KINGDON - On the 17th inst., at Mostyn Hall, Penrith, the residence of her son-in-law, MR. B. S. JACKSON, surgeon dentist, FRANCES, relict of the late THOMAS KINGDON, Esq., of Fortescue House, Devon, also youngest daughter of the late DR. ARTHUR FOREST, and niece of the late SIR DIGORY FOREST, Exmouth, Devon, aged 73.
HOWE - At Newlands Terrace, Penrith, on the 12th inst., DINAH HOWE, aged 54 years.
PATTINSON - At Newton, on the 12th inst., MR. JOS. PATTINSON, aged 48 years.
O'NEIL - In Foster-st., Penrith, on the 13th inst., MRS. CICELY O'NEIL, aged 49 years.
WINTER - At Soulby, on the 16th inst., MR. THOMAS WINTER,  aged 94 years.
STEEL - At Kirkby Stephen, on the 12th inst., ANNIE, third daughter of MR. GEO. STEEL, aged 9 years.
SCOTT - At Kirkoswald, on the 12th inst., MR. JOSEPH SCOTT, aged 53 years.
WATSON - At Bank End, on the 13th inst., MR. M. WATSON, aged 88 years.
KIRKBRIDE - at Helton, on the 12th inst., MRS. M. KIRKBRIDE, aged 41 years.
YOUNG - At Greystoke, on the 13th inst., JAMES J. YOUNG, aged 4 years.