The second annual dinner and social of the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway took place at Dalegarth Cafe on November 1st.  A full gathering of the staff were present, together with their wives and friends.  After full justice had been done to the dinner, the toasts of the King and absent friends was proposed by Sir Aubrey BROCKLEBANK proposed the toast of the company, during which he reviewed the progress made during the last twelve months.  Mr. T. BROWN, a director of Beckfoot granite quarry, in true Cumberland style seconded.  The health of the directors was proposed by the general manager, Mr. W. GILLON, and seconded by the engineer, Mr. E. H. WRIGHT, which toast was heartily responded to by the enthusiastic assembly.  Mr. H. LITHGOW, the well-known shipbuilder and a director of the railway, replied on behalf of the directors.

A musical programme followed under the organisation of Mr. H. HILTON, the following members of the staff and friends contributed:--Mrs. FARREN, Messrs. E. EASTHAM, W. GILLON, H. HILTON, J. LOWTHER, Miss J. BARBOUR, Mrs. HILTON and Mr. LITHGOW.

A dance followed and was continued until the early hours of the morning.  FARREN'S Band, of Egremont, provided music.  A special train conveyed the party to Ravenglass.