Ambleside Herald & Lakes News Issue 255   6 Feb 1885  Page 4


255.4 Funeral of a Volunteer at Grasmere
On Saturday last, a military funeral of the remains of JOHN VICKERS of Helm Crag, took place at Grasmere.
Deceased, who had been ailing for some time, died on Wednesday the  28th ult in the 47th year of his age, and, having
been a member of the I Company of the First Westmorland Rifle Volunteers for over 22 years, it was desired to show
honour to his memory by having a military funeral.  Accordingly a muster of the volunteers was called at the Drill Room
for two o'clock, and, having assembled to the strength of 34 rank and file, they, under the command of CAPTAIN ROBINSON,
marched to the residence at Helm Crag where the body lay, and where the band of the Ambleside Volunteers had already
mustered.  At three o'clock the corpse was placed in the hearse and the volunteers formed into marching order, a firing
party, with reversed arms, under the command of Sergt. Usher, going first, followed by the band, the corpse, rank and
file, the late captain of the I company (CAPTAIN GATEY) also being present.  In this order the mournful procession
wended towards the church, the solemn strains of the "Dead March" being emitted by the band the greater part of the way.

Upon arrival at the church gates, the ranks opened and the corpse was taken into the church followed by the
chief mourners and a numerous gathering.  At the graveside, the REV. H.M. FLETCHER read the last offices of the church,
and volleys - the soldier's last tribute to his comrade - were fired over the tomb.

The death of Vickers leaves but two survivors of the company, the members of which were photographed on the
occasion of the visit of Royalty to Grasmere in, we believe 1863.