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Deaths recorded in the Ambleside Herald and Lakes News from March 1880 (issue No.1) to the end of 1885.

The data presented is:
Name of deceased
Date of death as recorded in the newspaper
Age of deceased - in years unless otherwise stated
where died
publication date of newspaper
page of death notice

In all I extracted 650 death notices - there might be a mis-transcription somewhere in that lot.  This e-mail has
surnames beginning with A, other letters to follow.

For some deaths I'll give the full text of the newspaper article in a separate posting.

Name of Deceased Date of death Age Where died Issue Page
Abbott, Agnes Jane 24th inst 14m Ambleside 26-Jan-1883  4
Aikester, Moses 18th inst 55 Blue Hill, Ambleside 22-Jun-1883 4
Aikester, William 2nd inst 15 Ambleside 13-Jun-1884 4
Ainslie, Montague 92nd yr 08-Feb-1884 4   Obituary
Airey, Anthony 13th inst 59 Ambleside 17-Dec-1881 4

Airey, Christopher 10th inst 74 Field Head nr Hawkshead14-May-1881 4
Airey, Mary Agnes 3rd inst 53 Blackpool 06-Feb-1885 4
Airey, Private Henry Saturday Grange-over-Sands 15-Aug-1884 4
Airey, Thomas 12th inst 70 Kendal 15-Jan-1881 4
Alcock-Beck, Elizabeth 12th inst 81 Craigfoot, Windermere 18-Dec-1880 4

Allonby, Jane 24th inst infant Loughrigg Fold 27-Nov-1885 5
Andrew, John 22nd inst Daisy Nook 26-May-1882 4
Argles, F.A. Friday 13-Feb-1885 4
Armer, John 3rd inst 32 Brathay 12-Dec-1884 4
Armistead, Robert 30th ult 17 Lonethwaite 05-Feb-1881 4

Armstrong, Christopher 19th inst 74 Ambleside 24-Feb-1882 4
Armstrong, Thomas 8th inst 47 Ambleside 10-Mar-1882 4
Askew, Ann 11th inst 40 Hawkshead 22-Dec-1882 4
Askew, Mr. Saturday 19 football field at Askam 17-Nov-1882 4
Askew, W 18th inst 86 29-Dec-1882 4

Aston, Rev. J.A. 58th yr 05-Dec-1884 4
Aston, Rev. John Walter 17th inst 28 Ambleside 24-Sep-1881 4   Obituary
Atkinson, Annie 3rd inst 2 wks Applethwaite 11-Sep-1885 4
Atkinson, Joseph 23rd inst 64 the Old Oak, Windermere28-Sep-1883 4
Atkinson, Mary 5th inst 12y 11mHawkshead Hill 15-Jan-1881 4

Atkinson, Robert 3rd inst 77 Ambleside 11-Feb-1882 4
Atkinson, Thomas 10th inst 69 Oak Villa, Windermere 15-May-1880 5
Aufrere, George Anthony 6th inst 86 Burnside 14-May-1881 4   Obituary

Deaths recorded in the Ambleside Herlad and Lakes News from March 1880 (issue No.1) to then end of 1885 for surnames
beginning with B.

Name of Deceased When Age Where died Issue Page
Backhouse, Agnes 22nd inst 18 Townd Town Head 29-Jun-1883 4
Backhouse, Alice Mary 29th ut 12 Well Street, Wavetree 02-Feb-1883 4
Backhouse, Dinah 20th inst 71 Jiffy Notts, Brathay 27-Feb-1885 4
Backhouse, Elizabeth 5th inst 64 Ambleside 13-Jul-1883 4
Backhouse, Fleming July 25th 79 Rydal 31-Jul-1885 4
Backhouse, James 10th inst 58 The Croft, Ambleside 24-Sep-1881 4   Obituary
Baisbrown, Joseph 1st inst 10m Grasmere 07-Mar-1884 4
Baldry, W. Oswald 6th inst 18 coast of Aberdeen 12-Mar-1881 4
Banks, Jane 8th inst 32 Bridge Street, Ambleside11-Dec-1885 4
Barker, Dr. 6th inst San Reno 21-Apr-1882 4   Obituary
Barratt, Wm. 8th inst 64 Holly How 14-May-1881 4   Obituary
Barron, William Thursday week 24 15-Jan-1881 4   Obituary
Barrow, Elizabeth 14th inst 68 Ambleside 20-Jun-1884 4
Barwick, Elizabeth 27th ult 75 Ambleside 05-Jan-1883 4
Bateman, Thomas 20th inst 83 Kirkgate, Cockermouth 28-Jan-1882 4
Battersby, Rev. T.D.H. Monday 27-Jul-1883 4   Obituary
Bell, Thomas 30th April 68 The Orchard, Ambleside 02-May-1884 4
Bennett, Annas 21st inst 1 month Ambleside 29-Jun-1883 4
Bennett, Mr. Tuesday     a young man Barrow 13-Apr-1883 4
Benson, Edith Saturday 3-4 River Kent 12-Jun-1885 4   Inquest
Benson, Hannah 3rd inst 36 Windermere 11-Dec-1885 4
Bentham, William Monday 22 Kendal 07-Jul-1882 4
Bigland, John 15th iinst 25 Liverpool 28-Jul-1882 4   Inquest
Birkett, Mary 3rd inst 72 Torver 09-Apr-1881 4
Black, infant 2nd inst infant Ambleside 05-May-1882 4
Black, Wm. last Monday 17 River Eamont 04-Jun-1881 4   drowned
Bland, Ernest 19th inst 2.5 Ings, Hugill 27-Nov-1885 5
Bolton, Thomas Frederick16th inst 53 Dove Nest, Ambleside 19-Sep-1884 4
Borwick, Jas. 29th ult 49 04-Dec-1885 5   found drowned
Borwick, John 46 Winderemere Lake 04-Dec-1885 5   Inquest
Bousfield, James 5th inst 46 Albermarle Street,London09-Oct-1880 4
Bousfield, Lieut. Col. Monday Liverpool 25-May-1883 4   Obituary
Bousfield, William missing since Tuesday 24 canal in Kendal 20-Jul-1883 4   Inquest
Boutflower, Samuel Peach22nd inst 67 the Abbey, Carlisle 29-Dec-1882 4   Obituary
Bowness, John 4th ult 62 Monk Coniston 08-Jan-1881 4
Brady, Mrs. Sunday elderly 28-Nov-1884 4
Brakewell, Joseph Wednesday 23-Apr-1881 4   suicide
Brealey, Mrs. 27th of last April Little Linford 08-Jun-1883 4   Obituary
Brealey, Rev. F.       past few days Little Linford 08-Jun-1883 4   Obituary
Brearley, Mrs. 28th ult 61 04-May-1883 4
Brockbank, Mrs. James 8th inst 57 Waterhead, Ambleside 13-Feb-1885 4   Obituary
Brockbank, William 9th inst 74 Bowness 12-Jun-1880 5
Brocklebank, Mary Eliz 12th inst 15m Ambleside 19-Sep-1884 4
Brodie, Isabel Mary 20th inst 2m Springfield, Ambleside 27-Oct-1882 4
Brooks, Charles missing since Christmas Day 25-Jan-1884 4   Inquest
Broughton, Francis 13th inst 62 Ambleside 27-Oct-1882 4
Broughton, Francis 13th inst 62 Ambleside 20-Oct-1882 4
Brown, Edward 13th inst 39 Grasmere 19-Sep-1884 4
Brown, Hannah 7th inst 43 Ambleside 13-Jun-1884 4
Brown, James 9th inst 64 Corney House, Penrith 15-May-1880 5
Brown, William Saturday 47 Kendal 15-Dec-1882 4
Brown,Margaret Ann 28th inst 6 wks Ambleside 03-Sep-1881 4
Browne, Agnes 6th inst 27 Boot in Applethwaite 11-Jun-1881 4
Brownlee, Elizabeth 5th inst infant Little Langdale 16-Oct-1880 4
Brownrigg, Robert Saturday George Hotel, Penrith 23-Jan-1885 4   suicide
Brunskill, Richard 31st ult 56 Bowness 08-Jan-1881 4
Burns, Mary 19th inst 36 Oxenfell, Coniston 23-Jun-1882 4
Burrow, Richard disappeared Dec 7 27 20-Feb-1885 4   Inquest
Burrow, Robert 9th inst 52 Cross Street, Windermere11-Dec-1885 4
Burrows, Robert Wednesday Cross Street, Windermere11-Dec-1885 4


Deaths recorded in the Ambleside Herald and Lakes News from March 1880 (issue No.1) to the end of 1885.  Surnames
beginning with the letter C

Name of Deceased Date of death Age Where died Issue Page
Cape, Wilkinson Saturday 65 Matterdale End Beck 01-Dec-1882 4   Inquest
Carr, Mrs             upwards of 60 26-Feb-1881 4
Carus-Wilson, William   June 11 last 07-Sep-1883 4
Casson, James Sunday last 5 Coniston 18-Sep-1885 4
Chapman, Thomas 18th inst 61 Bowness 23-Oct-1880 4
Chase, Maria 20th inst 73 Tunbridge Wells 25-Jan-1884 4
Cheesman, Arthur 12th Sedgwick Gunpowder Co20-Apr-1883 4   Gunpowder explosion
Cheesman, Henry Saturday Sedgwick Gunpowder Co.20-Apr-1883 4   Gunpowder explosion
Clark, Ada Maud 24th inst 4y 9m Grasmere 29-Feb-1884 4
Clark, Agnes 28th inst 69 Ambleside 31-Aug-1883 4
Clark, Margaret 17th inst 61 Staveley 25-Dec-1885 4
Clark, Richard Monday abt 20 Derwentwater 07-Jul-1882 4   Obituary
Clark, William 29th ult 68 Kendal 05-Feb-1881 4
Clarke, Robert 3rd inst 76 the Cresent, Ambleside 06-Jul-1883 4
Clarke, William Elleray 17 Jan 1882 25 Secunderabad, East India03-Mar-1882 4
Clifton, Thomas Henry buried Wednesday 10-Apr-1880 5
Cloudsdale, Harriet 2nd inst 4y 9m Ambleside 09-Jun-1882 4
Clucas, John last Tuesday 25 Barrow 18-Jun-1881 4   explosion on "City of Rome"
Collingwood, John 4th inst 36 Queens Hotel, Ambleside 08-Oct-1881 4
Comber, Thomas Sunday Forshaw Street, Barrow 22-Jan-1881 4
Connor, William Sunday Bowness 23-Oct-1880 4
Cook, James Saturday 10 mill dam nr Raven Nook 08-Sep-1882 4   Inquest
Cookson, Agnes 7th inst 75 Ambleside 15-Feb-1884 4
Copley, Hannah 28th ult 52 Ambleside 04-Dec-1885 5
Cornthwaite, Thomas Thursday abt 60 Kendal Hospital 06-Jul-1883 4   Inquest
Costain, Alfred John Sunday 14 Albert Asylum, Lancaster23-Mar-1883 4   Obituary
Coulman, Robert John 29th ult 16m Ambleside 02-Nov-1883 4
Coward, Ann 2nd inst 81 Craigfoot, Windermere 11-Sep-1885 4
Coward, Edward 29th inst 77 Church Coniston 07-Jan-1882 4
Coward, John 25th ult 12 Broad How, Patterdale 05-Jun-1880 11s
Coward, Mary** 26th inst 58 Ambleside 31-Mar-1882 4
Coward, Minnie 3rd inst 5 Esthwaite Lake Cottage 09-Jul-1881 4
Coward, Rev. Jas. 8th ult 64 Kirkby-in-Furness 01-May-1885 4   vicar of Langdale 24 yrs
Coward, William 22nd ult 60 Grasmere 01-Oct-1881 4
Cowie, Cath. Isabella 15th inst 34 Windermere 22-Jan-1881 4
Creighton, Grace 15th inst 88 Ambleside 22-Aug-1884 4
Creighton, Isaac 21 inst 79 Clappersgate 23-May-1884 4
Creighton, Joseph 13th nst 78 Ambleside 16-Feb-1883 4
Creighton, Lizzie Mary 27th inst 1y 10m Ambleside 30-Oct-1885 4
Creighton, Mary 31st ult 13 Low Park 02-Apr-1881 1
Crocker, Charles Saturday 28 Churchtown, Grasmere 09-Oct-1885 4   Obituary
Croft, Herbert Maxton 17th inst infant Greenbank, Bowness 20-Nov-1885 5
Crosthwaite, Jane 24th inst 73 Elm Grove, Bowness 27-Nov-1880 4   Obituary
Crosthwaite, Thomas 3rd inst 72 Windermere 07-Sep-1883 4
Crosthwaite, William Saturday 50 15-Aug-1884 4   Inquest
Cumming, Edward W. 9th inst New South Wales 27-Oct-1882 4
Cunningham, James born 15-Aug-1780 25-May-1883 4   Obituary
Currie, Mary 2nd inst 78 Crosses near Windermere10-Mar-1882 4


Deaths recorded in the Ambleside Herald and Lakes News from March 1880 (issue No.1) to the end of 1885.  Surnames
beginning with the letter D and E

Name of Deceased Date of death Age Where died Issue Page
Dallas, Barbara Golan Saturday 26 Strickland Place, Kendal 08-Dec-1882 4   Obituary
Darling, Rev. James Sunday last Brampton near Shap 23-Mar-1883 4   Obituary
Dawes, Elizabeth 25th ult 60 Rydal 01-May-1885 4
Dawson, Daniel 29th ult 92 Little Langdale 03-Jul-1885 4
Dawson, Miss 23rd inst 79 Randy Pike, Hawkshead 30-Oct-1880 4
Dawson, William 19th inst 84 22-Jan-1881 4
de Ruti, Gisela 21st inst 24 Derwent Hill nr Keswick 02-May-1884 4
Denny, Holmes Sunday 31 Applethwaite 09-Mar-1883 4   Obituary
Denny, John 25th inst 12wks Ambleside 29-Dec-1882 4
Dickinson, Margaret 29th ult 60 Colthouse nr Hawkshead05-Jun-1880 11s
Dixon, Edward 24th ult 58 Grasmere 05-Jun-1880 11s
Dixon, Jane 9th inst 37 Harrowslack 12-May-1882 4  
Dixon, Jeremiah 1st inst 79th yr Balla Wray 04-Aug-1882 1
Dixon, John Wednesday wk 74th yr Crook-a-beck, Patterdale25-May-1883 4   Obituary
Dixon, Margaret 14th inst 74 Grasmere 17-Dec-1881 4
Dixon, Mrs. 71 16-Oct-1885 4   Obituary
Dobson, Christopher 2nd inst 31 Yew Tree Farm, Crook 07-Aug-1885 4
Dodd, Mr. Saturday Gilsland 22-Oct-1881 4 suicide
Donaldson, Nancy 18th inst Ambleside 26-Feb-1881 4 born Feb. 25, 1796
Dove, Jane 26-May-1881 Coniston 04-Jun-1881 4 born Dec. 14, 1832
Dow, John Saturday last H.M. Prison, Kendal 08-Feb-1884 4
Dugdale, Margaret 26th inst 1y 4m Grizedale, Satterthwaite 30-Apr-1881 4
Earle, General in battle 20-Feb-1885 4 Obituary
Eccleston, William 25 Preston 23-Apr-1881 4
Edmonds, Colonel Saturday 59 Victoria Road, Penrith 22-Feb-1884 4 Obituary
Edwards, a boy Saturday abt 14 near Dalton 10-Jul-1885 4 railway accident
Elletson, Hannah 1st inst 74 Ambleside 13-Mar-1885 4
Elliott, Thomas 26th inst 49 Ambleside 28-Jan-1882 4 Obituary
Ellis, Agnes 16th inst 26 Ambleside 21-Jul-1882 4
Ellis, Catherine 2nd inst 53 Ambleside 08-Jan-1881 4
Ellis, Sarah 27th inst 12 Ambleside 29-Jun-1883 4
England, Mr. 29th ult 26 Lake Windermere 07-Aug-1885 4 Inquest
Evans, Rev. John  26th 74 Hoghton Street, Southport29-May-1880 5
Evennett, Martha 5th inst 54 Monk Coniston 14-May-1881 4 Obituary
Everet, Cecilia 2nd inst 9m Thrang, Langdale 12-May-1882 4
Ewington, Agnes 24th inst 38 Ambleside 31-Dec-1881 4


Deaths recorded in the Ambleside Herald and Lakes News from March 1880 (issue No.1) to the end of 1885.  Surnames
beginning with the letter F

Name of Deceased Date of death Age Where died Issue Page
Fairer, Ruth Saturday 60 Asby near Appleby 16-Apr-1881 4
Fallowfield, Sarah 29th ult 66 Green Stile near Bowness02-Oct-1885 4
Faulkner, Benjamin Thursday week 08-Jan-1881 4 Inquest
Fielding, Charles 24th 57 Charlton House, Dover 01-Feb-1884 4
Fildes, Lavinia 13th inst Gillbank, Hawkshead 16-Jan-1885 4
Fisher, Eleanor 13th inst 70 Bowness 19-Sep-1884 4
Fisher, Elizabeth Anne 26th ult 26 Halifax 06-Mar-1885 4 Obituary
Fitzjames, P 12th inst Bowness 18-Feb-1882 4
Fleming, Frederick Louis 5th inst infant 10-Dec-1881 4
Fleming, Geo. 16th inst 63 Far End, Coniston 23-Apr-1881 4
Fleming, John B 3rd inst 22 Langdale 11-Dec-1880 4 Inquest
Fleming, Margaret 20th inst 81 Ambleside 21-May-1881 4 Obituary
Fleming, Margaret 20-Mar-1881 28-May-1881 4 born Feb. 10, 1880
Fleming, the son 14th inst 11m Ambleside 19-Mar-1881 4
Fleming, Thomas Saturday last Northern Hospital 26-Oct-1883 4
Fleming, W. Last Monday 56 Abbeystead 22-Oct-1881 4
Fleming, William 2nd inst 9m Ambleside 12-Feb-1881 4
Fletcher, Alice 24th inst 40 Fever Hosp. Islington 29-Feb-1884 4
Forrest, Isabella 21st inst 80 Hawkshead 25-Jul-1884 4
Forrest, William 13th inst 76 High Wray 18-Sep-1885 5
Forsyth, Thomas 30th ult 82 Windermere 04-Dec-1880 4 Obituary
Fothergill, Charles 13th inst 16 days Grasmere 20-Feb-1885 4
Fothergill, Merrick 13th inst 16m Allan Bank, Grasmere 17-Oct-1884 4
Fowler, Elizabeth  25th 32 Hull 01-Feb-1884 4
Fraser, Helen 28th ult Manchester 01-May-1880 5
Fulcher, Rebecca 9th inst 83 Ambleside 13-Oct-1882 4
Fuller, Alban Oswald 24th ult 11 Grasmere 01-Dec-1882 4

Deaths recorded in the Ambleside Herald and Lakes News from March 1880 (issue No.1) to the end of 1885.  Surnames
beginning with the letter G

Name of Deceased Date of death Age Where died Issue Page
Gandy, Lieut. Col. Southport 08-Jun-1883 4 Obituary
Gardner, Elizabeth 17th inst 24 Bowness 21-Aug-1885 5
Garner, Richard 23rd September last 30-Oct-1885 4 Obituary
Garner, Richard Wednesday Windermere Lake 25-Sep-1885 5 Inquest
Garnett, George Tuesday last 03-Sep-1881 4 Inquest
Garnett, John Dawson 2nd inst 14 Caxton House, Windermere10-Sep-1881 4
Garnett, Mary Alice 5th inst 3m Skelwith Bridge 16-Oct-1880 4
Garnett, Mary Ann 10th inst 16 Cunsey 11-Sep-1885 4
Garnett, William January 3rd 35 South Africa 16-Feb-1883 4 Obituary
Garside, Samuel 22nd inst 60 Ambleside 30-Oct-1885 4 Obituary
Gaskell, William Edward Saturday child Staveley near Kendal 02-Jun-1882 4 Drowned
Gee, Thomas 11th inst 37 Windermere 21-Sep-1883 4 Obituary
Geldard, Mary Jane 19th inst 74 Ambleside 23-Apr-1881 4
German, Edward Friday 25 near Watercrook 07-Jul-1882 4 Inquest
Gibson, Francis Abbott 16th inst 2 wks Ambleside 21-Apr-1882 4
Gibson, Mr. recently 16-Oct-1880 4
Gibson, Sarah Frances 7th inst 20 Ambleside 14-Apr-1882 4
Gibson, Thomas 12th inst 38 Ambleside 20-Apr-1883 4
Gillbanks, John 27th inst 90 West Head, Wythburn 30-May-1884 4
Glover, J.M. 5th inst 58 Brookfield, Southport 18-Dec-1885 4 Obituary
Goodwin, a young man Saturday 21 in the Canal at Kendal 27-Mar-1885 4
Gradwell, Alderman Tuesday Shap 08-Sep-1882 4
Granham, William 3rd inst 27 Bridge Street, Ambleside07-Aug-1885 4
Grant, Eleanor 3rd inst 1 month Workington 13-Oct-1882 4 Inquest
Graveson, James Dobson21st inst 42 Biskey Howe, Bowness 28-Jan-1882 4 Obituary
Graveson, Sarah Richards15th inst 49 Ambleside 21-Jan-1882 4
Greaves, William 20th inst 75 Ambleside 22-May-1880 5
Green, John 15th inst 68 Pavement End, Grasmere19-Sep-1884 4
Greenop, Mary 23rd ult 57 Elterwater 02-Oct-1880 4
Greenop, Mary 26th inst 83 Chapel Stile 29-Jun-1883 4
Gregg, John 19th ult 78 Elterwater 01-May-1880 5
Gregg, Thomas Monday Langdale 09-Jan-1885 4 Inquest
Gregson, Ann Saturday 60 Bay Horse Station 29-May-1880 3 Inquest
Grisedale, Ann 9th inst 71 Grasmere 15-May-1880 5
Grisedale, John 1st inst 73 Beck Side, Hartsop 05-Jan-1883 4


Deaths recorded in the Ambleside Herald and Lakes News from March 1880 (issue No.1) to the end of 1885.  Surnames
beginning with the letter H

Name of Deceased Date of death Age Where died Issue Page
Hadwin, Henry a few days ago 18 Sandgate, Penrith 30-Nov-1883 4 Inquest
Hadwin, Margaret Jane 27th ult 5 Howe Farm, Hawkshead 04-Dec-1885 5
Haiston, Elizabeth 6th inst Reston Cottages, Hugil 11-Sep-1885 4
Hall, Florence Saturday 21 Windermere Lake 20-Aug-1881 4 Inquest
Hamilton, Robert last Tuesday Barrow 18-Jun-1881 4
Harding, Elizabeth 7th inst 68 Windermere 15-May-1880 5
Hargreaves, Elizabeth 27th ult 41 Blackpool 03-Oct-1884 4
Hargreaves, Josias 7th inst 48 Blackpool 16-Nov-1883 4
Harling, Margaret 11th inst 66 18-May-1883 4
Harrison, Agnes Hannah 7th inst 26 Ambleside 13-Nov-1880 4
Harrison, Ann 4th inst 53 Mireside, Skelwith 11-Sep-1885 4
Harrison, Jane Saturday Queen Street, Preston 16-May-1884 4 Obituary
Harrison, John 14th inst 64 Ambleside 23-Oct-1880 4
Harrison, Joshua 16th inst 23 Ambleside 23-Apr-1881 4
Harrison, Mary Eliz. 25th inst infant 27-Nov-1880 4
Harrison, Thomas 3rd inst 60 07-Dec-1883 4
Harrison, Thomas 10th inst 53 Liverpool 14-Apr-1882 4 Obituary
Hartley, James 16th inst Ambleside 19-Jan-1883 4
Hartley, Thomas Funeral on Sunday 57 06-Feb-1885 4 Inquest
Hawkrigg, Annie Jane Wednesday last 3 days the Castel, Sawrey 07-Aug-1880 4
Hawkrigg, Jane Ellen 24th inst 5m Ambleside 27-Aug-1881 4
Hayles, George Monday 27 Lake Windermere 18-Jun-1881 4 Inquest
Hayward, Elizabeth* 5th inst 80 Chapel Hill 12-Jun-1885 4
Head, John 13th inst 63 Windermere Bank, Bowness18-Jun-1881 4
Head, Thomas 17th inst Kendal 19-Jan-1883 4
Heelis, Rev. E. 27th ult 84 Battlebarrow, Appleby 01-May-1880 5
Heelis, Rev. Edward 84th yr Battlebarrow nr Appleby 08-May-1880 5
Henry, Mrs. Monday last 53 Ambleside 12-Sep-1884 4 Obituary
Herd, Thomas 26th inst 65 Bowness 04-Dec-1880 4 Obituary
Hewitson, Frances Alice 21st inst 22 Ambleside 25-Sep-1885 4
Hewitson, Thomas Tuesday 48 Ambleside 19-May-1882 4 Inquest
Higgins, Hannah 31st ult 61 05-Jan-1883 4
Higgins, Sarah Agnes 5th inst 26 Ambleside 07-May-1881 4
Hilton, Hannah Sunday Whitehaven 01-May-1880 5 suicide
Hird, Margaret* 17th inst 59 Ambleside 23-Jul-1881 4
Hobson, Joseph 27th ult 39 Clitheroe 02-May-1884 4
Hodge, daughter 27th inst 2 days Haws Bank, Coniston 30-Oct-1880 4
Hodgson, Frederick   Saturday evening 9 Lancaster 28-May-1881 4 struck by a train
Hodgson, Joseph John 25th ult 1y 11m Grasmere 01-Dec-1882 4
Hodgson, Mary 17th inst 88 White Moss, Grasmere 20-Jul-1883 4
Hodgson, William Sunday Whitehaven 21-Jul-1882 4 boating acident
Holbrook, Thomas Henry Sunday 16 Windermere Lake 23-Jul-1881 4 Inquest
Holden, Henry Sunday week 02-Oct-1880 4 Inquest
Holden, RH Sunday night Walney Channel 25-Sep-1880 4 Drowned
Holme, daughter 20th inst infant Ambleside 23-Apr-1881 4
Holme, Jane 6th inst 84 Ambleside 09-Feb-1883 4 Obituary
Holmes, Mrs. 30th ult 79 Ambleside 01-Oct-1881 4
Hopkinson, Amy 14th inst 28 Cheshire 21-Jul-1882 4
Horrax, Elizabeth Cath. 12th inst 29 Glen Ridge, New Jersey 19-Sep-1884 4
Horrax, Elizabeth Cath. October 6th 25 days Glen Ridge, New Jersey 24-Oct-1884 4
Hoskyns, Anna Fane 24th inst 64 Fox Ghyll 28-May-1881 4
Houldin, John 4th inst 46 Ambleside 08-Feb-1884 4
Howard, Catherine Saturday 38 Cocken Bridge 09-Apr-1881 4 Inquest
Howarth, Hugh 7th inst 40 Crosthwaite 13-Nov-1885 4
Howson, Rev. A. Friday 23-May-1884 4 Obituary
Huck, John 8th inst 83rd yr North Terrace, Bowness 11-Jan-1884 4
Huddleston, Joseph 20th inst 38 Bolton-le-Moors 25-Dec-1885 4
Huddleston, Pvt. Joseph 21st inst 38 Bolton-le-Moors 25-Dec-1885 4 Obituary
Hudson, Ann Jane 17th inst 19 Langdale 25-Sep-1880 4
Hudson, Richard Wednesday 17-Nov-1882 4
Hull, Robert 21st inst 83 Blackpool 30-Oct-1880 4
Hull, William** funeral on Sunday    born 1820 27-Mar-1880 6
Huntington, Dennis 22 Lancaster 17-Dec-1881 4 Inquest
Hutchinson, William 28-Apr-1879 03-Jul-1880 4

* Elizabeth Hayward and Margaret Hird are direct ancestors of mine
Margaret Hird nee Gilles was born in Scotland and married Edward Hird who became watch and clockmaker of Ambleside
Elizabeth Hayward nee Stiff married James Hayward, their daughter Jane Elizabeth Hayward married Wilfred Stalker of

** obituary of William Hull continues on for several issues of the newspaper

Deaths recorded in the Ambleside Herald and Lakes News from March 1880 (issue No.1) to the end of 1885.  Surnames
beginning with the letters I J K and L

Name of Deceased Date of death Age Where died Issue Page
Irving, Elizabeth 8th inst 79 Rydal Lodge 16-Jun-1882 4
Irving, Isaac 28th ult Ambleside 04-May-1883 4
Irving, William disapperared Nov. 3rd 66 Appleby 11-Dec-1885 5 Inquest
Jackson, Arthur 26th ult 1 month Elterwater 03-Jul-1885 5
Jackson, George 4th inst 6 Ambleside 07-Apr-1882 4
Jackson, Jane 2nd inst 84 Langdale 07-Aug-1880 4
Jackson, Jane 31st ult 71 Ambleside 07-Apr-1882 4
Jackson, Jane Elizabeth 18th ult 2 wks Ambleside 02-Mar-1883 4
Jackson, Mary Tuesday 43 Ambleside 12-Sep-1884 4 Inquest
Jackson, Mrs. E 14th inst 78 Ambleside 17-Mar-1882 4
James, Edwin 1st inst 1y 6m Blackpool 12-Dec-1884 4
Jefferson, William 21st inst advanced yearsGateside, Coniston 23-Jun-1882 4
Jenkinson, Annie 23rd inst 18 Ambleside 30-Jun-1882 4
Johnson, Mrs. 30th ult 48 08-May-1880 5
Johnson, Mrs. last evening 01-May-1880 5
Johnson, Rev. George Friday Weston-super-Mare 19-Nov-1881 4 Obituary
Johnson, Thomas Friday 11 Carlisle 01-May-1885 4 Inquest
Jones, Isaac 12 inst 33 Stockton-on-Tees 21-May-1881 4
Jones, William 30th ult 57 Fleet Street London 05-May-1882 4
Keenan, Patrick 23rd September Barrow 01-Oct-1881 4 explosion on "City of Rome"
Kemp, Ann 24th inst 75 Grasmere 29-Aug-1884 4
Kemp, Ann 24th August 75 Church Cottage, Grasmere05-Sep-1884 4
Kendal, Frederick 11th inst 18 Spouthouse, Sawrey Extra17-Sep-1881 4
Kendal, Margaret January 31st 46 Biarritz 08-Feb-1884 4
Kendal, Mary 22nd inst 74 near Hawkshead 29-Jan-1881 4
Kenworthy, a boy Saturday abt 14 near Dalton 10-Jul-1885 4 railway accident
Kirkbride, Jane 15th inst 54 Ambleside 19-Sep-1884 4
Kirkby, Margaret 24th ult 68 Elterwater 02-May-1884 4
Knipe, Robert 13th inst 55 Cat Bank, Coniston 19-Jun-1880 5
Lamb, Edwin       July 20th or 30th 27 Chicago, USA 11-Sep-1885 4 Obituary
Lancaster, Robert Friday last Canal in Kendal 31-Jul-1885 4 Inquest
Langton, Skinner ZacharyThursday 87 22-Feb-1884 4
Latham, Elizabeth 12th inst 69 Boon Beck, Coniston 18-Jun-1881 4
Lawrence, Lillian 16 21-Jan-1882 4
le Fleming, Mary 23rd September 47 Kaiapor,New Zealand 27-Nov-1880 4
Lees, William Tuesday 17 St. Bees 16-Apr-1881 4 Inquest
Leighton, Elizabeth 16th inst 69 Kelsick House, Ambleside18-Dec-1885 5
Leighton, Matthew Sunday Woolpack Inn, Kendal 30-Mar-1883 4
Logan, Ellery Brown 28th April 28 Umballa, East Indies 05-Jun-1885 4
Longmire, John 6th inst 82 Longmire in Applethwaite11-Jun-1881 4
Lowther, Elizabeth 16th ult 66 Keswick 02-May-1884 4
Lupton, Margaret Monday 66 Bowness 15-May-1885 4 


Deaths recorded in the Ambleside Herald and Lakes News from March 1880 (issue No.1) to the end of 1885.  Surnames
beginning with the letter M

Name of Deceased Date of death Age Where died Issue Page
Machell, Mr.                interred Friday last 31-Oct-1884 4
Mackereth, Arthur 27th inst 26 Liverpool 31-Oct-1884 4 Obituary
Mackereth, Benson 24th ult 82 02-Jul-1881 4
Mackereth, George 28th ult 66 Great Langdale 02-May-1884 4 Inquest
Mackereth, George 15th 58 Grasmere 23-Jul-1881 4

Mackereth, Mary 6th inst 54 15-May-1880 5
Mackereth, Mary 5th inst 79 11-Dec-1885 4
Mackereth, William 20th inst 3m Ambleside 27-Apr-1883 4
Maclaren, Patrick Friday 31-Oct-1884 4
Mandall, Betty 12th inst 78 20-Jul-1883 4

Mander, Thomas Thursday 58 Kendal 16-Nov-1883 4 Inquest
Marshall, Mary 18th ult 63 Tanner Croft, Grasmere 01-May-1880 5
Martin, Ann 1st inst 71 Rydal 03-Jul-1880 5
Martin, Elizabeth 14th inst 71 Sweden Bank, Ambleside21-Nov-1884 4
Martin, George 24th inst 72 North Road, Ambleside 26-Sep-1884 4

Martin, Joseph 27th ult 58 Gill Side, Grasmere 04-Dec-1880 4
Martin, Mrs. 31st ult Ambleside 02-Apr-1881 1
Martin, Richard 25th inst 62 Sweden Bank, Ambleside01-Sep-1882 4
Martin, Stewardson Saturday last Kendal 18-Sep-1880 4
Martin, W. 19th inst 40 Windermere 27-Jul-1883 4

Martindale, Jane 15th inst 50 Bowness 21-Apr-1882 4
Martindale, Mary 2nd inst 51 Great Langdale 06-Nov-1885 4
Mason, Miles 28th inst 87 Coniston 01-Jan-1881 4
Matthews, James Friday Devonshire Dock, Barrow20-Nov-1880 4 Inquest
Mawson, infant 25th ult infant Walthwaite, Langdale 06-Nov-1880 4

Mayers, Sarah Friday morning 46 22-Jan-1881 4
McAllum, Charles O. 25th ult 53 Bowness 03-Jul-1885 5
McKie, John Sunday 45 Whitehaven 21-Jul-1882 4 boating acident
McMullen, Agnes 8th inst Far End, Coniston 18-Jul-1884 4
Medcalf, William 6th inst 80 Ambleside 11-Dec-1880 4

Mendell, S. Tuesday London 18-Jun-1881 4 Interred Ambleside
M'Hutchin, Mr. Saturday 25 St. Bees 03-Apr-1885 4 Obituary
Middleton, James 1st inst 10m Windermere 05-Jan-1883 4
Miller, Susan 29th ult 5m Rydal 05-Dec-1884 4 Obituary
Miller, T. 03-Nov-1882 4

Miller, Thomas Arthur 21st inst 25 Ambleside 27-Oct-1882 4
Mitchell, a boy Sunday about 15 Preston 07-Sep-1883 4
Mitchell, John last Monday 13 River Eamont 04-Jun-1881 4 drowned
Mitchell, Miss Near Lancaster 14-Aug-1880 4 railway accident
Mitchell, Mr. Near Lancaster 14-Aug-1880 4 railway accident

Mitchell, Mr.       buried on 16th 25-May-1883 4 Obituary
Mitchell, William 28th ult 28 Staveley near Kendal 02-Oct-1885 4
M'Kenna, Mrs. Near Lancaster 14-Aug-1880 4 railway accident
M'Kenna, William Near Lancaster 14-Aug-1880 4 railway accident
Monroe, Christiana 27th ult infant Kames 06-Aug-1881 4

Moore, Jane 24th inst 78 Gate Foot, Staveley 30-Oct-1885 4
Moore, Sarah 19th inst 84 Grasmere 25-Jun-1881 4
Moreland, Mrs. 23rd 98 Eller Cottage 30-Mar-1883 4
Mounsey, Agnes 20th inst Vicarage, Ings 28-Jan-1882 4
Mounsey, Henry 1st inst 54 Ambleside 09-Mar-1883 4

Mounsey, Margaret 7th inst 65 Knotts near Windermere 11-Dec-1880 4
Mounsey, Susannah 11th inst 19 Oaks Farm,Loughrigg 18-Feb-1882 1
Murtage, Edward Ramsden Dock, Barrow 06-Nov-1880 4 Inquest
Musgrave, Philip 17th inst 3 Cross Street, Windermere21-Sep-1883 4
Musgrave, RC 13th inst 43rd yr London 19-Feb-1881 4

Deaths recorded in the Ambleside Herald and Lakes News from March 1880 (issue No.1) to the end of 1885.  Surnames
beginning with the letters N O P and Q

Name of Deceased Date of death Age Where died Issue Page
Naughley, Alexander 30-Apr-1756 76 19-May-1882 4
Newall, John 28th ult 4y 9m Ambleside 01-Dec-1882 4
Nicholson, George 19th inst 28 Hawkshead 31-Mar-1882 4
Nicholson, Jane 22nd inst 58 Elim Grove, Bowness 28-Jul-1882 4
Nicholson, Mrs. 12th inst ab 70 Kirkstone Pass 20-Jun-1884 4 Obituary

Nicholson, Sarah 10th inst 45 Ambleside 13-Nov-1885 4
Nightingale, James 3rd inst 63 Ambleside 05-Jan-1883 4
Norledge, girl Monday 2 07-Apr-1882 4
Padbury, William Sunday night 21 Walney Channel 25-Sep-1880 4 Drowned
Padbury, William Sunday week 02-Oct-1880 4 Inquest

Palmer, Martha 6th inst 26 Bowness 11-Aug-1882 1
Park, Jonathan 4th inst 66 Rydal Road, Ambleside 07-Aug-1885 4&5 Obituary
Park, Jonathan 1st inst 74 Bridge End, Langdale 09-Jun-1882 4
Park, Mary 29th ult 63 Ambleside 02-Apr-1881 1
Park, William 15th inst 14m Rattle Gill, Ambleside 21-Aug-1885 5

Parker, Mary Elizabeth 20th inst 1y 7m Ulverstone 26-Nov-1881 4
Parkinson, William 8th inst 49 Ellerigg, Ambleside 17-Dec-1881 4
Parkinson, William Thursday at his residence 10-Dec-1881 4
Pattenson, Elizabeth 20th inst 85 Windermere 23-Oct-1885 4
Patterson, Robert last week Cumberland infirmary 30-Oct-1880 4

Pattinson, John present week 73 Ambleside 03-Apr-1880 6
Pattinson, Longmire 20th inst 15m Longmire, Applethwaite 27-Nov-1885 5
Pease-Watkin, Edward 10th inst 28 Oak Lea, Darlington 13-Feb-1885 4
Pedder, Margaret Mary 26th ult 49 Wiveliscombe 02-Feb-1883 4
Pedder, Mary Ellen 13th inst 4 Chapel Stile, Langdale 19-Jun-1885 4

Pedder, Rev. Edward Castle Hill, Lancaster 26-Mar-1881 4
Peil, John 26th inst Ambleside 28-Apr-1882 4
Peil, Margaret 8th inst 11 days Ambleside 14-Aug-1880 4
Peill, John 26th April 05-May-1882 4 Obituary
Perking, James Saturday Roose Station near Barrow11-Dec-1885 4

Philips, William Saturday Blackbeck Gunpowder Wrks01-Aug-1884 4 gunpowder explosion
Philipson, Ann 23rd inst 55 Great Langdale 06-Mar-1885 4
Picthall, George Thursday week 77 the Forge, Coniston 07-Apr-1882 4
Pope, Rev. M Monday 47 Great Gable, Borrowdale 11-Aug-1882 4 Inquest
Porter, Dr. Antwerp 03-Sep-1881 4

Postlethwaite, Isaac 17th inst 80 Hawkshead 19-Jun-1885 4
Preston, David George 4th inst 25 Grasmere 10-Apr-1885 4
Preston, Harriet 14th inst 21 Grasmere 19-Dec-1884 4
Preston, Sarah 4th inst 56 Tarn Foot, Loughrigg 08-May-1885 4
Price, Robert Thomas 2nd inst 50 Summer Hill, Hawkshead 11-Sep-1880 4

Pritchard, Hugh William 22nd inst 20 Brantfield, Bowness 28-Aug-1885 5
Pritt, George 10th inst 70 Helm, Bowness 15-May-1880 5
Purdom, Richard 16th inst 62 Churchtown, Grasmere 20-Nov-1885 5
Pye, Henry Thursday Seascale 07-Jul-1882 4 Inquest

Deaths recorded in the Ambleside Herald and Lakes News from March 1880 (issue No.1) to the end of 1885.  Surnames
beginning with the letter R

Name of Deceased Date of death Age Where died Issue Page
Raven, Agnes 4th inst 69 Ambleside 08-Sep-1882 4
Raven, Joseph 30th ult 78 Lingmoor View,Langdale 05-Feb-1881 4
Rawes, Jane 21st inst 37 Post Office, Elterwater 28-Nov-1884 4
Rawes, William 21st inst 51 Rydal 27-Feb-1885 4
Rawlandson, John 31st ult 77 Outgate 16-Jun-1882 4

Rawlinson, Lieut. Col. Great Malvern 25-Sep-1880 4
Redhead, Thomas Burns 14th inst 17 Coniston 19-Dec-1884 4
Redmayne, Eliza 16th inst 56 Brathay Hall 19-Mar-1881 4
Redmond, Eleanor 21st inst 89 Cat Bank, Coniston 25-Jun-1881 4
Redwood, Ellen 1st inst 73 Windermere 07-Aug-1885 4&5

Reynolds, Morris 19th inst 78 Ambleside 26-Nov-1881 4
Richards, Thomas 9th inst 41 Bowness 14-Jan-1882 4
Richardson, Edith 3rd inst 14 Haws Bank, Coniston 09-Jul-1881 4
Richardson, Mary 17th inst 78 Lancrigg, Grasmere 23-Oct-1880 4
Riddle, Freda Mary 24th inst 8m near Birmingham 30-Oct-1885 4

Rider, Mary 29th ult 44 Lancaster 15-May-1885 4
Rigg, George 19th inst 12 High Park, Skelwith 21-Jul-1882 4
Rigg, George 19th inst 12 Little Langdale 04-Aug-1882 1
Rigg, Hannah 24th inst 33 Ambleside 28-Mar-1884 4
Rigg, Henry 3rd inst 2 Langdale 05-May-1882 4

Rigg, Jesse Selina 26th ult 11 Bowness 04-Sep-1880 4
Rigg, John 28th ult 69 Outgate 06-Oct-1882 4
Rigg, Lucy 3rd inst 8m Grange-over-Sands 11-Apr-1884 4
Roberston, Charles 11th inst infant Isell Grange 17-Aug-1883 4
Roberts, Christopher 25th ult 89 03-Mar-1882 4

Robinson, Ann 10th inst 35 Great Harwood 24-Sep-1881 4 dau. of Mrs. Woof, Ambleside
Robinson, Ann 5th inst 74 Ambleside 06-Oct-1882 4
Robinson, Edith Mary 18th inst 14m Sunny Bank, Ambleside 23-Oct-1885 4
Robinson, Fanny 24th ult 18 Ambleside 01-Dec-1882 4
Robinson, James 19th inst 54 Black BeckPowder Wrks26-Mar-1881 4 explosion

Robinson, James Saturday abt 60 Birdhouse, River Rothay 26-Jan-1883 4 Obituary
Robinson, Jeremiah 7th inst 74 the Cottage, Elterwater 10-Aug-1883 4
Robinson, John 30th ult 75 Windermere 06-Jul-1883 4
Robinson, Joseph 6th inst 74 Southey Street, Keswick 12-Jun-1880 5
Robinson, Joshua 14th inst 70 Lower Wood Farm 21-Apr-1882 4

Robinson, Joshua Friday 70 14-Apr-1882 4 Inquest
Robinson, Sarah Margaret16th inst 8y 8m Bank Cottages, Bowness 23-Jun-1882 4
Rogerson, Agnes 22nd inst 82 Lowfold, Staveley 28-Aug-1885 5
Rollinshaw, Jane 21st inst 73 Manchester 23-Nov-1883 4
Rotheray, Joseph 4th inst 65 Loughrigg 07-Apr-1882 4

Routledge, Joseph 28th inst 1 Ambleside 07-Jan-1882 4
Routledge, Sarah Margaret 11m Blue Hill, Ambleside 27-Mar-1885 4
Rowlands, Mary 21st inst 79 Ambleside 27-Jul-1883 4
Russell, Mrs. 5th inst 75 Ambleside 12-Jun-1880 5
Deaths recorded in the Ambleside Herald and Lakes News from March 1880 (issue No.1) to the end of 1885.  Surnames
beginning with the letter S

Name of Deceased Date of death Age Where died Issue Page
Sanders, William Monday Barrow 29-Jan-1881 4
Sands, Lucy 17 near Workington 10-Mar-1882 4 Inquest
Satterthwaite, Jessie 28th ult 3m Ambleside 03-Oct-1884 4
Satterthwaite, John 16th inst 57 Hawkshead 20-Nov-1885 4 Obituary
Satterthwaite, John 11th inst 55 Plosh, Keswick 21-Jan-1882 4
Satterthwaite, Jonathan 11th inst 89th yr 16-Apr-1881 4
Satterthwaite, Miles 15th inst 33 Carlisle 22-Oct-1881 4
Satterthwaite, William 30th ult 5 Ambleside 05-Sep-1884 4
Saul, Elizabeth 20th inst 48 Bowness 26-May-1882 4
Saul, William 30th ult 62 Ambleside 02-Nov-1883 4
Scales, Isabella 24th inst 42 Ambleside 30-May-1884 4
Schneider, Bessie 12th inst Dresden, Germany 18-Jun-1881 4 dau. of th late Canon Turner
Scott, Ann 6th inst 61 Bowness 14-Aug-1885 4
Sefton, Mrs. Thursday Leven Viaduct 19-Nov-1881 4 Inquest
Sewell, John Last Saturday Coldby Moor 02-Oct-1880 4 suicide
Sharp, Frances Emma 8th inst 8m Ambleside 15-Oct-1881 4
Sharp, John 28th ult 2y 11m Ambleside 05-May-1882 4
Sharp, John Friday 19 Lake Derwentwater 04-Jul-1884 4 drowned
Sharp, William missing since Dec. 23 25-Jan-1884 4 Inquest ar Barrow
Shaw, Frederick Friday Ecclerigg, Windermere 18-Sep-1880 4 Inquest
Shaw, Martha Elizabeth 12th inst 5m Cat Bank, Coniston 15-Oct-1881 4
Shaw, Mary Monday 56 Winderemere 04-Sep-1885 4 Inquest
Shawyer, Joseph Friday Ramsden Dock, Barrow 01-Oct-1881 4
Shepherd, Augustus BurkeJuly 28th 46 Burnt Howe, Loughrigg 31-Jul-1885 4
Shepherd, Elizabeth 28th ult 3y 4m Brunt How, Ambleside 05-Jan-1883 4
Shepherd, James 12th New Sedgwick Gnpwder Co.20-Apr-1883 4 Gunpowder explosion
Shepherd, John 18th inst 71 Lake Side Hotel 23-May-1884 4
Shepherd, John 58 Bowness 30-Oct-1885 4
Shepherd, John Thursday abt 40 Sedgwick near Kendal 07-Jul-1882 4 Inquest
Shepherd, Thomas 13th inst 74 Hawkshead 21-Jul-1882 4
Sinkinson, Miles 12th inst 70 Birch Street, Windermere19-Jun-1880 5
Skelland, Henry 12-Dec-1884 4 Obituary
Skelton, Emma Alice 30th 5y 4m Manchester 09-Oct-1880 4
Slater, Mary 10th inst 75 16-Oct-1880 4
Slater, Mrs. Saturday 70-80 Bassenthwaite 30-Oct-1885 4 Obituary
Sly, Joseph 16th inst 39 Coniston 20-Nov-1880 4 Obituary
Small, Jane Sunday week 02-Oct-1880 4 Inquest
Small, Jane Sunday night 27 Walney Channel 25-Sep-1880 4 Drowned
Smith, Ada 1st inst 18 Lowside, Bowness 05-May-1882 4
Smith, Dr. Kirkby Sunday     believed 40 Ambleside 16-May-1884 4 Obituary
Smith, John Monday 04-May-1883 4 Obituary
Smith, John Alfred Friday 18 Lake Windermere 24-Jul-1885 5 Inquest
Smith, Robert 18th inst 72 The Abbey,  Windermere 25-Dec-1885 4
Smith, Robert 7th inst 70 Beech Street, Windermere14-Aug-1885 4
Smith, Thomas 15 Litchfield 09-May-1884 4 Inquest
Speed, Isabella 18th iinst 25 Bowness 25-Dec-1885 4
Stalker, Hannah Maria** 14th inst 28 Ambleside 20-Apr-1883 4
Statham, Mrs. 6th inst Bowness 08-Sep-1882 4
Staveley, George 18th inst 54 Ambleside 20-Jun-1884 4
Staveley, Henry 15th inst 2y 6m Ambleside 19-Jun-1885 4
Staveley, Thomas Holgate14th inst 6.5 Ambleside 21-Apr-1882 4
Stephenson, Reuban Saturday 35 Blackbeck Gnpowdr Wrks01-Aug-1884 4 gunpowder explosion
Steward, Joseph Near Lancaster 14-Aug-1880 4 railway accident
Stewardson, William Friday 47 at his lodgings, Bowness24-Feb-1882 4 Inquest
Stobbart, Thomas July 24th 44 Raw Head, Langdale 31-Jul-1885 4
Storey, Mary 24th inst 39 Ambleside 29-May-1885 4
Stubbs, George 6th inst 44 Low Wood Hotel 14-May-1881 4
Suart, John 3rd inst 62 11-May-1883 4
Swainson, James 12th inst 74 Elleray Hotel, Windermere14-Aug-1885 4
Swainson, Margaret 31st inst 78 Cunsey, Windermere 02-Jun-1882 4

"S" correction - >Saul, William 30th ult 62 Ambleside 02-Nov-1883 4
is incorrect and should read:

Saul, Ann 30th ult 62 Ambleside 02-Nov-1883 

Deaths recorded in the Ambleside Herald and Lakes News from March 1880 (issue No.1) to the end of 1885.  Surnames
beginning with the letter T

Name of Deceased Date of death Age Where died Issue Page
Taylor, Ann 7th inst 85 10-Apr-1885 4
Taylor, Christopher Saturday 74 Kendal 26-Jun-1885 4 Inquest
Taylor, Francis William 9th inst 4m Ambleside 12-Mar-1881 4
Taylor, Samuel 4th inst 79th yr Eccleston Hall,Lancashire09-Apr-1881 4
Taylor, Samuel, jr buried last Saturday 16-Oct-1880 4
Taylor, Thomas 20th inst 80 Queens Hotel, Ambleside 27-Feb-1885 4
Taylor, William 19th inst 30 Black BeckPowder Wrks26-Mar-1881 4 explosion
Taylor, Wm. 15th inst 57 Tilberthwaite Quarries 25-Aug-1882 4 Inquest
Tebay, John William 7th inst 9 Storrs, Bowness 13-Nov-1885 4
Temple, Thomas 10th inst 56 Market Place, Keswick 21-Jan-1882 4
Thirsfield, Wm. 26th inst 19 Ambleside 28-Jul-1882 4
Thistlethwaite, Margaret9th inst 37 Bowness 11-Dec-1885 4
Thompson, Betsey 20th inst 30 Beck Side, Crook 27-Nov-1885 5
Thompson, David Sunday 32 Whitehaven 21-Jul-1882 4 boating acident
Thompson, Jas. 17th inst 69 Grasmere 24-Nov-1882 4
Thompson, Joseph Saturday 23 near Saddleback 08-Dec-1882 4 Obituary
Thompson, Mary 2nd inst 60 White Bridge, Grasmere 06-Aug-1881 4
Thompson, Mary Jane Saturday last 6 Barrow 12-Mar-1881 4 Inquest
Thompson, Thomas 25th ult infant Oak Street, Windermere 02-Oct-1885 4
Thompson, William Saturday 46 16-Oct-1880 4 Inquest
Thornburrow, Florence 24th ult 2m Outgate 01-May-1885 4
Tickell, Henry Wednesday 74 Keswick 21-Nov-1884 4 Inquest
Todd, George 16th inst 80 Longreen Head, Troutbeck21-Aug-1885 5
Tomkyns-Grafton, W.F. 11th inst 22 St. Mark's, Cheltenham 23-Nov-1883 4
Towers, George 19th inst 27 Black BeckPowder Wrks 26-Mar-1881 4 explosion
Townley, Agnes 29th ult Grasmere 01-Dec-1882 4
Townley, John 23rd inst 62 Derby Terrace Windermere29-May-1880 5
Townley, Richard 21st inst 72 26-Oct-1883 4
Townson, Ann 22nd inst Ambleside 26-Feb-1881 4 born March 20, 1813
Tubman, Thomas 19th inst 65 Dodgson Grnd nr Hawkshead21-May-1881 4
Turnbull, Joseph Friday 29 Garlands Asylum 23-Mar-1883 4 Inquest
Turner, Bernard Tuesday 98 Wigton Workhouse 08-Sep-1882 4
Turner, Joseph Sunday week 87 Elterwater 15-Jun-1883 4 Obituary
Turner, Joshua (Jossey) 3rd inst 88th yr Lane End, Elterwater 08-Jun-1883 4
Tyson, Christopher 20th inst 64 St. John's Vale, Keswick28-Aug-1880 4
Tyson, Elizabeth 1st inst 86 Ambleside 08-Dec-1882 4
Tyson, Jane Dec 3rd advanced years Wray Cottages, Langdale11-Dec-1880 4
Tyson, John Monday 59 Liverpool 22-Aug-1884 4 Obituary
Tyson, Thomas Brown 5th inst 33 10-Jul-1885 4
Tyson, Watson Wednesday 82 at his residence 11-Feb-1882 4 Obituary
Tyson, William 15th inst Edinboro', Ambleside 21-Mar-1884 4


Deaths recorded in the Ambleside Herald and Lakes News from March 1880 (issue No.1) to the end of 1885.  Surnames
beginning with the letters U to We

Name of Deceased Date of death Age Where died Issue Page
Usher, Richard 4th inst 4 Dixon Ground, Coniston 12-Nov-1881 4
Varty, Christopher Thom.14th inst 40 Crook 20-Nov-1885 5
Vickers, John 28th ult 47th yr Grasmere 06-Feb-1885 4 Obituary
Vity, Bertha 14th inst 2y 9m Ambleside 17-Jul-1885 5
Waistell, Thomas Saturday Burrells near Appleby 28-Apr-1882 4 Inquest
Walker, Hartley 25th inst Ambleside 31-Oct-1884 4

Walker, James 3rd inst 58 North Road, Ambleside 07-May-1881 4
Walker, Sarah Ann 29th ult 63 Ambleside 01-Feb-1884 4
Walker, Thomas Good Friday 17 Pillar Rock near Ennerdale30-Mar-1883 4 Inquest
Walker, Thomas last Tuesday 17 Barrow 18-Jun-1881 4 explosion on "City of Rome"
Walker, William Henry 15th inst 7m Bowness 21-Apr-1882 4

Walton, a boy Saturday abt 14 near Dalton 10-Jul-1885 4 railway accident
Walton, Edward 4th inst 66 at his residence 11-Feb-1882 4 Obituary
Walton, William 17th inst 34 Addiscombe, Croydon 24-Oct-1884 4
Ward, Eleanor 24th inst 16 Windermere 29-May-1880 5
Ward, Rev. J. Clifton Thursday at his residence 17-Apr-1880 5 vicar of Rydal

Ward, Rev. James     Thursday 37 24-Apr-1880 6 Obituary
Ward, S.R.C Penrith Railway Station 14-Sep-1883 4 suicide
Waring, Richard 21st inst Liverpool 30-Oct-1885 4
Warwick, Thomas 30th ult 73 Bowness 02-Oct-1880 4
Watson, Ann 23rd ult 73 Glenredding 05-Jun-1880 11s

Watson, Charles July 5th 80th yr Hawkshead 09-Jul-1881 4 Obituary
Watson, Elizabeth 28th ult 76 Sunny Brow, Crook 02-Oct-1885 4
Watson, John Sunday evening near 50 Kendal Parih Church 02-Oct-1880 4
Watson, Joseph 30th ult 71 Patterdale 11-Dec-1880 4
Watson, William 4th inst 79 Grasmere 10-Mar-1882 4

Webb, Joseph 22nd inst 13 Troutbeck Bridge 27-Nov-1880 4
Weedon, Frederick 16th inst 2 Rydal 23-Jul-1881 4
Welsh, Henry last Tuesday 24 Barrow 18-Jun-1881 4 explosion on "City of Rome"
Welsh, Martin Sunday Preston 31-Dec-1881 4 Inquest
Wetherald, Mr. T 12th inst 69 Field Head, Hawkshead 19-Jun-1880 5


Deaths recorded in the Ambleside Herald and Lakes News from March 1880 (issue No.1) to the end of 1885.  Surnames
beginning with the letters Wh to ZZZ  which of course brings me to the end of the index. 

Whalley, John Edward November 2nd 45 High Wray nr Ambleside 07-Nov-1884 4 Obituary
Wheatley, Jane 11th inst 66 High Close, Ambleside 14-Aug-1880 4
Whitaker, Mr.     born in 1812 09-Feb-1883 4
Whiteside, Thomas Monday last 09-Jul-1881 4
Whitham, Sarah Ellen 29th inst 43 Ambleside 04-Jan-1884 4

Whitwell, John 28th ult 69 Bank House, Kendal 04-Dec-1880 4 Obituary
Wilcock, Ann 20th inst 91 Ambleside 25-Jun-1881 4
Wildig, Rev. George L.B. 33 Malta 12-Oct-1883 4
Wilkinson, Mary Ann 24th inst 64 North Terrace, Bowness 26-May-1882 4
Wilkinson, Thomas 14th inst 57 Derbyshire 23-Jul-1881 4

Wilkinson, William 20th inst 85 Grasmere 27-Nov-1880 4
Willan, Thomas 16h inst 66 High Green Gate, Sawrey23-Jun-1882 4 Obituary
Willan, Thomas Simpson Monday last 19 Windermere 30-Jul-1881 4 Inquest
Wilson, Ann 1st inst 79 Church Stile, Grasmere 06-Nov-1880 4
Wilson, Hannah Saturday Burrells near Appleby 28-Apr-1882 4 Inquest

Wilson, Mary Ann 24th inst 42 Red Lion Hotel, Hawkshead30-Oct-1880 4
Wilson, Sarah 22nd inst Grasmere 29-Jun-1883 4
Wilson, Thomas 15th inst 66 Windermere 19-Jun-1885 4
Wilson, Thomas 21st inst 70 Town Head, Newby Bridge30-Apr-1881 4
Withers, Mr. funeral on Saturday 08-Feb-1884 4 Obituary

Withers, Rev. Bigland     born 1840 Chesham Green, Bury 23-May-1884 4 Obituary
Withers, Richard 29th ult 68 Uplands, West Derby 01-Feb-1884 4
Woodend, Elizabeth Ann 14th inst 15 Bowness 19-Jun-1880 5
Woodend, George Sunday 17 Whitehaven 21-Jul-1882 4 boating acident
Woodend, Hannah 6th ult 36 Ambleside 08-Jan-1881 4

Woodend, Jane 27th inst 1y 7m Ambleside 06-Mar-1885 4
Woodend, John Saturday 60 Blackbeck Gunpwdr Wks01-Aug-1884 4 gunpowder explosion
Woodend, Mary Ann 21st inst 52 Nook End, Ambleside 27-Aug-1881 4
Woods, George 26th ult 41 Troutbeck Bridge 04-Sep-1880 4 Inquest
Wordsworth, William. 7th inst 72 Ambleside 09-Feb-1883 4

Wren, John 2nd inst 26 Litttle Langdale 08-May-1885 4
Wright, Elizabeth 20th inst 31 Southport 28-May-1881 4 dau. of Rev. W. Hodgson
Wright, Frank Sunday 42 Whitehaven 21-Jul-1882 4 boating acident
Wright, Rev. Henry 13th inst. Coniston Lake 21-Aug-1880 4 Inquest
Wright, Thomas 16 Lancaster 17-Dec-1881 4 Inquest

Young, William Sunday 22-Jan-1881 4 Inquest

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