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A WOMAN IN YORK has her fourth set of teeth coming, and she is only ninety-five.
"OH !" - (Algernon is devoted to Science, and makes his young bride read all the new scientific books to him).
MRS. ALGERNON:  "Really ALGERNON, all this about Differential and Integral Calculus, and Biostatics, and Biodynamics, and Molecules, and Concretes and things, seems to me rather extraordinary.  You can't generally accuse me of prudishness, but is this the sort of book that mamma would quite approve of my reading, love ?"
LORD DESART AND THE GUARDS' CLUB. - The "Observer" says:  A general meeting was held at the Guards' Club, on Saturday afternoon, to consider what action, if any, should be taken with referene to the scandal created by the Chesterfield Letters of 1873, and the correspondence to which these letters have given rise.  It was finally decided not to take any action in the matter,a majority of two-thirds being required to pass any motion affecting the status of a member of the club.
A handsome and useful Almanck for 1874 can be had gratis, on applying to either of the 3248 agents for Horniman's celebrated Pure Teas in Packets.
Christmas Day in Russia, being according to what is called "old style", fell on Tuesday, the 6th inst., when there was the usual imposing religious service at the Winter Palace, commemorating also the defeat of Napoleon, and the termination of the French invasion of 1812.  The DUKE OF EDINBURGH and his suite in full uniform, were present at a Court breakfast given by the Czar.