APPLEBY - On Tuesday last, the volunteer bellringers of St. Lawrence, Appleby, held their annual Supper at the house of MISS HANSON, when about sixteen partook of the good things served up in excellent style by that lady, after which a pleasant evening was spent.
THE WEEK OF PRAYER - For many years, at the instance of the Evangelical Alliance, the first week, trom Sunday to Sunday inclusive, has been set apart for special prayer in the various churches, and this year the invitation has been more generally observed than on any former occasion.
In Penrith, in conjunction with the REV. G. C. HODGSON'S Chapel at Eamont Bridge, there have been united meetings in the various places of worship, which have been well attended.  Similar meetings have also been held in several towns and villages in the district.
KNOCK - The annual festival in connection with the Wesleyan Sunday School was held on New Year's Day.  In the morning, the village was enlivened by the strains af the Dufton band lead by MR. DEIGHTON;  and in the afternoon, the juvenile army engaged in a vigorous attack on the good things set before them free of charge.  The public afterwards partook of an excellent tea, dispensed by the MISSES MOUNSEY,  E. and M. FURNESS,  FALDER,  ROBSON,  GREEN,  ATKINSON,  and  PARKIN.
A public meeting was then held, MR. JAMES I. FALDER presiding, when interesting and powerful addresses were delivered by MR. BAYLIFFE, Appleby, and MR. J. SLINGER, Warcop.
The choir, lead by MESSRS. GEO. ROBINSON and J. CHAMBERS, and accompanied on the harmonium by MRS. ROBINSON, of Murton, sung some choice hymns and anthems.
SHAP:   VESTRY MEETING.  -  A meeting of the rate payers of this parish was held on the 1st inst., for the purpose of considering the claim made by the West Ward Union Board of Guardians to the ownership to the two cottages belonging to the parish.  Considering that the evening was wet and stormy, there was a good attendance.  The utmost unanmity prevailed, and it was the fixed determination of the ratepayers present not to give up, without a struggle, the possesion of the property, which has been owned by the parish from time immemorial.
After the subject had been fully discussed, the following resolutions on the motion of MR. JOHN HALL, were agreed to without a dissentient:
"That it is the opinion of this meeting that the claims of the West Ward Union Board of Guardians to the two cottages belonging to this parish are without foundation, and that a comittee be formed to defend any attempt that may be made by the said Board to deprive the parish of the said cottages, which, have been held by the vicar and churchwardens as trustees thereof."
"It was further resolved that the following ratepayers do constitute the committee:  the REV. S. WHITESIDE,  MESSRS.  J. IRVING,  J. HALL,  T. BIRKBECK, sen.,  H. HALL,  G. TEASDALE,  D. FAIRER,  M. LOWIS,  J. STEADMAN,  and  W. HUDSON."