JACKSON - On the 11th inst., FOREST FORTESCUE RINGDON, infant son of MR. B. S. JACKSON, surgeon dentist, Mostyn Hall, Penrith, aged 5 months.
SCOTT - At Kirkoswald, on the 12th inst., MR. JOS. SCOTT, aged 53 years.
CREIGHTON - At 36 Bevington Road, Notting Hill, London, on the 7th inst., MR. ROBERT CREIGHTON, joiner, late of Skirsgill, aged 28 years.
EGGLESTON - At Great Strickland, on the 7th inst., MARGARET, relict of the late THOMAS EGGLESTON, aged 56 years.
HOWE - At 16, Newlands Terrace, on the 12th inst., MRS. DINAH HOWE, relict of the late JACOB HOWE, of Ormathwaite Farm, Keswick, aged 54 years.
GRAY - In Scotland-road, Penrith, on the 9th inst., GEORGE, and on the 10th EDWARD, infant twin sons of MR. WILLIAM GRAY.
HARRISON - At Wilson's Row, Penrith, on the 7th inst., MRS. ANN HARRISON, aged 68 years, - much respected.
HEWETSON - Drowned, whilst on his passage out to Philadelphia, on Nov. 18th, 1873, JOHN HEWETSON, of the barque ' Russell ' and eldest surviving son of MR. JOSEPH HEWETSON, Newcastle, formerly of the Bell and Bullock Hotel, in this town, aged 17 years.
LAWSON - At 47, Rial-street, Hulme, Manchester, on the 6th instant, HANNAH, wife of MR. THOMAS LAWSON, and youngest daughter of the late MR. THOMAS YARE, of Crosbyravensworth, aged 32 years.