The usual New Year benefactions were dispensed at Edenhall on New Year's day.
Two four-year-old prime Highland bullocks, purchased in 1872, from MR. HUDSON of Whale, and fed on the home farm, weighing conjointly nearly 100 stones, slaughtered by WILLIAM WRIGHT, the family butcher and divided into suitable cuts, were distributed, under the supervision of MR. BOWSTEAD, among 74 families of Edenhall, Longwathby, and Penrith, in the presence of LADY MUSGRAVE
Also 136 nice mince pies were distributed among the heads of each family, manufactured by MONS. L. MARIE, the French cook.
We are requested by the vicar of Lazonby to announce the receipt by him of £10 from SIR R. C. MUSGRAVE, for distributionn among the poor of Lazonby.
The Vicar of Soulby, MR. BOWSTEAD, acknowledges receipt of £5 from SIR R. C. MUSGRAVE, for distribution among the deserving poor of the parish.