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WANTED, WINTERAGE  for  20  Herd-wick  Hoggs. -- Southward Christcliffe, Boot, Homrook.

WANTED,  at once,  Good  Second-Hand
PIANO.  State Price.--Box 1125,  "News"-office.

WANTED, QUANTITY of PIG POTATOES.Scawfell Hotel, Seascale.

WANTED,    TWO  TONS  of  TABLE  PO-TATOES.    State  Kind, and  Price  De-livered at Troutbeck Station.--WILSON, Glencoyne, Patterdale.

DUCKLINGS. Best prices given.--DIXON and  SHIPPEN,    Market  Place,   White-haven.

WANTED,   £700  on  MORTGAGE,  at 5 Per Cent.,  on FREEHOLD FARM; Ample Security.  --  Apply,  Box  c1483 "News"-office, Whitehaven.

RABBITS.  ----   RABBITS  Wanted,  Any Quantity.  Hampers Provided to Reliable Senders.  Correspondence  Invited. -- R. G.  TOPPING,    Fruit and Commission Agent,  St. John's Market,  Blackpool.