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There was a strong contrast at Cockermouth Martinmas Hirings on Monday to the number of men usually needed, farm work being well forward, with the result that masters were curtailing their requirements.  There was a sprinkling of unemployed among the men offering themselves.  Many experienced men were already engaged, but those who had to come into the market, had little difficulty in getting 38s a week, excluding board, and, generally speaking, men obtained employment at £26 to £30, with board, for the half-year.  Second class men got from £15 to £19, and lads with some experience   to £12.  Boys out for the first time had to be content with £6 to £7.  As has been the case for many years, there was a scarcity of female servants, and in odd cases where women were known as able to bake for the household, £25 to £26, with board, was secured.  Strong girls got £14 to £16. The Martinmas Fair was very poor, with few shows.