On the 16th inst., at High Green Gate, Sawrey, Mr. THOMAS WILLAN, age 66 years.

Death of Mr. THOMAS WILLAN of Sawrey
MR. WILLAN who has for a great number of years filled many important offices in Sawrey and district departed this life
last Friday morning from mortification.

Only some four weeks ago he cut his big toe and neglected attending to it until compelled  by inflamation to seek rest.
Ultimately mortification set in and after great suffering he expired.  He was 66 years of age.  In early life MR. WILLAN
was a schoolmaster.  Stern and firm in demeanor, he had a warm heart and was a true friend.

His remains were interred at Sawrey last Sunday amidst a large concourse of friends and mourners.  REV. S. HARTLEY is
his sole executor.