Farewell Words

Our Dublin correspondent telegraphs that the Duchess of  Marlborough has
addressed a letter to the distressed districts of Ireland,  written in English and
Irish, and dated Viceregal Lodge, Dublin, April  21.

Her Grace says before leaving Ireland for her English home she  desires to
say a few farewell words to those whose distress has occupied her  thoughts all
winter. It is now four months since she appealed to the English  nation for
aid to avert the famine threatening the Irish people. The answer came  
immediately in the remittance of large sums of money, including contributions  from Her
Majesty the Queen and the Royal Family, the Lord Mayor of London, and  the
Mayors and public bodies of the great cities in every part of  England.

Altogether, about 112,000/ was collected, with which the  committee were able
to supply food, clothes and potato seed to the districts  most in want. There
remains are an unexpended balance of nearly 15,000/, which  her Grace
proposes to leave in good hands for distribution.

In conclusion, the Duchess says the Irish people should know  that England
loves Ireland, and is ever ready to help her in time of  need.