Two Hounds Lost at Grey Fell

After having a successful week at Ennerdale hounds landed at Black How, Cleator, for the meet on the Dent.  A fox was unkennelled at Cow Field Park and made a bee line for Ennerdale fells.  The pace was too fast for him and they doubled him back into Uldale bottom.  Young Rattler, a puppy, now took up the lead and broke from scent to view.  He soon ran the fox to a standstill.  Both hound and fox stood facing each other for a few seconds until the whole pack closed in and dispatched an old dog fox.  A search was made for another without result.

The meet at Br. Bland's Farmery provided a flying hunt.  A fox was seen stealing away on top of Stords.  Irving soon had hounds on his track and it made downhill for the Calderbridge district, then back by Thornholm.  The hounds were now taking the fell breast before them.  With Young Rally and Music leading there was never a check.  The fox made a bid for Ennerdale fells up Town Bank to Worm Ghyll, but the pace was too much for him so he crossed Stockdale Moor and went to ground in a sand hole near Bleng.  After about five or six hours digging a big dog fox was accounted for. 

The second day hounds unkennelled a fox about Gipsy Cragg, went straight away for the high fells and the result is not known.  Two young hounds, Buxom and Dauntless, were lost at this hunt.

The salvers' hunt at Wasdale drew many old hunters, Isaac FLETCHER, an old huntsman who Willie PORTER served past of his apprenticeship under, was present and said it was 60 years since he first met old Tommy DOBSON at this hunt and Johnny SMITH.  STRANDS, was delighted to have these two old friends staying at his house.  Punctually at 8 "Willie" started off for Backbarrow and a fox was unkennelled right away.  He made a grand hunt through the fell breast of Backbarrow and Middlegill.  Hounds turned him back at a rattling good pace and were just about to pull him down when he went to ground at Goat Cragg and could not be dislodged.  Another fox holed near Ennerdale Lake but there were no terriers available.  Hounds were taken to the Strands without making a kill.

Monday's meet proved a fast one, finding at Thistleton Wood and killing at Backbarrow.  On Tuesday hounds unkennelled a fox at Middlefell three times and eventually killed at Backbarrow.  On Saturday's opening hunt hounds met at King George in a downpour of rain.  "Willie" decided to loose at Muncaster Fell but eventually hounds were called off without a find.