.  There was a short supply of leather which found buyers at late quotations.
        Shaved and dressing hides were a shade easier to buy, whilst for heavy sole leather, there was no change.  Heavy foreign butts and bends are from 1/2 d. to 1 d. per lb. cheaper;  but English butts are quiet, though there have been some sales for forward delivery.
        Light common and shaved hides are in good demand, also heavy good common hides for harness.  Shaved hides maintain their price, but common hides have receded a fraction.  Kips are rather higher, but the demand for horse hides is quiet, and there is no change in prices.
        Calfskins of light averages are in good request.  Horse butts, tanned for dressing, limed or in the hair, sell immediately on arrival.  The demand for kip butts is much improved.  Levant is better to sell.  Other descriptions of currier leather, quiet.