Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. ROBINSON, the honorary secretaries of the British
Legion and Woman's Section, received a gift in appreciation of their service
at a gathering in the Church Road Hall on Friday night.
    Mr. John W. ASHBRIDGE, Chairman of the Committee,  presided, and a letter 
of regret was read from the President of the branch, Mr. J. G. JOHNSTON, who
was unable to be present.

The Chairman speaking on behalf of the men's section, said they had had
in Mr. ROBINSON a secretary second to none, and they knew the work of Mrs.
ROBINSON had done for the Legion, irrespective of her services as secretary of
the Woman's Section.

Mrs. Chas. ARMSTRONG, Chairman of the Woman's Section, said Mr. and Mrs.
ROBINSON had the work of the Legion at heart.

Mrs. YOUNG, president, handed over the gift, which consisted of a
polished oak extending dining table, as a mark of esteem and appreciation of the
services of Mr. and Mrs. ROBINSON, which had proved so valuable to the welfare
of the branch. They were sorry to lose their help, but in their new home they
wished them happiness, success and God-speed. (Applause.)

Mr. and Mrs. ROBINSON returned thanks, the latter acknowledging the
valuable assistance she had received from Mrs. R. OSBORNE, hon. treasurer, and
Mrs. Chas. ARMSTRONG, chairman.

Mr. James OSBORNE, the retiring honorary treasurer, was the recipient of
a self filling Swan fountain pen, subscribed for by the members of the Men's
section, and Mr. OSBORNE suitably replting.

A cordial vote of thanks, on the motion of Mr. John WILSON, seconded by
Mr. Thos. HETHERINTON, was passed to the chairman and to the members of the
Woman's Section, who had presided at the tables of a splendid supper.

A social evening, including Community singing followed. The proceedings
terminated with "For they are jolly good people," "Auld Lang Syne," and the
National Anthem.