At the Manchester Assizes on Friday, Eliza WEBBER, well known as  “Mazeppa”
and “Joan of Arc” in the theatrical world, sued the Lancashire and  Yorkshire
Railway Company for damages for false imprisonment.

She had been performing at Preston Theatre, and in company with Mr. WALDEN,  
her manager, was traveling to Bolton, when she was arrested on the charge of  
having stolen a saddle from Preston Station. The saddle was found in her box,  
but Mr. WALDEN, who was arrested with her, had put it there to spite the
railway  porters for their incivility.

She was taken and locked up in the cells at Bolton and Preston. After being  
photographed, measured, and searched, she was remanded, and ultimately  

Plaintiff, when in the witness box, was frequently much affected when  
describing her treatment in the cells. In the course of the case the company  
consented to give her £25, and to pay all costs.