The Guardians of the West Ward Union held their fortnightly meeting at Eamont Bridge Workhouse on Wednesday afternoon.  In the absence of MR. JAMES ATKINSON (the chairman), MR. JAMESON was called upon to preside.  The ex officio members present were REV. W. R. MARKHAM,  REV. G. F. WESTON,  and  REV. S. WHITESIDE.  There was a fair attendance of elected Guardians.
The CLERK said MESSRS. CORY and FERGUSON, architects of Carlisle, had, as requested, furnished a plan of the alterations in and additions to the old workhouse, together with all necessary information.  The CHAIRMAN said having now before them the site for the workhouse in a clear and intelligible form, the next thing was to consider how much was to be paid for it.  The land required was computed to be 1 acre and 1,420 square yards, and for this £150 an acre would have to be paid, and for the present building would cost £779.  The original agreement was that the Board was to take the farm buildings behind the old house, and for these MR. COWPER was to be allowed £577.  This arrangement was made about two years ago; but since that time MR. COWPER had become rather infirm, and instead of erecting the farm buildings himself, he would rather that the Board found the materials and put up the buildings for him.
        MR. JOHN LONGRIGG thought it was time to give up altogether if they could not get a site without going to work to erect an expensive block of buildings for another person.
        MR. IRVING objected to expending the ratepayer's money in such a manner.
        A general feeling was expressed against entertaining MR. COWPER's request, and a deputation, consisting of MR. JAMESON,  REV. G. F. WESTON,  and  CAPTAIN MARKHAM, were appointed to wait upon MR. COWPER in reference to the subject.
A communication was read from the Local Government Board concerning the plans of the new Vagrant Wards at Shap.  They were desirous of ascertaining whether the premises which were formerly occupied by the Guardians of the West Ward Union for that purpose could not again be used in the same way.
            In reply to a question, the CHAIRMAN said that LORD LONSDALE had not withdrawn his offer of a site for a Vagrant Ward at Shap.
            After a long and somewhat animated discussion, it was decided to obtain the information required by the Local Government Board and trasmit to London, the question as to the desirability of the building for a Vagrant Ward being left over for further consideration.
The Guardians then resolved themselves into a sanitary authority, the places reported upon being Great Strickland and Shap, and the alterations suggested were ordered to be carried.
A largely-attended meeting of the Guardians of this Board was held in the Public Offices, Sandgate, on Tuesday afternoon last.
MR. W. HARRISON presided.  After the out-door relief cases were disposed of, the Board proceeded to consider the proposal made by the Local Government Board (with the view of giving two additional guardians for the parish of Hesket-in-the Forest, without increasing the total number of guardians for the union), to unite the three small parishes of Bowscale, Hutton John, and Mosedale, to adjoining parishes, for the purpose of the election of guardians.
            MR. W. LONGRIGG proposed that Mosedale and Mumgrisdale, be made into one district, and that Hutton John be attached to Hutton-soil.
            MR. LAZONBY seconded the proposition.
            THE REV. T. B. LOWRY, the guardian for Watermillock warned the Board against the principle involved in the proposition which cancelled one guardian in the Union, and the Local Government might, if they thought fit, go on disfranchising one township and parish after another.  That would lead to centralisation to which there was much tendency at the present time;  and after being done with Boards of Guardians, Government might go to counties and boroughs and carry on their work of disfranchisement there.
After a conversation the proposition was unanimously agreed to.  This concluded the extraordinary business, and the Board adjourned.