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A somewhat alarming collision occurred on Saturday forenoon, about twenty minutes past eleven o'clock, near Shap Station, of the Lancaster and Carlisle section of the London and North-Western Railway.  The passenger train which leaves Preston for Carlisle at 8.5 a.m., was approaching the station at Shap, where it stops for a short time, and the signal being off, or there being an inability to turn it on, through the heavy fall of snow, the train driver "ran in", gradually reducing his speed in the usual way.
On getting nearer, it was suddenly observed that there was a goods train standing ahead on the same line.  An effort was made to stop the engine, but this was impossible;  the stoker jumped off, but the driver, a Preston man, remained on, and directly afterwards a collision took place.
The engine was thrown off the metals.  Three or four of the waggons of the goods train were turned over, and there was a scene of considerable confusion and destruction.
Fortunately, the passengers were more frightened than hurt.  MR. SWAINSON, of Kendal, who was travelling to Shap, appeared to be most shaken or bruised, but he was able to leave the station in a conveyance.  The stoker, who jumped off the engine, also escaped with slight injury, and the driver was unhurt.  The road was not cleared for two hours.