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The body of Dr. KENEALY was removed from his London residence in  Tavistock
Square yesterday afternoon, and taken to Victoria Street for  conveyance to
Hingleton, in Sussex, where the funeral will take place  to-day.

About 2000 persons had assembled in Tavistock Square to witness the removal  
of the doctor’s remains, which were taken up in a hearse open at the sides,  
drawn by four horses; the coffin was covered in  a handsome pall, and a  large
number of wreaths and floral devices were placed upon it. A body of police  
headed the procession which was formed to accompany the hearse to the station,  
and a band of about twenty performers played the Dead March, and some 20  
carriages containing members of the family and their friends followed, and then  
came more than a thousand persons walking four abreast, many of them  wearing  
crape armlets decorated with blue rosettes and stars.

These persons were members of the Magna Charta Associations, founded by the  
deceased. There was a large gathering along the line of route, which was via  
Russell Square, Holborn Street, Martin’s Lane, Trafalgar Street, Whitehall,  
Parliament Street, and Victoria Street.

By the time the station was reached the proportions of the procession had  
considerably increased.