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(Before the REV. W. MARKHAM, and CAP. MARKHAM.)
ASSAULT. - HANNAH THWAITES, of Shap, preferred a charge of assault against GEORGE PARKS, of Kings Meaburn.  MR. J. P. SHEPHERD appeared for defendant. - Complainant stated that about one o'clock on the 1st of December, defendant called at her house and asked for his topcoat.  He had previously been lodging with her; and she declined to let him have it unless he paid £1 and upwards, which he owed for board and lodging.  She locked the door to prevent him leaving the house with his box, and he then knocked her down.  She ran upstairs, and a neighbour named ANN WILSON brought a ladder and she descended to the street by the backroom window.  She went for assistance, and when she got back to the house she found the defendant had picked the lock and decamped with the box.
In cross-examination, complainant said that defendant married her husband's sister.  His name was RICHARD THWAITES, and at the time of the assault he was in the house, but she had not called him as a witness.  She denied that she had tripped herself up with the carpet.
For the defence THWAITES was called, and said he did not see defendant knock complainant down;  but on the contrary he opened the door for her to pass.  He then slipped back the bolt of the front door and went away with his box.
After a protracted hearing, the Bench dismissed the case.