Another week has elapsed without the appeal of the Corporation of  Carlisle
being heard against the decision of Mr. Baron POLLOCK with respect to  the
question whether the London and North-Western Railway Company are exempt by  the
terms of their Act from the payment of the city tolls.

The case has been down on the list daily for more than a week; but on two  
days last week and on the first two days of this week the Court of Appeal was  
occupied in hearing an important issue under the Act by which the Government  
took over the telegraphs.

In this case the Solicitor-General was on one side, and Mr. BENJAMIN, Q.  C.,
was on the other, and the argument of the latter, though it was  
unsuccessful, was presented with an acuteness which was much admired. Judgment  was given
on Tuesday, but Wednesday is always reserved for interlocutory  motions, and
yesterday the paper contained a long catalogue of appeals from  orders made on
interlocutory motions. The Carlisle case will, however, certainly  be reached
to-day or to-morrow.