BEDROOM   and   SITTING ROOM;   Use Bath.--SHEPHERD, 18, Catherine Street,Whitehaven.

BED-SITTINGROOM   to   Let,    With  or Without  Board.  ----  Apply,   Box  1080, "News"-office.

TO LET, BEDROOM and SITTING ROOM Bath  (h.  &  c.),  Central. ---- Box  1139,"News"-office.

BLACKPOOL.--JACKSON'S BOARDINGHOUSE,  40, QUEEN STREET.  Public or Private  Apartments.  One minute Prom-enade and Talbot Road Station.


TO LET PART OF HOUSE,  Unfurnished. Good Locality. -- Apply  3, Scotch Street.

TO   LET,     2,   LAUREL   BANK,   FOX-HOUSES ROAD.--Apply,  BROWN, AULD and  BROWN,  Solicitors,  Whitehaven.

FURNISHED  HOUSE,    or  Part,  to  Let; bath,   h.c. -- Apply  50,   Main Street, St.Bees.

TO    LET,      SIX-ROOMED  HOUSE,  9,BRISCO  ROAD.  Rent 9/6. -- MAWSON, Clogger, Egremont.

HOUSE,    RAVENGLASS.   ----   Kitchen, Pantry, 2  Sitting, 4  Bedrooms.---THOM-PSON, Heathfield,  Scotforth,  Lancaster.

DWELLING-HOUSE.   113, SCOTCH ST.,WHITEHAVEN,  to  Let.  Ground  floor:  2 sitting rooms, kitchen, and spacious out-offices. First floor: 2 large bedrooms, bath,W.C.  Second floor:  3 bedrooms.  The in-ternal  paintwork  and decorations are in excellent condition. Electric light through-out.  To view and  for  further  particulars, apply   to    BROOCKBANK,   HELDER  & ORMROD,  Solicitors, Whitehaven.