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The Vicar of Northampton, the Rev. R. B. HULL, was announced  to attend the
annual meeting of the Northamptonshire Band of Hope Union held on  Thursday.

The rev. gentleman did not attend, and in a letter explaining  his absence,
said; “I am reminded by a note which I have received that I had  promised to
take part in the Band of Hope Union meeting. I am very sorry not to  fulfil an
engagement, but I feel now that I cannot possibly attend the meeting.  I have
always desired to co-operate heartily with Nonconformists in every  possible
way, and have hitherto found no difficulty in doing so. But the case is  now
entirely altered.

Now that the Nonconformists of this town have declared that  they put
politics before religion in choosing such a man as Mr. BRADLAUGH as  their
representative, I feel it impossible to join with them any longer. To ally  myself with
those who have returned Mr. BRADLAUGH would, in my eyes, be to make  myself a
partaker in the insult they have thereby offered to Almighty  God.

I write this in no spirit of bitterness, but in all sorrow  that our common
Christianity should have been so disgraced, and that  Nonconformity should have
come down from the high religious position it once  occupied and have identifi
ed itself with atheism, and worse than  atheism.”