On Tuesday the coroner for West Middlesex held an inquiry at Twickenham  as
to the death of Frederic BLANC, a Swiss, aged 60, who was found dead in the  
Thames, off Twickenham, on Sunday morning.

Sophia BLANC said she was a cook in service at Marble Hall, Twickenham. The  
deceased had formerly kept a hotel at Boulogne, but had recently been engaged
as  a courier. For several years past he had been in very bad health. He had
been  lodging at Twickenham for a few months.

On Saturday night he bade her “good-bye” saying he was in great pain. A  
police inspector handed the coroner a Testament, in which BLANC had written:  -

“My dear Wife, - I pray for you. I suffer, and cannot bear it any longer.  
Pardon me for the pain that I give you. My last wish is for you. I have loved  
you always. Farewell.”

The wife said the handwriting was that of her husband.