On Wednesday, at the Workington Police Court, Margaret MOONEY, 29,
married woman, was charged with assaulting Jane WALLACE, at Great Clifton, on the first inst.

       Mr. John WILSON was for the complainant, and Mr. G. A. L. SKERRY for
the defendant.

       Mr. WILSON explained that the complainant and her husband on New
Year's night visited the woman's mother-in-law. While they were in the house the defendant and his wife came in. They had not been invited, and Mr. WALLACE went to keep MOONEY out. The complainant sought to prevent and disturbance between the two men, and as she walked up to them was struck from behind. The blow was a severe one, and rendered her unconscious.

       Cross examined by Mr. SKERRY: She was quite sober and denied having a
pot of ale in front of her. It was not a fact that there was always a row
wherever she was.

       Mr. HODGSON: Who struck this blow?

       Complainant: Mr. MOONEY.

       Mr. HODGSON: How do you know?

       Complainant: I have a witness.

       Joseph WALLACE, brother of the complainant's husband stated that he
saw the defendant strike Mrs. WALLACE with a stick.

       Cross examined: He had not a glass of drink that night.

       Police constable ASKEW stated that the same night the complainant told
him she had been struck by Mrs. MOONEY. She was bleeding about the head. She
was sober but excited.

       Mr. SKERRY said his client's case was a total denial of the charge.
There was a regular Donnybrook Fair at the house that night. There were a great many people there, and he suggested that in the row the woman was shoved against the iron bedstead.

       Defendant stated that she went to the house to get her husband away.
The complainant was on the other side of the room with a glass in her hand. She was never near her.

       Christopher MOONEY said his wife had nothing in her hand, and she was
never near WALLACE.

       Cross examined by Mr. WILSON: He went to the house uninvited. He was
attracted by the music. (Laughter.)

       John PARKER who appeared on subpoena, deposed that he was in the house
all the time. Complainant was not hurt when Mrs. MOONEY had gone.

       The Bench were of opinion that an assault had been committed, and
imposed a fine of £2, and costs.